A Shopaholic’s Delimma: To Return or Not to Return🚫

💸We’ve all been there, the dreaded moment, when something you spent ages picking out, waited for days to go on sale, dug through piles, fought through crowds to get your hands on. Only to realize that :
A-it doesn’t fit
B-it doesn’t look as good as you thought it did in the dressing room or the super skinny model you thought you would become upon purchasing.
C- it just plain sucks.

💸The only two options left to you are to either be stuck with now hated item till eternity by stuffing it in the back of your closet and suffer from endless pangs of remorse everytime you come across it.
Or face the consequences of your miscalculated purchase and attempt to cross the forbidden territory of the 😱returns department .
Now granted most stores go out of their way to make the returns process as seemless as possible for their customers. ( Read Nordstorms, Zappos). Others however, make things as difficult as possible for the already disgruntled and suffering consumer.

💸First off there is the ticking returns clock, while I don’t expect every store to offer zappos generous 365 day return policy. Anything between a 30-90 day window I think, provides the customer ample time to review and contemplate keeping the offendable item.
💸This includes trying it on, multiple times with everything else in your closet with your bff in a feverish attempt to make it somehow work. Making a list of people you could possibly get away with gifting it while passing it off as personalized and thoughtful 😳.
However I have encountered stores that have limited the returns policy all the way from a measly 14 day( Forever 21😡)to even an outrageous 3 day! 😱
💸If you thought the returns day policy was bad, here’s some news : Most stores require paperwork to rival that at airport immigration counters 🛩. The original reciept , the tags attached, the return authentication code (Macy’s), a notarized ✍🏼lab report confirming that no form of my DNA exists on the item.  

I understand that people do abuse the return policy at times but :
A-stores really need to stop thinking that customers are out to get them 🔫.
B- you are a business with a turnover in the 💰millions, I assure you a few worn and returned items will not affect your Wall Street status 💷 .

💸The actual returns transaction is no less painful, with some stores subjecting you to a Spanish enquistion everytime. Store clerk”Why are your returning this item?”
Me feebly “it didn’t work for me”.
When what I really want to say is “It makes my butt look fat”.
Please 🙏🏼 just process the damned 🗃paper work hand over the store credit which is not coming out of your paycheck💵and let me melt away into oblivion and away from the scrutinizing gaze of other shoppers.
Ofcourse lets not forget the thousand and one restrictions on items eligible for returns.
🛍Sale items
🛍Handbags ( forever 21 again 😡)
🛍Random items we will refuse to accept for return just because someone in the tech department had a bad day and coded the very things you bought as unreturnable.

Sound familiar? Well there you have it peeps my not so pleasant returns experiences.
What are some of your worst returns 🛍stories?
Share them here 💌.
Until next time xoxo💋!

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11 thoughts on “A Shopaholic’s Delimma: To Return or Not to Return🚫”

  1. I totally agree with you!!! Stores can be such a hassle when your trying to return stuff. Hate when they’re like “you can’t refund only exchange” and I’m like WTH. Great post btw 😀

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  2. Haha I hear you 😀 Once I bought a lipstick from MAC and turned out it’s a horrible color outside their flashy showroom. When I returned it the next day the lady at the counter said she can’t hand over the cash, but could only swap for a gift card worth the amount. Two months later I went back with the gift card to pick another lipstick and the lady goes “We’re sorry the gift coupon has already expired”!! Honestly I was looking for a gun when she said that haha

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  3. I am lazy when it comes to returns.. And majority of my hauls are from the clearance section so most of the time it’s final sale and only cost less then $10 so I don’t really bother to return them..hehe but yes! i’ve tried to return items too and sometimes it’s pain in the ****. Haha

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  4. I worked at Macy’s and can say from experience that I absolutely hated when people tried returning things. Sure some of them were nice folks who really didn’t like the fit. Others however, were seriously out to get money back for stolen items. And it was such a hassle for us sales people because 1) it’s not my fault you don’t have the receipt, tags no attached etc
    2) w/o any receipt, the return process was even excruciating for us all… ID’s, looking for the item out on the floor to match the return item, manager approval, I could go on and on. At Macy’s we could get a warning or fired for accepting a illegitimate return. Especially for high end brands like miss me jeans and 7’s

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