🇬🇧Shopaholic Goes To London🇬🇧

Hello Lovelies!💕

Greetings from Great Britain🇬🇧❗️In case you were wondering why I was so scarce for the past few weeks. I was away on vacations first to my lovely home town Karachi and then out of the blue and quiet  unexpectedly I found myself heading for London 😍. I love going to London❤️, ever since I was a child and we would visit UK as a family I was enamored by it. 

The architecture, the culture, the very feel of London itself. When I was applying for university back then and even now, London was my first preference. 

So when the opportunity arose after so many years I was beyond excited. Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, they were all as I remembered them. What I love about London, is how well connected everything is and you can sightsee and shop at the same time. I was fortunate enough to visit at a time when everything was at a 50% or more sale so i scored some fabulous bargains 😍. Here are a few snap shots of my stay in London, hope you guys enjoy😘❗️Londoners are big on biking 🚴🏻

At the Parliment House hmm maybe it’s not too late for a career in politics 🇬🇧Three floors of Lush❗️Yes ❗️after so many years I got to try the Love bar❗️✨I finally got to try Shakshouka❗️A trip to London is so not complete without a photo with the phone box 📞No I didn’t have time to see it but managed to get a selfie 📲

For fun, great food and music southbank is the place to be 😘

Trudging up Trafalgar Square it was surprisingly cold that day🌬Piccadilly Circus is as busy as I remember it👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦
Standing outside the Buckingham Palace 👑Waiting in line at the London Eye✨

If it wasn’t for Disney’s Brave I would never have known Haggis is Sheep’s stomach 😷

Farewell breakfast at Covent Garden 

That’s its for this trip loves💕❗️

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Until next time loves xoxo💞❗️

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