👑Shopaholic’s Liebster Award No 3👑

  ⚜Hello lovelies⚜!

Seems like it’s the week of 3’s for me 😇! Im thrilled to be nominated a third time for the coveted “Liebster Award“👑!

Many thanks to “beautyasisee” for nominating me 😘! I feel so honored when I get nominated and it’s always so much fun to answer the questions asked 💟. As always before you scroll down to the rules check out “beautyasisee’s” great blog and then head back here to read the rest of this fun post 🎉!

💟Here are the rules ~

💟Acknowledge the Blogger who nominated you and display the award.

💟Answer 11 questions that the Blogger gives you.

💟Nominate 5-11 Blogs that you think are deserving of the award.

💟Let the Bloggers know that you have nominated them.

💟Give them 11 questions to answer.


👑Now my favorite part the blogger Q&A;

👑 How do you feel on receiving this award?

I love it when I’m nominated ! It’s such a gratifying feeling to be acknowledged for your hard work so thank you ! 😘

👑A beauty trick you love ?

When I was learning to apply liner I found that using a stiff square brush really helps drawing the wing. The liner brush from bare minerals is my goto brush for perfect liner ✨. 

 👑Your favourite makeup product ?

My burts need lip crayon it’s the perfect everyday color and super easy to apply💋

👑Are you a foundation or a bb cream person?

BB cream I find foundations to heavy for my skin.

👑Mascara or Eyeliner?

Eyeliner,a well applied liner can look amazing all on its own.

👑Who is your favourite blogger ?

Lol there are so many bloggers I love, but my favorite bloggers are ; Cinderzena she was one of the first bloggers I got to know and such a sweetheart. Also Sarah from lifewithlilred who I’ve had the chance to work with, both are lovely.

👑which is your favourite lipstick color?

Red ❤️ and any lovely dark pink💖

👑Your hobbies besides blogging?

Shopping 😉

👑How did you decide on your blog name?

I love to shop so shopaholic seemed like the perfect name.

👑your favourite food ?

Daal chawal is my favorite comfort food I can eat it everyday 💕

👑why did you start your blog ?

I felt it was time to torture a wider audience with my mad rants 😉.

Yay🎉that was fun! I hope you guys enjoyed reading that 😇. Now here are my nominees :






Congrats 🎉 to all the nominees and now here are the questions ;

👑Are you a tea or coffee person?

👑Hair extensions or fake lashes?

👑Highlighter or bronzer?

👑Your favorite bloggers? And why?

👑Your biggest blogging achievement ?

👑Your goto lipstick shade and brand?

👑Your tips for a five minute face?

👑What do you look for in a skincare or makeup product when buying? Packaging, ingredients , price , brand name or all of the above.

👑A perfect gift for you would be?

👑The love of your life is?

👑One beauty dupe product that performs as well as its pricier counterpart?

Hope you guys have fun answering the questions 😘

Until next time xoxo!💋

💟Get in touch shopaholicblogs@gmail.com

💟Instagram shopaholicblogs 

💟Facebook http://www.facebook.com/shopaholicblogs 

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