☕️Shopaholic goes coffee hopping☕️

The best✨ way to end a shopping excursion for me is always with a steaming cup of latte☕️💗!

☕️Before I came to the🇺🇸 USA, the only “coffee” I knew was the one from back home. The milky frothy concoction finished with an inch of foam and a swirl of liquid cream that was unanimously dubbed “Espresso“. That was sold at one of the popular food hangouts that simultaneously sold soft serve🍦 cones and everything from grilled cheese sandwiches 🧀and fries 🍟to greasy burgers🍔 on paper plates that would collapse halfway through the meal and cheap paper napkins that would just smear the grease instead of wiping it 😂.

☕️It marked the start of a short ❄️ winter and was a tradition of sorts to bundle up late night, park your car on the street holler your order to the waiter and drink your coffee either sitting in the car or standing out in the street with dozens of others holding onto their steaming cups. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

The “espresso” was served not in a fancy branded take away but in a flimsy, styrofoam cup that I often accidently bit into while drinking and always burned my tongue, lulled by a false sense of security by the cool foam which cleverly disguised the boiling🌡 hot liquid underneath 😭.

☕️Once in USA🇺🇸 I was opened up to a whole different world of coffee.

My first order of espresso resulted, not in my beloved,💖 familiar milky delight but in a ✨Alice in Wonderland type teeny cup filled with dark brown liquid whoes bitterness could not be masked by any amount of sugar☹.

Later on after much experimenting, I finally settled on lattes as being the best compromise of my beloved


☕️My first latte was from Starbucks, and even after trying different varieties I end up going back to the Caramel Latte. My only peeve with Starbucks is that the flavor of coffees varies from store to store and barista to barista.😡 img_7617

☕️Once I moved to 🇦🇪Dubai, I was pleasantly surprised to find a host of coffee franchises offering a delicious array of drinks for me to play with 💞

☕️Second cup 💘this is my absolute favorite coffee franchise in Dubai❤️! Their vanilla latte is creamy and decadently delicious everytime !  😋image

☕️Mugg & Bean, I chanced upon this franchise when I was in South Africa and I fell in love with their Mocha Latte 💞! 

☕️🍫Hot chocolate is another favorite of mine, this one from Cafe Bateel is unlike any I had tasted before. They actually give you chocolate discs in a cup and you pour steamy milk on top and watch the chocolates🍫melt into a luscious cocoction. 😋

 ☕️Another favorite of mine is the Caramel Latte from Lavazza, hailed as the best Italian coffee it’s worth a try!

There you have it loves💞! Some of my coffee favorites 💓. What are your favorite coffee drinks/places let me know here✨!

Until next time xoxo💋!

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3 thoughts on “☕️Shopaholic goes coffee hopping☕️”

  1. I haven’t been able to get into the whole coffee craze. I like coffee… but just my normal standard regular coffee. There are so many different combinations and variations and it just does my head in!!! haha. But it’s good to have choice 🙂

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