Shopaholic’s guide to ethical fashion 🍃

Hello loves!💞
Today’s post is going to be about shopping ethically🍃. I love shopping 🛍,but recently I have started to make an effort to buy from ethically concious retailers. However that is easier said that done, not only because organic and ethically produced merchandise is still pretty rare. It is also pretty expensive which deters most people from patronizing these retailers.
Not to worry, shopaholic to the rescue 🆘 I have compiled a list of retailers for you, which I personally shop at that offer sustainably produced merchandise that won’t break the bank 💸.
🍃Toms, imageThis is my favorite 💞 retailer by far! Not only do I love their shoes 💖! But for every shoe👟 they sell Toms donates a pair to a person in need! That’s 💯% give back! How many companies do you know do that? Plus they have awesome sales on and off so you can score great bargains while still making a difference 🌏!

🍃Joyn, image They produce handmade, sustainable  fashion and home accessories. They provide employment to marginalized people who don’t have opportunities otherwise. Their products are available through the toms marketplace website.

🍃Feed project, imageThis organization helps people fight hunger and malnutrition. Every feed product is stamped with the number of meals or micronutrient packets provided. You can spend as little at $18 which provides 5 meals for school children to $250-provides 370 meals. Products range from handbags to accessories like scarves, wallets, jewelry.
Feed Projects

I hope you guys will check out these brands they are doing a fabulous job promoting sustainable and ethical work practices around the world 🌏!
Until next time xoxo💋!

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