🤓Shopaholic’s Bespectacled SOTD 🤓✨

💕Hello Loves!💕

✨Most of you probably don’t know that I wear contacts and glasses,when I’m feeling extra nerdy🤓. As it happens today was the day for my annual eye 👁exam and my optometrist cautioned me not to wear my contacts before I came in😣. 

✨I have to be honest, I don’t like wearing glasses, they are forever sliding down my nose regardless of how many times I get the frame adjusted. Plus I find driving really difficult with them seeing as I cannot wear my sunnies😎 and the glare off the windshield makes it hard to see😖.

✨However half a day without glasses didn’t seem so bad plus I didn’t have a choice the earliest appointment was at midday. Once I showered and got dressed I reached for my contacts on auto pilot only to realize I couldn’t wear them 😡. 

✨Trying to apply any makeup was futile since my bathroom mirror is too far away from the sink and without my contacts I had a better chance of poking myself in the eye with the brush or pencil 😐.

✨I swear I’m so used to putting in my contacts the moment I wake up I forgot  without them I’m as blind as a bat🙈😐.

✨Anyway after smearing mascara all over my lid I was aiming for my lashes but kept missing 😫. I gave up and opted for my blue eyeliner which I applied haphazardly using my handheld compact. 

✨So here is the final look sans contacts 😋. Hope I don’t scare the optometrist too much 😉.  ✨Outfit & Makeup;

💕Top : Loft Petites

💕Jewelry : Gift from Mom💖

💕Glasses: Coach

💕Headband : Scuncci

💕Eyeliner: Revlon Photoready Kajal in Blue Nile

💕Andalou Natural 1000 Roses SPF 30 Sheer coverage CC moisturizer in Tan (Review coming soon!💖)

💕It cosmetics Radiant Rose Blush.

✨There you go guys ! Hope you enjoyed today’s post✨! How many of you wear glasses or contacts which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments! 😘

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11 thoughts on “🤓Shopaholic’s Bespectacled SOTD 🤓✨”

  1. I have glasses but mainly for reading stuff long distance, I wear them on days my eyes are sore too. But I don’t like how they look and they feel uncomfortable! You look lovely in glasses x

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  2. Well i dont have a serious case with my eyes i wear glasses but only for reading and stay at the computer in my driving lesson i dont have to use them so im lucky i guess i hope you do great in your exams

    Liked by 1 person

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