👑Shopaholic’s Blogger Tag Award👑

image.jpegHello Lovely People! 💖

It seems it’s the week of Awards✨! I feel as glamorous as the nominees at the Oscars💫! Thanks to the lovely blogger at 🎗mahimasingh97🎗for this award🏆!

Check out her blog where she gives you great tips and home remedies for skin care and talks about matters of the heart and everything in between 💞!

✨The rules of this award are:

✨Thank the person who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.

✨Answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.

✨Nominate other blogs to receive the award and write them new questions to answer.

✨Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated by leaving a comment on their blog.

✨Notify the blogger who nominated you that you have accepted the nomination and answered the questions.

✨Here are the questions I will be answering 💫

🎗Which part of your beauty regimen you never miss?

🎗I believe the secret to great skin is in cleansing and moisturizing. So these are the two steps I never miss no matter how tired or lazy I’m feeling I always wash💧 my face and moisturize.

🎗The most akward moment for you.

🎗Usually when I make a joke and no one else finds it funny 😳.

🎗How long you have been blogging?

🎗I started in February of this year so 2 months now.

🎗Your favourite outfit.

🎗Anything that fits well and flatters my body 😉.

🎗Person you love the most.

🎗My family and my besties 💞!

🎗What is your favourite song?

🎗Right now it would be 🎧I know what you did last summer, by Shawn Mendes.

🎗Who is your idol?

🎗People who work hard to get success, don’t give up in the face of failure and who still remain down to earth and humble after being successful are the ones I look up to.

🎗Have you ever had a secret admirer?

🎗Yes! It was a lot of fun really, they would leave behind clues leading up to their identity and I had fun finding out who it was in the end 🔎.

🎗If you and a friend both wanted the same thing would you let the friend get it first?

🎗I suppose 🤔 I would pout and sigh endlessly after, so she would have to hand it over in the end though 😁.

🎗If you could have any celebrity hair whose would it be?

🎗Since most real celebrities have hair extensions and what not I would choose an animated celebrity character Jasmine🌸👑 from Aladdin 😇.

Thats it peeps! 💖 Hope you enjoyed this mini interview ✨!

Here are my 🎗nominees ! 




✨And here are the questions!💫

🎗List 3 best blog posts you have recently read.

🎗Why did you start blogging? And how long have you been blogging for.

🎗One habit of yours you would like to change.

🎗What two things do you immediately notice when you meet someone for the first time?

🎗Your favorite food and why?

🎗One thing in life you would like to have a chance to do differently ?

🎗Your idea of a perfect first date?

🎗What makes you hit the follow button on a blog?

🎗Tips to new bloggers.

🎗Which celebrity would you like to change places with for a day?

🎗A typical day for you is….?

Thats it loves! 💞 Don’t forget to tag me in your posts when you are done I would love to read your answers!✨

Until next time xoxo!💋

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✨Shopaholic Bakes🍰🍴✨

  Hello lovelies!💖

Lately I have been craving desert after dinner and cookies🍪 and chocolate 🍫were just not doing it for me 😱. So I decided to roll up my sleeves and whip up something decadent and delicious and here is what I came up with ✨Custard Cheesecake!✨

I love cheesecake but i feel it’s too heavy sometimes so I thought about combining it with my other favorite custard 🍮and it turned out to be the best of both worlds 😋, it has the texture of soft, silky custard with a hint of creamy cheesecake yum!🔆

So here it is peeps 💖! Shopaholic’s Custard Cheesecake!💞

✨You will need:image.jpeg

🍰 4 medium eggs beaten till pale and frothy,

🍰 600 grams of cream cheese beaten till smooth,

🍰10 digestive biscuits crushed till fine crumbs or you can use any cookie or biscuit of your liking,

🍰3 tbsp butter melted ➕ 1 tbsp for coating the cake pan

🍰 1 tbsp all purpose flour for coating cake pan

🍰1/3 cup heavy cream

🍰1.5 cups icing sugar

🍰1 tsp vanilla essence

🍰cocoa powder for decoration optional

🍰All ingredients must be at room temperature🌡.

✨Beat the cream cheese with the icing sugar, cream and vanilla till well combined.image.jpeg

✨Beat eggs separately and add to the cream cheese mixture and mix well the battery should be smooth with no lumps.image.jpeg

✨Put the cookies in a zip lock bag and beat the crap out of them till they look like a pile of crumbs 😁.image.jpeg

✨Mix the cookie🍪crumbs with the melted butter and spread on the bottom of a greased springform pan ( just rub the 1 tbsp butter on the bottom and sides of the pan and sprinkle the all purpose flour to coat the bottom and sides voila❗️). Take aluminum foil and wrap it around the pan making sure to pinch the foil to seal the cake pan and prevent the batter from leaking.image.jpeg

✨Bake in a preheated 170 C oven for 5 mins. Set aside till cool then stick it in the fridge for 10 mins to cool even 🌬further.image.jpeg

✨ Pour your batter on top of the cookie base and place it a roasting pan. Then fill the roasting pan with hot 💦water half way up the sides of your cake pan. Cheesecakes need to be baked in a water 💧bath to prevent them from drying out and cracking on the top.image

✨Bake for 45 mins in a 170 C oven till cake appears firm, stick a toothpick or knife in the center to check it should come out clean. Cool ❄️cake in the pan completely, decorate it with whipped cream, fresh fruit or cocoa powder like I’ve done🍰. Stick it in the fridge till chilled and enjoy!😋

✨Hope you guys enjoyed that recipe 🍰! Do let me know if you tried it and share some of your favorites with me !

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Shopaholic’s Spirit Animal Award!


Hello Lovely Bloggers!

I was recently awarded the Spirit Animal Award by the totally fabulous Katie 😍! Check out her blog and show her some love 💖.

The rules of this award are:

💞Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their page.

💞Post the award picture on your blog.

💞Write a paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.

💞If you could be any animal what would it be?

💞Pick and notify ten nominees.

So here goes loves💖 A little bit about me 😘

💞I’m an October baby which makes me a temperamental libra.🌠 I love shopping, reading, blogging and watching reruns of Everybody loves Raymond and the Golden Girls on TBS😁

I’m a reserved person, most of the time, but once i get to know someone and we really click i talk non stop 😘. I love straight forward, genuine,fiercely loyal people who have a sense of humor because that is totally the way i am. I love fairy tales and old fashioned romance even though i know non of them exist 😭. I hate cooking, i have a cleaning OCD and i have a total love/hate relationship with my body 😄. I love the colors blue, black and white and i am still searching for the perfect pair of jeans that will give me a booty that just screams goddess😁

The blog to me is more than just writing about this and that its a way for me to express myself, to connect with others and share my ideas and learn from them.

So that’s it a paragraph’s worth of info that gives you a slight idea of who shopaholic really is 😚. Are we besties yet? 😉.

💞 If i could be any animal i want to be a cheshire cat, (Alice in Wonderland hint hint😉) that way i can talk, do magic and disappear/appear at will 🌠

💞Finally My Nominees for the Spirit Award are;





✨NYC Beauty Blog






Check out these fabulous blogs !🎉

Until next time xoxo!💘

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Shopaholic’s Summer Skin Routine 🔆

Hello Loves💖!
With summer just around the corner, I started to put away all my heavy, creamy moisturizers and started stocking up on summer skin essentials 🌞. Where I live summer🔆 equals heat ➕ humidity💧, meaning I need a skin care routine that keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized without being overly greasy.
For me this means switching from a cream based cleanser to one that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Moisturizers have to be hydrating but not heavy as that leads to insane breakouts 😳. Sun block is a must in any season but esp in summer because I am out and about a lot and my skin needs protection.
I still use body butters simply because the water is very drying and my skin feels itchy and uncomfortable if I don’t moisturize it post showering.
During summer I opt for light fruity and floral fragrances instead of the usual vanilla and amber ones I favor in the colder months.
So here are some of the products that I incorporate during my summer skin care, hope you check them out 💫
🌞Moogoo milk wash 💧this is a coconut based cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean without stripping it of moisture. Like all Moogoo produts it is free from sulphates and other harmful chemicals. img_7475
🌞Andalou Pearl Exfoliator, whatever the season, exfoliating is a must for my skin. This product has a light rose🌹 and pomegranate scent and gently exfoliates to get rid of dry, dull skin.img_7477
🌞 Andalou Rose Cream, I love the rose🌹 scent of this and it moisturizes my skin without making it greasy. img_7473🌞 Andalou Turmeric+C Serum, this serum is light and absorbs quickly without feeling heavy. It has a mild scent and works to brighten the skin a plus in summer ➕.img_7471
🌞Moogoo SPF 40, a must any time of the year, this SPF is light and provides sun protection with natural ingredients🍃. Will not leave streaks or break you out guaranteed 💫img_7476
🌞Crab Tree and Evelyn Pear and Magnolia🌸 perfume, I love the scent of magnolia and this perfume is light and fruity perfect for summer.img_7472

There you have it loves🌺! My skin care favs for summer! How does your skin care routine change in the summer? Do let me know 🌷!
Until next time xoxo💋!

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Black Maxi Dress OOTD


Hi everyone and happy Sunday! This month, I have been so pleased to be able to host my guest blogger, Nida, from Shopaholic Blogs here on lifewithlilred. She has done an exceptional job creating ready to wear OOTDs for all of our readers and it was so much fun working with her! Nida’s final post is actually a three for one because she’s going to show you three ways to style the summer staple that is the Black Maxi Dress. Thanks again for all of your hard work, Nida! You’re fabulous. Now, take a look at Nida’s Black Maxi Dress OOTD:

Hello everyone! 💞
Welcome to another OOTD collab post! Before I start talking about today’s look I want to thank Sarah from lifewithlilred for hosting my posts these past few weeks. ✨ It has been a pleasure working with her and she has always been so appreciative of my…

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Shopaholic rant : Helicopter Sales people 🚁

  I love💞shopping and I love💖it when I’m helped by someone in the store I really do! A great salesperson can make a shopping experience totally stellar💫. But there is a difference in assisting someone and pressuring them in making a purchase they are not interested in the least ☹. I am someone who likes to take her own time, browsing the aisles, looking over stuff, reading the ingredients, comparing items, testing them out, contemplating which brand I want to buy. This is especially true when I’m buying skincare or cosmetics💅🏼💄unless i am restocking an item, in which case I will make a beeline for it and head straight for the checkout. 

Now I understand that sales people are there to help you and if I get ignored by them I tend to take it personally 😪. That being said when I need help I usually have an expression similar to that of a person in 😩dire need of medical 🆘 assistance, that any sale person even if they have cataracts can easily comprehend. However when I’m happily minding my own business having politely declined the initial offer to assist with the signature “No thank you I’m just looking”, the person continues to and I hate using this word “pester” me to the point of me eventually reiterating firmly and without eye contact “NO THANK YOU!” I hate😔being made to pushed to this point of rudeness I really do 😢. But I also hate being told how my skin and hair desperately need xyz product(s) to treat💉the many problems plaguing them which the sale person is keen to point out, and looked at like I’m a fool for refusing to buy this magical potion(s) which will transform me from the disaster that I currently am.

I understand these people are working on a commission💵 basis but really all they are doing is turning my shopping expedition sour🍇and deterring me from coming back. Unless they are the only ones stocking that item in which case I will rush in, grab the coveted item and rush out without bothering to look at anything else. 

I understand that sales people are not mind readers and that most of them are genuinely helpful. That being said there is a line between being courteous and being the source of someone’s discomfort  and resulting annoyance. So please dear people in retail I understand your job is difficult, but hovering around me,persistently trying to score a sale is only going to antagonize me and turn me into one of those customers you hate 😟.

Until next time loves xoxo! 💋

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