Shopaholic’s Product Review : Andalou Naturals 🍃

✨Hello lovely peeps!💞

Today I’ll be doing a product review. As most of you are probably aware of my obsession with skincare by now. It should be no surprise to you that this review also revolves around skincare. It’s very rare for (me at least) to find a product that delivers what it promises without a truck load of toxins in close tow. So you can imagine how pleased I was when I happened to come across the Andalou brand of organic skincare products♻️🔆🌎!

The Andalou Naturals 🍃brand is made in the USA and all their produts are made from 🌻🍃Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free🐾, Gluten-Free, Eco-Friendly🌎, Certified Organic, Fair🔆 Trade, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Clinically Proven Ingredients.( Source :

Here are some of the products that I tried from their line:🌹


🌹Andalou 1000 roses body butter,


I have recently been dealing with severely dry, itchy, uncomfortable skin, and everything I have tried to date. From coconut oil, Argan oil, lotions, butters ( not Land O lakes 😳). Nothing has provided relief ☹. I was skeptical when I initially tried this but was sold on the rose fragrance 🌹😍. I adore roses, and this butter is delightfully scented ( not the overpowering scent that gives you and everybody around a headache😫😷). It’s a very light fragrance, in addition it’s very creamy not greasy and absorbs into the skin immediately. I found I had to reapply it at the most twice a day as opposed to every hour like I was with all the other produts I was using.

All in all I will definitely be re purchasing this moisturizer. It smells divine, hydrates my skin and is made up of all natural ingredients what’s not to love? 💖

Andalou 1000 roses body wash,🌹


Like the body butter this too has the same dreamy rose scent 😍. It’s hydrating to the skin as opposed to body washes that smell good but strip the skin of all moisture. Plus  I like layering my fragrances 💐. It’s sulphate free and hydrates with argan, rosehip oil, coconut water and Aloe Vera 💧. Plus your shower will smell just like a rose garden 😍🌹.

Andalou creamy cleanser and radiant skin polish,🍋☀️


Lately I’ve been washing my face with my body wash since I had run out of face wash.  And every face wash I used, left my face dry as an old dish rag, post washing and oily and pimple prone hours later. 😡Apparently if you over dry 🍂your skin it compensates by producing more oil to balance it self out .(bye bye clean and clear 👋🏻).

The Andalou cleanser has lemon🍋, Manuka honey 🍯and vitamin c 🍊, it has a creamy lather that washes away impurities. My skin felt clean but not stripped and dry like it did ordinarily.

The radiant skin polish has a texture like creamy sand. It contains chia seeds that buff away dry, flaky skin the result is smoother, softer skin and is that a glow I see? ✨

That’s all for now peeps💞Do try out this brand and let me know how it worked out for you😘

Until next time xoxo💋!

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