Shopaholic’s product review : It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer✨

Hello lovely peeps!💖

✨To be honest I wasn’t planning on another product review so soon. But as it happens I was rooting🔦 through one of my many stash baskets today, and I came across this:


The It cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer.✨

I had ordered it a while back and I totally forgot about it. So there it was all brand new 🎁in its perforated plastic packaging, looking all shiny and lil bit forlorn at being ignored all this while 😳.

✨Now I’m a sucker for anything 🎁wrapped , gift or otherwise so I just had to rip off the packaging 😇 ( I love 😍tearing off wrapping paper 😋).

✨Ok back to the product 😁. There has been so much talk about It cosmetics , you just have to type it in YouTube 💻and a whole bunch of reviews and tutorials popup. So here’s my two cents on it as well 🙃.

✨First off like all concealers its not a huge tube,but before you get put off by the size, let me tell you, ( as if you didn’t know already you makeup savvy maven you😉 💋).

✨Concealers are pretty concentrated, meaning you only need a tiny amount so the so called tiny tube ends up lasting for ages. Which can be a total bummer if you end up hating the product ☹, because then you are stuck with it, your only other option being to chuck it or stick some other poor soul with it ( vindictive aren’t we😈).


✨This concealer comes in a 8 gram tube , I got the neutral beige shade, it looks a little light on my hand but once on the face it blends just fine. I believe concealers supposed to be a tad lighter than your skin 🤔. Then again I’m no authority🎓 on makeup💄 so if you still want to listen to me go ahead, just a disclaimer you ain’t getting nothing by suing 🔫 me I’m already bankrupt most of the time as it is 💸.

Packaging and formulation – The packaging is very basic nothing fancy😒 , no fancy artwork, cutesy graphics 💝. It has a lot of ingredients given its size,on the front,they boast of collagen and vitamins c & K. On the back there is a whole lot of stuff I usually don’t like –Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl Alcohol,  Propylparaben 😲.I don’t even know what these words mean !😖.

On the positive side ➕the product is cruelty free 🐰, which also means that we are their Guinea pigs here 🐷😮.


The texture– is pretty thick I felt I was dragging the skin under my eye as I blended it in, and initially it felt very heavy on my skin. I kept feeling like I had something around my eye.

Coverage wise -it’s supposed to be full coverage and it does deliver on that aspect.

✨Wearablity – I wore it on its own, (I’m wearing the concealer on my left eye👁).

I didn’t add any powder on top to set it , I usually rock the au natural look 🍃, so the fewer products the better 😇.By the end of the day it had started to crease on the top of my eyelid as well as the bottom , so I had to blend it out with my finger 😡.

Overall – I have mixed feelings about it. I would definitely use it for a special occasion when I’m using all the other fixings (powder , foundation, shadows ). Or on days I’ve woken up looking like I’ve been punched in both eyes 👊🏻

✨On an everyday basis I think I’ll pass, it’s too heavy on its own and I was very aware of having something on and around my eyes .👁

I have my favorites 💞 in the It cosmetics line, this was unfortunately not one of them. 😪

So there you go peeps 💖 What are your thoughts about this product have you tried it? Do share them with me ✨!

Until next time xoxo💞!

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10 thoughts on “Shopaholic’s product review : It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer✨”

    1. Hey ,
      I love their vitality lip stains, their blush is pretty good too , as well as their illumination stick 😘 . The eyeshadow palette is pretty good esp if you are a beginner, the shades are easy to blend. I find their foundations and concealers too heavy even though people rave about them I guess it’s just my skin type 😳 hope this helps.

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  1. I agree with your review! It’s a good full coverage option but pretty heavy. I love your blog and just followed you! I’m just starting mine up, not much on there but would appreciate a follow. I love trying new beauty products!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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