💫Shopaholic tries Balayage💫

💕Hello Loves💕!

✨Today I had my very first💫 experience with the hair coloring technique known as ✨”Balayage“✨.  

  ✨Balayage is a free hand, hair painting technique where the stylist applies the color onto your hair without the preciseness of foils. The resulting color is natural and sun kissed🌞 rather than the uniform color you get with highlights.

✨Usually hair coloring for me means full highlights. I have super dark hair and I personally feel highlights add dimension and depth to my otherwise one tone hair 😑.

✨However lightening hair as dark as mine requires inevitably some form of bleach or the other. And after multiple sessions my hair finally had enough and it started to look and behave like a bale of crunchy straw 🌾with plenty of frizz incase I didn’t get the message with just the dryness🍂. 😒

✨Plus I was in no mood to sit for hours ⏲ with half the grocery store’s aluminum foil in my hair looking like a giant metal turkey.🦃

✨So I did some research 🔍and booked myself a spot in a salon I had heard rave reviews about on Facebook. ( I loved my previous hairstylist and the resulting hair got me compliments galore but…I had a mini heart attack ⚡️when I saw the bill💸). Since I was on a little bit of budget this time and the salon was having an awesome promotion I decided to take my chances ♠️♦️.

✨The Marquee salon is located on Jumeriah Road for those of you who are in Dubai. But they have several locations throughout the city. You can check them out here Marquee for details and bookings. 

 ✨I got to my appointment on time and luckily 🍀found parking right infront of the salon yay! 🎉 The salon itself is easy to spot they have a huge colorful wall adjacent to the door. Inside the reception is all minimalist and white decor.

✨The hair area is to the left of the reception and the right side is for nails. I was greeted by the receptionist and taken to meet my stylist immediately. Yay🎉 again for no endless waiting 🕠🕡

✨After a mini consultation we decided on a color, I placed my order for a latte ☕️😋 and my stylist went off to mix the color.

✨While I sipped my latte and read up on some fabulous blogs 😘 she applied the color to my hair. Since no foils were involved we were pretty much done in about 40 ⏲mins roots and tips included. 

✨About 30 mins or so I was taken to the washing stations. Ok here’s a confession 😳 after I had read about the lady suffering a stroke after having her hair washed at the salon I was actually freaking out.😢

✨Thankfully the wash chairs at Marquee  are fully reclinable! 🛌

Meaning:  you are lying totally flat your head resting comfortably on a platform and the stylist sits on a stool at your head while she washes 💦your hair whew! They also put a furry blanket on you incase the air conditioning makes you 🌬chilly. 😇

✨Honestly between the blanket,and the soothing head massage my lovely stylist threw in, I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep.😴

✨That was followed by a drying and hair cutting session, I went for long layers and side bangs my go to style 😇. 

✨And finally the finished look🎉  

 ✨All in all I had a great time at Marquee salon, the stylist and assistants were friendly and helpful. So if you are in the area call up Marquee salon and book yourself in you will love it 💕! 

 ✨Until next time xoxo!💋

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28 thoughts on “💫Shopaholic tries Balayage💫”

  1. I absolutely love the color on you! I have to ask (and it might just be me and my overzealous imagination), do you ever get a tinge of discomfort when they put the color on and it doesn’t look anything close to what you asked for because it hasn’t dried? Blonde color when applied looks brown, and I am like uh oh trust the process! lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely! I’m totally like that! I ask a zillion times! Is this the color I asked for? Are you sure? Will it get lighter once it dries? And on and on😂 I mean what’s the point of all that trouble when you end up with a color nobody can even see? 😳


      1. Yeah. I’m still not sure if I want to do permanent or semi permanent to test it out first, lol. I want to dye my hair at least once in my life even though I really really love my hair lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Try going for a darker color red or purple tints if you are starting out that way it will be more subtle instead of going lighter like honey or caramel which are more dramatic a difference and more damaging to the hair cause bleach is involved to lift color away from dark hair 😘

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I was thinking a dark purple to sort of blend into my natural hair color. I’ve seen pictures of other people’s hair close to my hair color and it looks amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

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