Shopaholic’s Guide To Natures Beauty Secret : Roses 🌹


Hello Lovelies 💖!
Today’s blog post is going to be all about roses🌹! As you all know by now i am obsessed with roses 😘.

🌹Roses are but only universally revered as the symbol of love💞, they have also been valued since ancient times for their beauty and health enhancing benefits. Here are some ways you can incorporate roses in your daily beauty routine.
🌹Rose essential oil, has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties. Meaning you can use it in a myriad of ways from soothing mild abrasions or burns on your skin, to using it in place of your moisturizer to prep the skin, soothe redness, and even treat acne flare ups.

🌹Rose water, is one of the most versatile and multitasking ingredients you need to have in your beauty bag.
🌹As a toner, it helps hydrates the skin and calms down any redness and inflammations.

🌹As a makeup remover, rose water is the mildest way to remove even the darkest smoky eye and even gentler than baby wipes.
🌹Removing dark circles, soak cotton pads in rose water and banish those raccoon eyes.
🌹As a hair,face and body freshener, using a cup of rose water as a final rinse can leave your tresses smelling like a rose bouquet😍. Add some to your bath, for an aromatic bathing experience. Here’s a mini history lesson : Cleopatra used to infuse her baths with rose petals 👑.


🌹Throw away those expensive face spritzers loaded with chemicals and put some in a plastic spray bottle to freshen up your face midday. You will smell heavenly guaranteed ✨!
🌹Rose petals, did you know that rose petals are edible? 🤔 Not that I’ve ever tried to eat any but here are some ways you can make use of rose petals yourself.
🌹Always keep rose petals in paper bags, they absorb moisture.You can use the dried rose petals as pot pourri to scent your home.
🌹Soak 10-12 petals in water for 2 hours, mash the roses and mix in 2 tablespoon honey. Apply the mask to your skin for 15 mins and rinse off for soft, scented skin.

🌹So how exactly do you get your hands on some rose based goodies? First off, stay away from florists💐, yup you heard right. They spray the flowers with all sorts of chemicals❌ to make them stay fresher longer and that for you, defeats the purpose of trying to go natural.

🌹Not to worry , most retailers like Whole Foods, Trader Joes and even Safeway sell flowers that are verified by VeriFlora as being sustainably 🍃grown. If you prefer to buy your blooms💐 online try :

California Organic Flowers

Organic Bouquet

✨Or go to Local Harvest, to find an organic florist near you.

🌹If you are not a DIY gal, no worries here are some produts that are tried and tested by yours truly that you are welcome to 😇.

🌹Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Oil and Rose Water,

Alteya is a well-established Bulgarian company specialized in the cultivation and harvesting of roses. Their products are certified organic and made without the use of chemicals, pesticides or harmful additives.


The rose oil, has a yellowish tinge and smells divine, 😍 You can use it on its own or add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer for fragrance heaven🌹!


The rose water, has a gentle rose fragrance not as intense as the oil . Use it as a toner, makeup remover or as a refreshing mist 💐.


🌹So there you have it peeps 💞! The Shopaholic’s guide to all that’s rosy 🌹!

Have you tried any rose🌹 based products before share your favorites with me right here!

Until next time xoxo💋!

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