🔷Shopaholic Goes Greek🔷🇬🇷

🔷Hello Loves!🔷

🔷Today we are going Greek! 🇬🇷 Well with the food atleast😋 I have been wanting to try Greek cuisine ever since I first watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” which 💕I LOVE💕 and have watched a gazillion times already 😍. I recently watched the sequel as well and throughly enjoyed it though to be honest it doesn’t come close to the fabulousness of the original 💖.   

🔷 A couple of days ago I was at the Mall of the Emirates, and my family and I were trying to decide where to eat when I caught sight of the familiar blue and white decor as well as a sign “Eat Greek“! I dragged my family over excitedly and luckily since it was still early afternoon we were seated immediately.

🔷I was immediately taken by the decor of the restaurant which is classic Mediterranean, with weathered limestone and wood floors, stone washed walls and cheery blue and white checkered napkins on the tables.  🔷There is a huge open kitchen towards the back of the restaurant where you can see the chefs preparing the delicious, Greek specialities 😋    


 🔷Our waiter was very friendly and helped us make our selections. I was looking forward to try out the Moussaka🔹(I remembered it from the movie😇). 

 🔷 Moussaka is basically Greek lasagne, it’s a layer of mince meat, topped by thinly sliced eggplant, mashed potatoes  and finished off by a thick layer of bechamel and cheese and baked to tasty perfection !😋Yum!

🔷We also ordered Butter Fish with bechamel sauce and roasted veggies. The fish was incredibly tender and moist and the sauce was delish!💕 

 🔷 A Greek meal is so not complete without lamb! I usually hate Lamb because I have never liked the taste but our waiter encouraged us to try it. So we ordered the Lamb pita which is basically Grilled lamb skewer mixed with tzatziki, tomato, onions & chips, wrapped in pita bread

🔷 First of all the presentation had me oohing and aahing💖! Second the taste was awesome, the pita bread was freshly baked the tzatziki was creamy and delicious and the special touch was the hand cut discs of fried potatoe chips that were absolutely delicious! 💕 


🔷Lets not forget the freshly baked warm bread dressed with olive oil and flecked with herbs that satisfied the carb freak in me 😍.  

🔷The fantastic meal was followed by Greek coffee which I was so eager to try😇!  

🔷Check out the cute presentation! Greek coffee tastes a lot like Turkish coffee except that it is finished off by a serving of juicy figs in warm honey 😋. Yumm!

🔷Of course there was no way I was leaving without trying dessert! Once again our waiter helped us out by suggesting,we order the dessert sampler so we could get a bit of everything 💖.  🔷Our platter included starting from the left Sokolatopita (dark chocolate pie)

🔹Loukoumades – Grandma’s doughnuts with honey & nutella,(melt in your mouth good!),

🔹 Galaktoboureko – milk custard pie, vanilla scented ( so creamy and topped with crackling pastry😋),

🔹Orange Pie – with vanilla ice cream ( sweet and citrusy) and finally the tiramisu💖💖!

  🔷The most unusual tiramisu (that is the actual name!)above was served in the tiniest jar I have ever seen ! And it was soooo good !💕

🔷Below is the Sokolatopita – baked to order Valhrona dark chocolate pie with orange ice cream in the tiniest little ramekin because it was so rich ! 💟


🔷We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at “Eat Greek”!💕 The decor was warm and welcoming and felt authentically Greek 🇬🇷. The service was our unobtrusive yet friendly and attentive and the food was delicious! If you are in the area I highly recommend a visit to “Eat Greek”! 

🔷For more details and locations and delivery you can visit their website at http://www.eatgreekkouzina.com/

🔷Hope you guys enjoyed this culinary trip to Greece with me 💕! Now I’m off to watch “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” again😉.

🔷Until next time loves xoxo!💋

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