Shopaholic Rant : Awkward Social Encounters 🌚

I hate awkward social gatherings I simply hate them . Smiling inanely, wandering around the room feigning interest in ones phone📱, handbag👜, hair, makeup💄 in a desperate attempt to avoid looking like the only person who has no one to talk to.

Not only am I bored to tears on such occasions, in my opinion, it’s a waste of time to attempt to engage in mindless conversation with people who are talking to you only because the rest of their clan  hasn’t set up camp yet, or people who you will either never see again or who you will never get to know beyond the requisite 10 second social pleasantries regardless of how many times you meet them.

I admit I’m no social butterfly, I don’t possess a razor sharp wit, neither do I have the ability to spin a thousand arabian tales to enthrall an audience, and frankly I’m not in the running for any beauty pageant anytime soon 👑.

That being said I’m not a superficial person and even though I geniunely enjoy interacting with people, I do not pretend to like people out of sheer obligation, and falsities are simply not my thing. 

Admittedly while that persona has not won me any popularity contests, it is the way I feel most comfortable . Sure there have been times when I wished I was more outgoing or the life of the party.

Especially when faced with situations like these:

A) A party/gathering where the only person I know by name is the host, 

B) A party/gathering where I know no one and the other guests have already formed exclusive mini groups not interested in recruiting new members ,

I remember one party I was invited to by a dear friend/relative who was also the only person I happened to be on more than first name basis. However to my surprise I found my self engaging in an active conversation with almost every guest in the group she had introduced me to.😱 

For a very simple reason: the other guests steered the conversation to general, non personal topics and time after time someone would direct a question or comment at me and the other new guests in the group. The result was an engaging conversation with active participation from everyone.

Unfortunately the majority does not possess basic social etiquettes. Guest lists are put together haphazardly with little or no regard to the mix of people being invited. 

Hosts tend to leave guests to awkwardly float around strangers instead of facilitating the conversation by making a round of introductions. 

Guests tend to form their own closed sororities not interested in initiating new members. Making the lone guests feel more like a fish out of water than ever.

For people who already suffer from social awkwardness these situations further aggravate matters. 

Have you guys ever experienced social awkwardness? How do you deal with it? I would love to know 😘

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21 thoughts on “Shopaholic Rant : Awkward Social Encounters 🌚”

  1. Interesting topic. I’m a talker so I don’t find it too hard. In saying that though I sometimes overcompensate, then wonder why the heck I did that . I figure what’s meant to be will be.

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  2. Gosh, that is so me, I’ve always been socially awkward and find it very difficult to converse though I’m getting better but it’s still very daunting for me 😁 My mum is such a social butterfly and loves to host, I wish I inherited that trait of hers but I’m the complete opposite 😁

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  3. Omg I’m just like you! 😂 I’ve gone to several gatherings, even family gatherings, and I couldn’t tell you how awkward it felt to just stand there while everyone else was talking to each other. I’m over here like, “I’m just, gonna go that way…away from this.” Lol. I’m actually pretty social and friendly, but I honestly can’t stand mindless conversations (like you have stated). People are boring, they do the same things other people are doing just to fit in. And all I wanna talk about is how vast the universe is, how awesome our existence is, car stuff, makeup if they’re up for it, lol. Of course, people tend to look at me and automatically assume that I’m bitch. My current bff said when she met me I looked like I’d be a bitch but when she started talking to me she said I was “super nice and chill” 😂 I’m the perfect example of “looks are deceiving”. I’m not really a bitch, come talk to me, I’ll listen lol.

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    1. Omg Rossy❗️that is totally what I get from people initially too❗️that i come across as an ice queen 🌬 or arrogant bitch . Then once they start talking they are like woah😱 you are like way different than we thought . Loved the rant by the way 😘

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  4. I experience the same awkwardness! so annoying yet it challenges me to come out of my shell and engage in conversations, in a non forced manner as well. But I feel you on the awkward social encounters. I’ve embarrassedly declined some social gatherings due not knowing anyone besides the host and maybe one other person, so I whimp out sadly eeeeeek. The struggle is real haha

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  5. This is so relatable in my case! The thing is, I don’t talk much so many people automatically assume that I’m rude when I’m actually not. The best way to deal with this social awkwardness is by talking to people who are on the same wavelength as you. 🙂

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