✨Shopaholic’s MOTD : Featuring Revlon Photoready Kajal ✨

💋Hello Loves !💋

✨Welcome to my very first MOTD✨ I know most of you are used to seeing OOTD’s from me and to be honest I’m not at all a makeup maven. That being said I recently saw an eyeliner tutorial featuring colored eyeliner and I was totally excited! 😍

✨The most I can do with my eyes safely 😋 is apply eyeliner, granted it takes about a dozen tries but it ends up looking somewhat like what liner should 😁. 

 ✨Today as I was browsing through the Revlon display, in the boots store this gorgeous color caught my eye.  

✨The color is called Blue Nile and is from the Photoready Kajal collection by Revlon. This is dual pencil eyeliner that features the blue color on one end and a white shade on the other. ✨In UAE the price is AED 38, which is a steal compared to what i would have paid if had bought a MAC one. Since I was trying out colored eyeliner for the first time I didn’t want to spend too much incase I ended up hating it 🤔.

✨The pencil glided easily, it doesn’t tug or pull at the skin and the color goes on nicely pigmented. You have to go over it a couple of times to get the intensity you want but since it takes me a few tries to get my line perfect  it wasn’t a problem at all. The color on my eyes appears a bit different than that on my hand but I did prime my lids with concealer which I think lightened the color a bit.

 ✨I finished off the look by lining the inside of my eyes with my black kohl and a coat of Bobbi Brown mascara in smoky eye. 

Final verdict: I love this liner!💕 The color pigment is great, the consistency is creamy and it’s a cinch to apply even for me😳. 

✨Have you guys tried colored eyeliner ? Do let me know your favorite brands and any tips you might have. 😘

✨Let me what you thought about this MOTD as always your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated 💕.

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