🏆Shopaholic’s Miranda Sings Award No. 2🏆

  Hello Lovely People💕!

So I was having a pretty blah day today and then I happened to open my email and hallejullah 🎉I had been nominated for The Miranda Sings Award❗️

Thanks to Fun House Vision, for nominating me, check out her blog where she writes about fashion, food, beauty and art💕.

As per the rules I’m supposed to brag about my seven amazing qualities 😳. So bear with me while I brazenly toot my own horn 📢.

💟I am very hardworking and persistent once I decide to do something I see it through to the end. 

💟I have recently started to appreciate things about myself as in I’m a unique individual (as cheesy and cliched as it sounds) 😉

💟I have a good heart❤️ underneath all the sarcasm, apparent rudeness and aloofness I don’t harbor any ill will towards anyone and I seriously couldn’t harm a soul ..well except cockroaches, spiders 🕷🐜 and other bugs 😖 but they don’t count esp if they enter my bathroom when I’m showering🚿 and I do apologize before I wack them to death 🔨 😐

💟I am good at cooking on the fly, seriously I can make edible and halfway decent food without following a recipe and minimal ingredients  😋

💟I dream✨ big even though I’ve had everyone of my dreams shot down by reality 🔫

💟I love how my fashion sense has developed ever since I started blogging and how much people have appreciated my OOTD posts 💖!

💟I love that people feel comfortable with me and that they feel like they’ve known me forever even if i have just met them 😇

Hope you guys enjoyed reading all about me, myself and I 😘

The nominees for this award are :








🎉Congrats to all the nominees !🎉 The rules are simple, thank the blogger who nominated you , since it’s me I’d like an engraved trophy 🏆😋. List seven things you love about yourself and nominate and notify seven other bloggers of this award. 

That’s it loves!💟

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11 thoughts on “🏆Shopaholic’s Miranda Sings Award No. 2🏆”

  1. Wow.. thses are the best facts about you. I could imagine you. Yes, you’re having a great sense in fashion blogging. 🙂

    I’m sure a lot of people are getting benefits of it. 🙂

    Thanks for nominating me. 🙂
    I’ll post it as soon as possible. 😃


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