Shopaholic Rant : Awkward Social Encounters 🌚

I hate awkward social gatherings I simply hate them . Smiling inanely, wandering around the room feigning interest in ones phone📱, handbag👜, hair, makeup💄 in a desperate attempt to avoid looking like the only person who has no one to talk to.

Not only am I bored to tears on such occasions, in my opinion, it’s a waste of time to attempt to engage in mindless conversation with people who are talking to you only because the rest of their clan  hasn’t set up camp yet, or people who you will either never see again or who you will never get to know beyond the requisite 10 second social pleasantries regardless of how many times you meet them.

I admit I’m no social butterfly, I don’t possess a razor sharp wit, neither do I have the ability to spin a thousand arabian tales to enthrall an audience, and frankly I’m not in the running for any beauty pageant anytime soon 👑.

That being said I’m not a superficial person and even though I geniunely enjoy interacting with people, I do not pretend to like people out of sheer obligation, and falsities are simply not my thing. 

Admittedly while that persona has not won me any popularity contests, it is the way I feel most comfortable . Sure there have been times when I wished I was more outgoing or the life of the party.

Especially when faced with situations like these:

A) A party/gathering where the only person I know by name is the host, 

B) A party/gathering where I know no one and the other guests have already formed exclusive mini groups not interested in recruiting new members ,

I remember one party I was invited to by a dear friend/relative who was also the only person I happened to be on more than first name basis. However to my surprise I found my self engaging in an active conversation with almost every guest in the group she had introduced me to.😱 

For a very simple reason: the other guests steered the conversation to general, non personal topics and time after time someone would direct a question or comment at me and the other new guests in the group. The result was an engaging conversation with active participation from everyone.

Unfortunately the majority does not possess basic social etiquettes. Guest lists are put together haphazardly with little or no regard to the mix of people being invited. 

Hosts tend to leave guests to awkwardly float around strangers instead of facilitating the conversation by making a round of introductions. 

Guests tend to form their own closed sororities not interested in initiating new members. Making the lone guests feel more like a fish out of water than ever.

For people who already suffer from social awkwardness these situations further aggravate matters. 

Have you guys ever experienced social awkwardness? How do you deal with it? I would love to know 😘

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🍃Shopaholic’s Favorite : 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara 🍃

🍃Hello Loves💞❗️

🍃I’ve had a really awful experience with mascara in the past, dried up formulas, clunky wands, stuck together, fake looking lashes you know the drill😒.

🍃I recently purchased and loved the 100% pure pomegranate lipstick so much I went ahead and bought the 100% pure black tea mascara.

🍃First off the packaging is super ❣cute, a shiny silver metal tube with white floral motifs. The mascara itself is a super, rich black and smells so sweet like berries🍓.

🍃The formula is very 💧hydrating and the brush coats the lashes evenly without clumping. I do not use a eye lash curler, neither do I wear falsies or have super long lashes. This mascara extends my lashes and curls them up and out and lasts for hours. It isn’t really water proof as it states but unless you intend on bawling your eyes out or standing in a down pour ☔️it shouldn’t be an issue.

🍃It utilizes black tea and fruit pigments for color along with vitamin e, b5 and oat and wheat proteins to condition the lashes.

🍃All in all I love💕 this mascara, I rate it a 5/5✨❗️. 

Let me know if you have tried any 100% pure cosmetics and which ones are your favorites 💞.

 Until next time xoxo💋

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🇬🇧Shopaholic Goes To London🇬🇧

Hello Lovelies!💕

Greetings from Great Britain🇬🇧❗️In case you were wondering why I was so scarce for the past few weeks. I was away on vacations first to my lovely home town Karachi and then out of the blue and quiet  unexpectedly I found myself heading for London 😍. I love going to London❤️, ever since I was a child and we would visit UK as a family I was enamored by it. 

The architecture, the culture, the very feel of London itself. When I was applying for university back then and even now, London was my first preference. 

So when the opportunity arose after so many years I was beyond excited. Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, they were all as I remembered them. What I love about London, is how well connected everything is and you can sightsee and shop at the same time. I was fortunate enough to visit at a time when everything was at a 50% or more sale so i scored some fabulous bargains 😍. Here are a few snap shots of my stay in London, hope you guys enjoy😘❗️Londoners are big on biking 🚴🏻

At the Parliment House hmm maybe it’s not too late for a career in politics 🇬🇧Three floors of Lush❗️Yes ❗️after so many years I got to try the Love bar❗️✨I finally got to try Shakshouka❗️A trip to London is so not complete without a photo with the phone box 📞No I didn’t have time to see it but managed to get a selfie 📲

For fun, great food and music southbank is the place to be 😘

Trudging up Trafalgar Square it was surprisingly cold that day🌬Piccadilly Circus is as busy as I remember it👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦
Standing outside the Buckingham Palace 👑Waiting in line at the London Eye✨

If it wasn’t for Disney’s Brave I would never have known Haggis is Sheep’s stomach 😷

Farewell breakfast at Covent Garden 

That’s its for this trip loves💕❗️

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Until next time loves xoxo💞❗️

💋Shopaholic’s Product Review : Burts Bees Lipstick 💋

Hello peeps!💞

Time for another product review😍 I have been actively searching for natural, organic beauty products lately and I was thrilled when Burts Bees finally came out with their lipsticks❗️

I have been using and loving their lip crayons and tinted balms for the longest time. So when I came upon these I snapped them up immediately.

These are full coverage, highly moisturizing lipsticks with a satiny finish that come in a range of 14 gorgeous shades. Made with 100% natural ingredients🍃 morninga and raspberry oils and vitamin e to condition your lips.

They come in a plastic tube with a bee hive pattern along the sides 😍!The lipsticks themselves are easy to apply with vibrant colors, however they are not long lasting I would say a 2-3 hours at the most without eating or drinking. 

I chose the shades, Ruby Ripple, a gorgeous red, and Sunset Cruise, a lovely coral 💋.

My rating 4/5 ✨Do try these lipsticks out if you can they are available at Target, Burts and Holland and Barette stores. What are some of your favorite Burts Bees products? 

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✨Shopaholic’s Summer Eid OOTD✨

✨Hello Everyone✨

A very Happy Eid Mubarak🎉 to everyone! This year we had to celebrate Eid unexpectedly a day earlier which sent everyone scrambling to get ready in time. 

Keeping in mind the hot, humid weather both the outfit and makeup had to be comfortable and minimally fussy. 

For this look I went with a pale pink top paired with off white pants. The gold sandals add the right amount of bling and the fishtail braid keeps my hair off my face while looking effortlessly chic.

Outfit Details:

✨Top & Pants : Saniya Dharani Designs 

✨Sandals : Madden Girl

✨Handbag : J Crew

✨Jewelry : Present from Mom 💕

 Hope you guys enjoyed this OOTD! Have a fabulous summer 😘.

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⚜Shopaholic’s Liebster Awards No. 5️⃣ &6️⃣⚜

Hello Lovely People💞!

Hope you are all having a fabulous summer🔅As I was scrolling through my emails I came upon not one but two nominations for the Liebster Award👑!

Both of which were from two of my favorite ladies whose blogs I love💕 and look forward to reading. So whose ready for a double episode  of getting to know your favorite Shopaholic 😉.

Many thanks to the lovely K.M Sutton from AnkhorYou, a gorgeous New Yorker whoes sense of humor and style always shine through her writing. Also to TheCrazyChicRashmi, love her yummy recipes esp the chocolate mousse 😋. Check out their awesome blogs ❣

I’ll answer Rashmi’s questions first✨

💟What is your goal in life?

⚜To be geniunely happy and content in whatever I do. 

💟What is the most dear memory from your childhood?

⚜The happiest times for me were summer vacations when we would all beg out parents to let us stay over at our grand parents house beause that’s where all our cousins would be. Playing out in the garden, swinging widly on the swings pretending they were space ships and the faster we would swing the further in we would go. Playing fun house and watching it on TV ( anyone remember watching that show❓)rooting for our favorite teams I would always end up on the gold team for some reason 🤔. Playing endless games of hide and seek, monkey monkey, ludo, carem, digging in the garden and making mud mountains, cooling off with the hose and getting yelled at for using up all the water. Eating homemade fries and countless bags of chilly chips (I don’t think calories were invented back then😋).

💟Favourite food?

⚜I love Daal Chawal I could eat it everyday. 
💟Why did you start blogging?

⚜I was bored to tears, had nothing better to do and it seemed like a better idea than sulking. 😋

💟Your inspiration or your role model?

⚜Hmm…honestly no one yet has inspired me to do anything worthwhile till now so I guess I’m still waiting for that person to materialize 🙃
💟What is that one thing you cannot live withot? (I mean apart from oxygen 😛 )

⚜You can learn to live without anything or anyone trust me. That age old I can’t live without you or I’ll die without you line❓Nope all bull****. I dropped my iPhone in the sink and had to go without for two weeks and I’m still here aren’t i❓

💟Where are you from?

Why do I owe you anything?💰
💟How many languages can you speak?

⚜Two and a half, English, Urdu and Spanish.

💟Where do you see yourself 15 yeras from now?
⚜I can’t even see myself five minutes from now I’m not very clairvoyant ✨.

💟Do you have any pets?

⚜No I don’t want anything in the house that can’t use the toilet and put the lid back down .

💟 Biggest pet-peeve?

When people accept blogger awards and don’t bother nominating anyone I hello you did read the rules right❓

So hopefully some of you aren’t ready to bring out the barf bags yet here are K.M Sutton’s questions. Are we still having fun 😉

💟 What is your song of summer?

⚜The last song I was actively listening to was I hate you I love you by Gnash.

💟Do you have a secret talent?
⚜ I can sing 🎼.

💟What made you start blogging?

⚜Lol if I remember I was bored.

💟Coffee or tea?

Tea for breakfast, coffee any other time.

💟What city or country are you dying to visit?
⚜ Haha I love how she phrased this😂. Right now any place cool we are dealing with 40+🌡degrees here. Actually I wanted to visit Eygpt after I saw The Mummy. Brandon Fraser was so cute💕.

💟What is a fun fact about yourself?

Don’t you mean embarrassing fact😉. I love talking to myself in the mirror, I am at my craziest and most ridiculous when I’m by myself.

💟Do you prefer the book version or movie adaption? 

⚜Book version for sure, I hate when I have to sit through the movie expecting it to be a certain way and it isn’t.😡

💟Nude lipstick or red lipstick?

Red❗️Go bold or go home ❗️ 

💟What is your favorite app or site? 

My go to sites for shopping are loft, Amazon and zappos and for browsing I love Etsy. 

💟What is one beauty product you can not live without? 

⚜My Kajal stick I feel naked without it 😳

💟What is something you are looking forward to in the next few months? 

⚜Get ready for a shit, boring answer: Nothing😒. I’ve been let down so many times lately I’ve started taking things as they come.

There you have it loves💕 a Shopaholic TMI😉.

Ok here are the rules that no one ever reads or follows for that matter. 

Thank the nominating blogger

✨Nominate 5-11 bloggers and notify them of their nomination.

✨Ask your own original questions don’t just pass on the questions you were asked and call it a day 😒

🎉Heads up nominees 🎉






⚜Your Questions are ;

One TV show you can binge watch anytime❓

⚜One makeup mistake you will never forget❓

⚜Your secret ambition❓

⚜The best makeup dupe you would highly recommend❓

⚜How do you beat blogging setbacks❓

what is your favorite quote and by whom❓

⚜What is your makeup style❓

⚜One blogger that inspires you❓

what is your one guilty pleasure❓

⚜Three things that are always in your handbag❓

Enjoy nominees! Can’t wait to read your answers!

Until next time xoxo❗️💋

🔅Shopaholic’s Guide to Summer Skin🔅

☀️Hello Lovelies!
☀️You’ve probably heard me raving, ranting and complaining about the weather lately 🔅. I am not a summer person at all, I hate getting sweaty, I hate the heat and if things were bad when summer started they just went downhill once the humidity set in 💧.

Lately the humidity here is so god awful it seems you are drenched in your own sweat all the time 💦. When your face is constantly hot and sticky, your hair is sticking to your face and neck and your clothes are sticking to your body the last things on your mind are moisturizers and makeup 😳.

So here are some tried and tested tips to make those awful summer’s a tad more bearable. 

☀️Moisturize, Your skin still needs moisture believe it or not. Opt for lighter, mattifying moisturizers if you have oily or combination skin and keep them in the referigerator if possible. I personally use the Lush Vanishing Cream, it’s a light moisturizer perfect for hot, humid weather that will give your skin a drink of moisture without breaking you out. 

☀️Use a toner, before your moisturize, apply your favorite toner on a cotton pad and go over your face and neck. It not only refreshes your skin but preps it for the moisturizer. Rose water, witch hazel or tea tree are all good options. I recommend the Lush Tea Tree water, perfect for oily, blemished skin. 

☀️Use a serum, yes I know it’s sounds like overkill bit trust me it’s never too early to start on your anti aging regime. Besides you only use a few drops and you can always just mix it in with your moisturizer and apply them together if you want to skip one step .

Again, choose your serums wisely, leave the heavier stuff for the cooler months. Stick to light serums, the Drops of Youth by Body Shop is a good product to start if you’ve never used a serum or concentrate  before. 

☀️Use a sunscreen, I cannot stress on this enough, the suns rays are damaging year round. Since in summers you want to go with as fewer products as possible it’s better to use a moisturizer with a built in SPF. Look for one with a 30-40 protection factor. The Vitamin C moisturizer from Body Shop is a good summer moisturizer its light and non greasy with an SPF of 30. 

☀️Use face masks, I find myself using face masks about 3-4 times a week in the summer time. They instantly soothe and freshen up your complexion while clearing away oil and debris and are a great exfoliant. My favorites are the Lush Love Lettuce and Ayesha mask. 

☀️If homemade masks are more your thing try this mask which is a go to for me when I am running low on my Lush stash. 

☀️Mix together 1 tsp gram flour, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice and 1/2 tsp yoghurt. Apply to your face, leave on till dry and stiff. Dampen fingers and gently rub off. 

☀️This mask is perfect if you have oily, combination or blemish prone skin. The gram flour and lemon clear away the oil and debris while the yoghurt and honey moisturize. 

☀️Keep your makeup minimal, there is no better time to rock the au natural look then summer.

☀️Opt for tinted moisturizers instead of foundation if you can, stick to concealers and mineral based foundation.

☀️Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20, Pacifica Serum Based Foundation with SPF 20 or Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation are all tried and tested options that I would recommend.

☀️ Lastly drink your H2O💧. Your skin needs moisture and hydration from the inside out so make sure you drink between 6-8 glasses a day more in the summer to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant.✨

☀️Hope you enjoyed these tips let me know how you guys keep your skin fresh this summer ✨.

Until next time xoxo💋❗️