Shopaholic’s Summer Skin Routine 🔆

Hello Loves💖!
With summer just around the corner, I started to put away all my heavy, creamy moisturizers and started stocking up on summer skin essentials 🌞. Where I live summer🔆 equals heat ➕ humidity💧, meaning I need a skin care routine that keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized without being overly greasy.
For me this means switching from a cream based cleanser to one that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Moisturizers have to be hydrating but not heavy as that leads to insane breakouts 😳. Sun block is a must in any season but esp in summer because I am out and about a lot and my skin needs protection.
I still use body butters simply because the water is very drying and my skin feels itchy and uncomfortable if I don’t moisturize it post showering.
During summer I opt for light fruity and floral fragrances instead of the usual vanilla and amber ones I favor in the colder months.
So here are some of the products that I incorporate during my summer skin care, hope you check them out 💫
🌞Moogoo milk wash 💧this is a coconut based cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean without stripping it of moisture. Like all Moogoo produts it is free from sulphates and other harmful chemicals. img_7475
🌞Andalou Pearl Exfoliator, whatever the season, exfoliating is a must for my skin. This product has a light rose🌹 and pomegranate scent and gently exfoliates to get rid of dry, dull skin.img_7477
🌞 Andalou Rose Cream, I love the rose🌹 scent of this and it moisturizes my skin without making it greasy. img_7473🌞 Andalou Turmeric+C Serum, this serum is light and absorbs quickly without feeling heavy. It has a mild scent and works to brighten the skin a plus in summer ➕.img_7471
🌞Moogoo SPF 40, a must any time of the year, this SPF is light and provides sun protection with natural ingredients🍃. Will not leave streaks or break you out guaranteed 💫img_7476
🌞Crab Tree and Evelyn Pear and Magnolia🌸 perfume, I love the scent of magnolia and this perfume is light and fruity perfect for summer.img_7472

There you have it loves🌺! My skin care favs for summer! How does your skin care routine change in the summer? Do let me know 🌷!
Until next time xoxo💋!

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