Shopaholic’s March Hits✅ & Misses❎

💞 Hello out there!💞

🍃So i finally managed to go through my March 🗓skin and haircare purchases! 🛍whew! I am a skincare junkie so everytime something new catches my eye i have to physically restrain myself from spulrging.💸 Mostly because my storage baskets are already overflowing from half used or used and rejected💔items and every month i have to go through them and toss out bottles, tubes and jars.♻️

🍃It really annoys😡the crap out of me when a product promises the moon🌙and then fails to deliver especially when the companies making them are charging fairly hefty 💰prices and are highlighting swooning✨ reviews (who are these people?).🤔

🍃In all my time of trying out products i can count on my fingers 🙌🏻 brands that have actually lived up to their hype. This month too i had my share of disappointing👎🏼and some surprisingly good 👍🏼products. So here goes ladies, presenting March’s hits✅and misses❎.

🍃Andalou Natural Moisture Rich Shampoo, conditoner and leave in conditioner.

🍃As we all know post highlighting, coloring or rather any kind of torture your tresses need extra tlc. Even though my hair is pretty resileint, the combination, of hard water, 🔆dry weather on top of the coloring really started to take its toll and my hair started to feel unusally dry🍂 and frizzy. I decided to try my luck again with Andalou Naturals🍃 since I was already using a few of their products check out that review here: Andalou Skincare Review

 🍃The moisture rich shampoo and conditoner are free from sulphates and contain argan oil for moisturizing and have an orange 🍊cremesicle scent. The leave in conditoner doesn’t really have much of a scent, it has a light cream like texture and absorbs into damp hair fairly easily.

🍃After the first couple of uses the trio of prodcuts did make my hair feel softer while it was still damp and combing was a lot easier as well. That being said after a few weeks, i felt like my hair particularly the ends of my hair were feeling insanely dry, and the rest of my hair generally was not feeling as clean as it did the first few times.☹

🍃I don’t have greasy hair, yet the very next day after washing my hair would start looking limp on top of being frizzy🍂 and dry. The products were leaving buildup on my hair😱.

🍃After a particulary bad hair day,i hurried off to the pharmacy and picked out yet another Andalou Shampoo/conditoner duo (its among the very few brands that dont contain phosphates or sulphates both of which are the sudsing💦 agents in dishwashing liquid and detergents).

🍃This time i chose the Andalou Naturals sunflower 🌻and citrus 🍊Brilliant🔆 Shine shampoo and conditioner🍃 

 and thankfully my hair is free from that weird buildup and is soft✨(i cant stop touching 💗 it!) and its shiny💫 as well. So while the moisture rich shampoo, conditoner and the leave in were a definite miss!❎ The sunflower 🌻 and citrus 🍊shine 🔆shampoo and conditioner gets a big thumbs up!👍🏼

🍃 Andalou Naturals Enlighten Serum, Natural Glow Oil and Perfecting cream.

 🍃Ok i have been loving their skincare line! I started off with the 1000🌹 roses collection check out that review here: Andalou Naturals Product Review 🍃 and moved onto the serums, oil and the perfecting cream.

🍃Starting with the Turmeric + c enlighten serum, it has a very light lotion like texture and really no discernable fragrance, absorbs within a few seconds and is moisturizing and non sticky.

🍃The perfecting cream is an exteremly rich moisturizer, since i have combination skin i just use a dab, it hasnt made me break out at all! It is instantly absorbed , your skin will feel soft, hydrated and the smell is divine! omg i cant describe it exactly, its a combination of floral and fruity and you literally want to eat it. Love it!

🍃The natural glow oil has a pretty strong floral fragrance and is very concentrated so much so that i could not use it on my face it was too heavy. Instead i use it as an all over body moisturizer ( it lasts all day no reapplying) as well as a hand and cuticle cream. According to the label you can also use it on your hair. It has argan and omega oils and is all naturale. Definately a hit👍🏼✅!

🍃So there you go ladies this months hits and misses. Have any of you tried Andalou Naturals Products🍃? Let me know which ones were a hit for you and which ones bombed.

Until next time xoxo!💋

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