Girls Night Out OOTD

Thanks to the lovely Sarah for this OOTD collab😘!


Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Welcome to another guest blogging post here on lifewithlilred, compliments of Nida, from Shopaholic Blogs. I am so lucky to have Miss Nida writing a post special for lifewithlilred every Sunday for the month of March! Her blog is fantastic so make sure you check it out and give it some love. This week, I asked Nida if she could create an OOTD perfect for a Girls Night Out and as usual, she did a fabulous job! You can see all of Nida’s OOTDs if you click on the Fashion category on my page but for now, take a look at all of the model status pics of Nida showcasing her outfit. Then, be sure to stick around to hear what she has to say about all of the pieces in her look:

Hello loves! 💖
This week’s OOTD collab with the fabulous Sarah…

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12 thoughts on “Girls Night Out OOTD”

  1. Hey it’s totally for real ! I haven’t gotten around to posting it yet the postal system here sucks so I have to make the trek to the private couriers so the package will be delivered to your doorstep 💌. Will update you with the tracking details as soon as I have them 💫


    1. Oh alright actually this is first ever time i am winning something online like that so i thought may be its for blogging thing only. ok cool will be waiting.

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