Shopaholic at the Pharmacy💊🛍

Ok here’s the thing : i love 💞shopping, browsing at the pharmacy. Gone are the days when pharmacies were known for boring old medicines alone. Nowadays pharmacies are chock full of skincare, makeup and hair brands that are budget friendly and perform as well as their pricier counterparts.

Since i’m a skin and hair care junkie i usually make a beeline straight for those aisles. I always keep my phone handy, to google any new brand i haven’t heard of, to check out reviews on the spot and make a decision. ( I hate the returns drama).

Here are some products that i tried and loved 💞from the pharmacy recently:

1-Alpha Botanica Enzyme Scrub,


I was on the lookout for a facial scrub for a long time. I have been a long time user of the St Ives apriot scrub but have found it to be too abrasive ( My skin has become more sensitive lately). Also i felt it wasn’t too effective at getting rid of whiteheads or just giving me the glowing complexion it promised ☹. I have stopped using the plastic bead exfoliaters since they have been banned due to pollution in bodies of water. Fishes eat them and get sick 😱

Randomly browsing in Boots earlier this week , I came across this product, and let me tell you it is seriously amazing. First of, it has a very fine texture almost like sand, so you can scrub away at your face and not feel like you are rubbing your face against asphalt. It really helps clear away whiteheads and dull, flaky skin and you can really see your face glow.✨ Plus its hypo allergenic and  made from 100% vegetarian ingredients so you are doing your part for the enviornment ♻️ also yay!

2-Hand Chemistry,


This caught my eye, probably because it was displayed prominently right beside the till with a colorful 🌟 in your face display with scientfic jargon ( i always fall for those claims). Since i was on the hunt (I’m going to be called upon by the discovery channel one of these days to document my many mall 🐯🦁safaris). And since my tootsies 🖐🏼are forever in need of serious tlc, and i had already used, poo pooed and discarded tons of miracle hand cream( read 😡 liars!), I spulrged 💸 on this one. Surprise ,🎉 surprise! It actually delivers! It has a fruity 🍓scent, a thick texture,so a little goes a long way. It leaves my hands and my ever torn cuticles nice and soft, i also use it as a foot cream btw (the cream doesnt know the difference between hands and feet😉). Total winner here ladies.✨

3-Phyto Hair Cream,


Lately my hair has been a dry, 🍂frizzy disaster. I think the combination of highlights, dry weather and awful water has finally taken its toll. So despite deep conditioning, i still look like i just emerged from a wild cat🐱 fight post shower. ( i let my hair air dry).

Leave in conditioners make my hair greasy and limp ( defeating the damn half hour in the shower💧 plus aching arms). Serums just disappear into my hair leaving it just as frizzy and unruly as before. 

I was an avid user of the phyto hair cream back in california but couldn’t find it here until today. So you can imagine i did my happy dance 💃🏻when i saw it! You need about a quarter sized amount ( well for my hair, you might need less). Apply it post shower on damp hair and thats it. Keeps hair soft, frizz free and flowly , its a win win for everyone :)👑

4-Nuxe Multi usage Dry oil,


I bought this oil a couple of months ago when my skin was for the first time in my life actually dry to the point it was actually flaking ( i have forever had oily, acne prone skin). I was honestly a bit wary about using oil on my face, but moisturizers were not providing any relief at all. I started by applying a few drops and massaging it on my face at night initially. Like the bottle states its a dry oil, so it will abosrb into your skin almost immediately, no greasy film after. It has a nice smell, sort of woody🌳, sweet💐? It didnt make me breakout any more than i usually do , left my skin soft and took care of the hideous dryness. I mix a few drops with my moisturizer, however since it has started to warm up here ive stopped using it for the moment. A great product to try if you are thinking about incorporating facial oils in your beauty regime.

So thats it for this mall safari, what are some of your favorite 💞drugstore/pharmacy brands?

Until next time xoxo!💋



6 thoughts on “Shopaholic at the Pharmacy💊🛍”

  1. I love Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range. The charcoal mask and charcoal face scrub work wonders for those little pesky breakouts. Does not leave my skin feeling dry, just nourished and my little red bumps shrink and generally don’t come back !


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