Shopaholic rant : Helicopter Sales people 🚁

  I love💞shopping and I love💖it when I’m helped by someone in the store I really do! A great salesperson can make a shopping experience totally stellar💫. But there is a difference in assisting someone and pressuring them in making a purchase they are not interested in the least ☹. I am someone who likes to take her own time, browsing the aisles, looking over stuff, reading the ingredients, comparing items, testing them out, contemplating which brand I want to buy. This is especially true when I’m buying skincare or cosmetics💅🏼💄unless i am restocking an item, in which case I will make a beeline for it and head straight for the checkout. 

Now I understand that sales people are there to help you and if I get ignored by them I tend to take it personally 😪. That being said when I need help I usually have an expression similar to that of a person in 😩dire need of medical 🆘 assistance, that any sale person even if they have cataracts can easily comprehend. However when I’m happily minding my own business having politely declined the initial offer to assist with the signature “No thank you I’m just looking”, the person continues to and I hate using this word “pester” me to the point of me eventually reiterating firmly and without eye contact “NO THANK YOU!” I hate😔being made to pushed to this point of rudeness I really do 😢. But I also hate being told how my skin and hair desperately need xyz product(s) to treat💉the many problems plaguing them which the sale person is keen to point out, and looked at like I’m a fool for refusing to buy this magical potion(s) which will transform me from the disaster that I currently am.

I understand these people are working on a commission💵 basis but really all they are doing is turning my shopping expedition sour🍇and deterring me from coming back. Unless they are the only ones stocking that item in which case I will rush in, grab the coveted item and rush out without bothering to look at anything else. 

I understand that sales people are not mind readers and that most of them are genuinely helpful. That being said there is a line between being courteous and being the source of someone’s discomfort  and resulting annoyance. So please dear people in retail I understand your job is difficult, but hovering around me,persistently trying to score a sale is only going to antagonize me and turn me into one of those customers you hate 😟.

Until next time loves xoxo! 💋

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