👑Shopaholic’s Liebster Award No 3👑

  ⚜Hello lovelies⚜!

Seems like it’s the week of 3’s for me 😇! Im thrilled to be nominated a third time for the coveted “Liebster Award“👑!

Many thanks to “beautyasisee” for nominating me 😘! I feel so honored when I get nominated and it’s always so much fun to answer the questions asked 💟. As always before you scroll down to the rules check out “beautyasisee’s” great blog and then head back here to read the rest of this fun post 🎉!

💟Here are the rules ~

💟Acknowledge the Blogger who nominated you and display the award.

💟Answer 11 questions that the Blogger gives you.

💟Nominate 5-11 Blogs that you think are deserving of the award.

💟Let the Bloggers know that you have nominated them.

💟Give them 11 questions to answer.


👑Now my favorite part the blogger Q&A;

👑 How do you feel on receiving this award?

I love it when I’m nominated ! It’s such a gratifying feeling to be acknowledged for your hard work so thank you ! 😘

👑A beauty trick you love ?

When I was learning to apply liner I found that using a stiff square brush really helps drawing the wing. The liner brush from bare minerals is my goto brush for perfect liner ✨. 

 👑Your favourite makeup product ?

My burts need lip crayon it’s the perfect everyday color and super easy to apply💋

👑Are you a foundation or a bb cream person?

BB cream I find foundations to heavy for my skin.

👑Mascara or Eyeliner?

Eyeliner,a well applied liner can look amazing all on its own.

👑Who is your favourite blogger ?

Lol there are so many bloggers I love, but my favorite bloggers are ; Cinderzena she was one of the first bloggers I got to know and such a sweetheart. Also Sarah from lifewithlilred who I’ve had the chance to work with, both are lovely.

👑which is your favourite lipstick color?

Red ❤️ and any lovely dark pink💖

👑Your hobbies besides blogging?

Shopping 😉

👑How did you decide on your blog name?

I love to shop so shopaholic seemed like the perfect name.

👑your favourite food ?

Daal chawal is my favorite comfort food I can eat it everyday 💕

👑why did you start your blog ?

I felt it was time to torture a wider audience with my mad rants 😉.

Yay🎉that was fun! I hope you guys enjoyed reading that 😇. Now here are my nominees :






Congrats 🎉 to all the nominees and now here are the questions ;

👑Are you a tea or coffee person?

👑Hair extensions or fake lashes?

👑Highlighter or bronzer?

👑Your favorite bloggers? And why?

👑Your biggest blogging achievement ?

👑Your goto lipstick shade and brand?

👑Your tips for a five minute face?

👑What do you look for in a skincare or makeup product when buying? Packaging, ingredients , price , brand name or all of the above.

👑A perfect gift for you would be?

👑The love of your life is?

👑One beauty dupe product that performs as well as its pricier counterpart?

Hope you guys have fun answering the questions 😘

Until next time xoxo!💋

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⚜Shopaholic’s drugstore product(s) review ⚜

  🍬Hello sweets!🍬

⚜Today I want to review a few drugstore products I have been using for a couple of weeks. 

⚜I love browsing through drugstore/pharmacy aisles as much as I do spending time at Sephora and to be honest some drugstore products are as good if not better than the 💸pricier, high end brands.

⚜Lets start with the most basic product most of us have on our counter tops: 

⚜The humble nail polish remover 💫 I know it seems a little silly to be reviewing a nail polish remover but if you are like me and you hate the awful 😷smell of acetone coupled with the garish white streaks left on your nails along with having all the moisture 💦sucked out of your fingers post wiping then you will like what I’m about to post ✨

  ⚜I stumbled upon this product quiet by accident in my drugstore. I was in a rush and I grabbed it without really looking at the brand. Once I used it however I was pleasantly surprised. 

⚜For one there was no harsh smell of acetone, secondly the nail polish remover did not leave my nails discolored or with streaks or hideously dry. 

⚜It contains no acetone, oil or perfumes and takes about as long to dissolve the nail polish ( I had two coats plus a base coat and top coat) as a regular remover. If you can find this brand Depend do try it I highly recommend it 😘.

⚜Next up is an item that is a staple in my handbag. The good old baby 👶🏽 wipes💕. Ok here’s a little secret 🗝 I love the smell of baby products 💗. I know there are several “adult” versions of wipes available but I always end up buying the ones with the baby scent ❤️!  

 ⚜These particular ones are my favorite 💟, they come in a handbag friendly size and smell adorable 💕mmm💕! Plus they are very moisturizing and take your makeup off in a jiffy and I also use them to wipe my hands during the day love love love 💗😇!

⚜The last product I wanted to review is the one I can’t go without for even a day!😳 A good exfoliator💦. I usually have several exfoliators on my counter , one gritty one for when my skin needs some tough love❤️, a mild everyday one for daily tlc and an in between one which is usually somewhere between extra fine and medium grit. I have an exfoliating ocd I admit it 😑.

⚜I picked up this one because the store was out of my regular goto. However since this one was from the same brand I decided to give it a try.

⚜It has a nice smell 🍍, the texture is very very fine kind of a cross between a creamy cleanser and a mild scrub. I really have to have a go at my face to get any exfoliating action to be honest. 😒 All in all it’s an ok exfoliator to have if you want something very very mild or have sensitive skin. For me it was not giving me the feeling of a good scrubby action if you know what I mean. So I’ll just use this one up and look for my old faithful or something better next time. 

⚜That wraps up this review post , have you tried any of these products? Do let me know 💟

Until next time xoxo!💋

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🎉Shopaholic’s Beauty Blogger Award No.3!🎉

💟Hello beautiful people!💟

✨I am so thrilled to be receiving the ⚜beauty blogger award⚜ for the third time ✨! This time it’s courtesy of the fabulous 💕”thejouskablog“💕. I love the fact that I get to meet so many wonderful bloggers everyday and through the blogger award q&a’s I get to know them a little bit more each time💗.

Check out her blog and show her that famous blogger love 💗 while I pen down the rules and then get down to answering her fun questions 😇.

The Rules:

💕Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

💕Answer the questions assigned to you.

💕Nominate your own makeup/lifestyle/fashion bloggers.

💕Frame 10 questions for your nominees.

💕Inform the nominees about their award nomination.

🔱My questions from thejouskablog 🔱

⚜What’s your favorite makeup brand?

💕It cosmetics, dusty girls 

🔱Name any one makeup product that you cannot live without.

💕My dusty girls tinted moisturizer💗

🔱What’s your clothing style?

💕Boho /casual

🔱Do you have a specific beauty routine?

💕Tinted moisturizer, blush, kohl, lipstain and done 😘

🔱Would you rather put on makeup by yourself or go to a parlour instead?

💕I love ❤️ getting my makeup done ! If I could afford it I would go to a parlor everyday to get dolled up 😍

🔱Do you prefer lighter or darker shades of eyeshadow?

💕Dark! I love the smoky eye💕

  🔱Who inspires you the most in the beauty/fashion industry? Why?

💕I hate to say this but I do follow Kim and kourtney kardashians makeup and hair styles. They are petite and dark haired like me😳

🔱If you had to choose between high heels and flats, which one would it be?

💕Flats all the way!

🔱When you travel, do you carry a separate makeup pouch with yourself?

💕I carry a separate case with me all the time in my handbag it has all of my makeup and skincare essentials and is probably the reason my handbag weighs a ton 😉

🔱Would you ever consider working in the fashion industry?

💕of course ! It would be awesome! 💗

That’s all from me guys I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me 😇.

⚜Now here are my nominees for this awesome award⚜



K.M Sutton



Here are my questions to the nominees ✨

💫Your favorite thing to eat?

💫List five beauty produts you use everyday.

💫One tip for writing a great blog post.

💫If you could buy five things for free from Sephora what would you choose and why?

💫Perfume or body mist?

💫One tip for making your makeup last through the day?

💫straightening iron or hair dryer and why?

💫How have you improved as a blogger over time?

💫Liquid eyeliner or pencil which would you choose state your favorite brand and why you love 💗 it.

💫A makeup product you wouldn’t use even if you got it for free 😂

😘 There you have it bloggers! Have fun answering these questions and don’t forget to tag me so I can read your fabulous answers 💕

Until next time xoxo!💋

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💫Shopaholic tries Balayage💫

💕Hello Loves💕!

✨Today I had my very first💫 experience with the hair coloring technique known as ✨”Balayage“✨.  

  ✨Balayage is a free hand, hair painting technique where the stylist applies the color onto your hair without the preciseness of foils. The resulting color is natural and sun kissed🌞 rather than the uniform color you get with highlights.

✨Usually hair coloring for me means full highlights. I have super dark hair and I personally feel highlights add dimension and depth to my otherwise one tone hair 😑.

✨However lightening hair as dark as mine requires inevitably some form of bleach or the other. And after multiple sessions my hair finally had enough and it started to look and behave like a bale of crunchy straw 🌾with plenty of frizz incase I didn’t get the message with just the dryness🍂. 😒

✨Plus I was in no mood to sit for hours ⏲ with half the grocery store’s aluminum foil in my hair looking like a giant metal turkey.🦃

✨So I did some research 🔍and booked myself a spot in a salon I had heard rave reviews about on Facebook. ( I loved my previous hairstylist and the resulting hair got me compliments galore but…I had a mini heart attack ⚡️when I saw the bill💸). Since I was on a little bit of budget this time and the salon was having an awesome promotion I decided to take my chances ♠️♦️.

✨The Marquee salon is located on Jumeriah Road for those of you who are in Dubai. But they have several locations throughout the city. You can check them out here Marquee for details and bookings. 

 ✨I got to my appointment on time and luckily 🍀found parking right infront of the salon yay! 🎉 The salon itself is easy to spot they have a huge colorful wall adjacent to the door. Inside the reception is all minimalist and white decor.

✨The hair area is to the left of the reception and the right side is for nails. I was greeted by the receptionist and taken to meet my stylist immediately. Yay🎉 again for no endless waiting 🕠🕡

✨After a mini consultation we decided on a color, I placed my order for a latte ☕️😋 and my stylist went off to mix the color.

✨While I sipped my latte and read up on some fabulous blogs 😘 she applied the color to my hair. Since no foils were involved we were pretty much done in about 40 ⏲mins roots and tips included. 

✨About 30 mins or so I was taken to the washing stations. Ok here’s a confession 😳 after I had read about the lady suffering a stroke after having her hair washed at the salon I was actually freaking out.😢

✨Thankfully the wash chairs at Marquee  are fully reclinable! 🛌

Meaning:  you are lying totally flat your head resting comfortably on a platform and the stylist sits on a stool at your head while she washes 💦your hair whew! They also put a furry blanket on you incase the air conditioning makes you 🌬chilly. 😇

✨Honestly between the blanket,and the soothing head massage my lovely stylist threw in, I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep.😴

✨That was followed by a drying and hair cutting session, I went for long layers and side bangs my go to style 😇. 

✨And finally the finished look🎉  

 ✨All in all I had a great time at Marquee salon, the stylist and assistants were friendly and helpful. So if you are in the area call up Marquee salon and book yourself in you will love it 💕! 

 ✨Until next time xoxo!💋

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👑Shopaholic’s Beauty Blogger Award👑

  💕Hello Loves💕!

✨Thanks to ❣startwithstyle ❣ive been nominated for the ✨Beauty Blogger Award✨😇! Check out her fabulous blog where she offers great tips on makeup and fashion 💗.

✨As always I’ll start off by getting the rules out of the way 😉.

💟Tag the blogger that nominated you and thank and praise them to the skies 🌟

💟Answer the questions you were given.
💟Nominate and notify other beauty bloggers of your choice.
💟Choose 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

✨Here are the questions asked by startwithstyle :

💟-Normal lipstick or mat?

💕I prefer moisturizing lipsticks, if they are too glossy I can always blot them out with a tissue. Matte lipsticks always make my lips look like I have been wandering around in the desert 🌵without water for ages. 😳

💟Why did you choose the blog name?

💕I love shopping 🛍and the very first post I wrote for the blog was “I confess I’m a shopaholic” so it just made sense 😇

💟What motivated you to start a blog?

💕I was always posting long rants on Facebook so my friends suggested I get into blogging and after a lot of deliberating I actually did 😘!

💟Favorite beauty brand?

💕It cosmetics, Dusty girls, Inglot.

💟Your daily beauty routine?
💕I’m not much of a makeup person, so the most I do is apply a tinted moisturizer, blush, lip stain and kohl and I’m out the door.

💟Do you use a professional camera or a mobile phone for a blog?

💕I use my phone it’s much easier to edit and upload the photos since they are all on one device.

💟Describe your casual outfit?

💕 A loose tunic and jeans. In the summers mostly a long dress.

💟What is you favorite app on your phone?

💕Hmm I think it’s the etsy app I could browse that for hours 😍

💟Are you addicted to your phone?

💕Shamefully yes 😳

💟Can you go out without your makeup, if you can’t tell my why?

💕I don’t wear makeup at all so it’s not a problem for me, I’m blessed with a good eye shape so even if I apply a line of kohl I’m good to go 😇.

That was so much 💗fun ! Thanks startwithstyle for these great questions!💗

✨Here are my nominees!






The questions for the nominees are:

✨Your fav beauty and skincare brand and why you love it.

✨Your favorite blog post and why?

✨Give one makeup/skincare tip you swear by.

Where do you get your ideas for blogging.

✨One person who inspires you the most celebrity or real ?

Your favorite store to shop at for makeup/skincare/clothes?

✨Matte or dewy foundation ?

✨Are you a solo blogger or you love collaborating with others?

✨What is a typical day like for you?

✨What goals do you have for your blog this year?

💗Check out these amazing blogs and show them some blogger love!💗

Until next time xoxo!💋

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✨Shopaholic’s Braids and Fringe OOTD ✨

💕Hello Loves❣

💕Today’s’ OOTD is all about rocking braids and fringes 💘. I love doing my hair up in braids, fishtail, side braids I love them all 💕! And for the longest time I had been wanting to try out the fringe trend, though to be honest I couldn’t decide if I wanted to rock the fringe with a handbag or in the form of an accessory. It was only when I was out window shopping recently and I came upon this awesome fringe shawl and I knew I had to have it 💗!

💕So here it is my take on the fringe trend enjoy 😘!

💗Outfit Details:

💕Dress: Old Navy

💕Pants: Lucky

💕Sandals: Vince Camuto

💕Acesssories: Fossil, H&M

💕Shawl: American Eagle

💗Hope you guys enjoyed that OOTD. Have any of you rocked the fringe this season let me know how right here!✨

✨Until next time xoxo!💋

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