How do you make friends as an adult?

Thought I’d share this with everyone such a great article!
Thanks to Anna Fillbrook! 😘

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When you are basking in the glory of  a social butterfly’s life you never stop to wonder if it might end soon. The perks of going to school or university is being surrounded by people your age who are all potential friends. It is wonderful if people keep in touch after school or university, but life becomes busy and hectic, people move, change numbers and delete their Facebook accounts.

Last year when I moved to Bristol I was surprised to realise that it is harder to make friends than one would have thought.

Being me I always turn to internet for advice so here is a collection of some ideas and “rules” for making friends as an adult.

1. Get yourself out there!

 It might be obvious but to get friends you need to start mingling with people. I found a lot of recommendations of what sort of things…

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One thought on “How do you make friends as an adult?”

  1. Great read and great tips. It is quite hard to make friends as an adult, a lot of people, myself included, don’t want to come across as weirdo’s but when you do actually make a new friend it’s such an inspiring feeling! 🙂 x


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