💕Shopaholic’s Product Review : It Cosmetics 💕

💟Hello Loves!💟

✨It’s product review time and today I’m going to be reviewing a product, well two produts actually since they came as a duo✨that I use almost everyday and highly recommend! 💖  ✨The “⚜It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Color Stain and Hello Light Creme Luminizer⚜“duo💕! I got this set from QVC when it was on a special price of $29 and it’s been worth every penny✨. As you probably know I’m not much of a makeup 💄maven so I’m always on the lookout 🕵for products that can perk up my face without much effort on my part 😉.  ✨These two products do just that💯. Let’s start with the packaging first, they both come identically packaged in shiny, silver, chunky tubes. That is a bit of a bummer actually because the only way I can tell them apart ( I sound like a mother of 👶🏽👶🏽twins here 😁). Is by turning them upside down constantly and checking the label so I don’t accidentally walk around with pink undereyes and champagne lips 😳.  ✨These are twisty tubes just like a lipstick and are a generous size 0.26 ounces per tube, which means they last a long time. I’ve been using mine for three months now and I have tons left 😇. 

 ✨The lipstain 💋is called “Jene sais quoi” it starts out clear and turns a lovely subtle pink when it touches your skin. It is moisturizing and keeps your lips soft and hydrated .You can use it on yours cheeks as well for a flush of color but personally I found it too greasy for my face. I prefer the good old powder blushes when it comes to my face, call me old fashioned 😉

✨The luminizer has been a lifesaver for me honestly. 💖 I have had so many people ask me what I’m wearing to make my skin glow and this is it 💕.  ✨ I even use it on days I don’t feel like wearing concealer or foundation and it works perfectly.  I slick it under my eyes blend it out and voila bright and awake eyes 👁✨in a snap💫! I know in the skin swatch it looks very glimmery but i had to really rub it several times on my skin for it to show up in the pictures. It blends out beautifully and lightens and highlights your skin 💖! You can totally use it on your Cupid’s bow and your cheeks for extra bling ✨!

✨There you have it guys, my absolute fave 💗 products ✨Hope you enjoyed the review😘 let me know if you have tried these products I would love to hear from you!

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