Shopaholic Rant : Unexplained breakups

💔I hate breakups they are awkward, confrontational, emotional, inspire vengeful fantasies and end up leaving you scarred for life. 

💔That being said what I hate even more than regular breakups are the unwarranted, inexplicable, left in the dark, blind sided breakups that leave you gaping and open mouthed with a giant question ❓mark to haunt you till the day you die or as long as you are senile whichever is first.

💔I mean seriously what is up with that⁉️ There you are all cheerful and secure in what you imagine to be a forever after and more💞, only to find out one fine day that they want to have absolutley nothing to do with you. And I don’t just mean your significant other with whom you are secretly planning your fairytale nuptials, though I have to tell you that breakup hurts like a bitch. 

💔I am referring to breaking up with your best friend or a really good friend. Someone you have spent endless good times with, shared secrets and what not, crushed on guys together, had binge eating marathons, laughed till it hurt over something totally ridiculous, agonized over something as frivolous as a zit for ages, talked on the phone for hours after hanging out all day.

 💔All of a sudden you find out they are ignoring your calls, not responding to your texts, cancelling plans all without the bother of a simple why?

💔I mean if a guy were to do that you would automatically assume the jerk is cheating on you with someone else.  But what are you supposed to think when it’s your bff💞 whoes suddenly turned frigid❄️❓

💔I have been at the receiving end of the unexplained out of the blue, ice queen bitch attitude a few times and let me tell you it drives you insane❗️I mean if you can put all that time and energy into ignoring someone would it kill you to spare two mins to tell them why❓What’s up with leaving the other person hanging❓

💔My bff and I back in college were 💞inseparable, we would talk non stop when we were together on the phone afterwards, we would be over each other’s place constantly, planing surprise birthday parties for each other, we were the classic text book buddies. And then out of nowhere she stopped returning my calls and msgs. I even dropped by her place several times only to be told every single time she wasn’t home.  I was confused, hurt, clueless and angry to say the least I had no idea what I had done or said the last time we had been together and there was no one to offer any kind of explanations as to why❓I had to eventually give up, accept the fact that I had been unceremoniously and cruelly dumped, and to forever be haunted with the “why“permanently etched in my brain.

💔I can understand that people grow apart sometimes, their interests vary over time, transitioning from one phase of life to another can affect friendships. I’ve been there , my two best friends in grade school hit puberty way before me, so while I was still skipping rope during recess in my pigtails they were more interested in engaging in ogling matches with the guys. We all understood it was time to move on and we gracefully did, it was a clean break, the end of the chapter. 

💔That is an acceptable breakup, severing a relationship without an explanation or a goodbye is not. It is the cruel, cowardly way out, it says I don’t even respect you enough to tell you I’m leaving. I mean breaking up is bad enough when you are aware that things are not working out but this out of the blue, in your face out of nowhere abrupt end is the worst kind of breakup. You are left feeling rejected , devastated, berating yourself , looking desperately for closure. 

💔I mean we are all adults damn it act your bloody age! It wouldn’t kill you to call and let them know that things are not working out anymore. Or if you are too much of a coward, send it in a text or email. This is a person you poured your heart out to once, they at the very least deserve a heads up when you are about to bail on them for good.

💔It’s called being human people. I don’t claim to be perfect but I have always attempted to end relationships amicably granted I might have relied on the beaten to death “it’s not you its me” but atleast I made an effort to let them know it was over. I have the peace of mind of knowing  that if I ever run into them again I won’t be scrambling around for camouflage. I will be able to walk up to them or past them depends on how much they still hate me 😬.(Some people just love holding onto grudges😉).

💔 But I will atleast have given them and myself closure and the hope that neither of us would be haunted by the ghost of our past.

🔆The Sunshine Blogger Award🔆


Hello People 💖

I’m so happy to be receiving the Sunshine Blogger Award ✨ courtesy of the lovely💞 Kanza from FadedRouge, who also happens to be a fellow UAE resident.

💞Let’s start with the rules and move on to the fun part❣

✨Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

✨Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you.

✨Nominate eleven blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions.

✨List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

✨Here are Kanza’s questions for me 😘

1. Name something that makes you happy?

✨You know it varies something I feel happy after I’ve bought something I’ve wanted for a really long time. Sometimes it’s after being in the company of good friends and sometimes it’s just spending time with my family.

2-Would you rather live in the city or countryside?

✨Im a city girl I’m used to the hustle bustle, the lights, sounds of the city. I would go stir crazy in the country 🍃.

3-What’s your ultimate inspiration song?

✨Currently in not listening to anything special it keeps changing actually. 

4- Name 1 item on your bucket list.

✨Be a famous somebody 😁

5-Do you prefer to write or type?

✨ Type. Back in college I used to be a huge note taker. I would fill notebooks, but I haven’t written in years now. So my handwriting has gotten pretty awful 👎🏻

6-Mountains or Sea?

✨Neither I prefer flat land. Sea makes me think of sharks or drowning and I’m scared of heights 😱so no high places please.

7-What is something you do to relieve stress?

✨I just don’t think about it. I have an imaginary box in my head that I store all the stressful, unhappy things in. 

8-What is your happy colour?

✨ I like blue I always have. 

9-If you visit a new place or country what is the first thing you would do?

✨ I want to find out where the outlet malls are 😁

10-What is one thing you cannot live without?

✨I believe I can live without anything if I set my mind to it. Dependency makes you weak. 

11- Who do you look up to?

✨My parents to bail me out of whatever.

💟Hope you guys enjoyed reading that!

💞The 11 questions for the nominees are :

1-What are the three things you want to achieve in life to consider yourself successful?

2-Three things that are always in your makeup bag?

3-Your go to, everyday hairstyle is?

4- One outfit that makes you feel your most confident?

5-Three things about yourself you want to change?

6-Your favorite blogger and why you like them?

7-One day in your life you would like to revisit?

8-Favorite feel good movie of all time?

9-Favorite read whenever book?

10-Name one person you love the most?

11-Describe your personality in five words.

The lucky nominees are:



jenney@the sensible shopaholic





sunshine in september




Congrats to the nominees🎉 ! Don’t forget to tag me so i can read your awesome answers!

Until next time xoxo💕



✨The Versatile Blogger Award✨

✨It’s Award time🏆❗️

✨I’m so thrilled to be receiving the “Versatile Blogger Award” courtesy of the lovely Rossy from Ayrgalaxy. I love this girl she is so talented and gorgeous and such a sweet person💗. 

Let’s get the rules out of the way first :

✨Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.

✨Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.

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✨Share 7 facts about yourself!

So here are seven facts about myself

❣1- I have always wanted to be a singer🎙, 📸model or actress 🎥.

❣2-I have been very unlucky in love 💔

❣3- I hate confronting people, if I ever get in a fight with someone my heart rate increases, I blush furiously and I get sweaty palms. 

❣4- I can’t bear stress if I get bad news I just push it to the back of my mind and do not think about at all.

❣5-I’m a very private person I like to keep things to my self and I don’t like it when people try to pry in my matters .

❣6- I have never been able to understand why people find it so hard to be nice, non judgemental or just plain kind. 

❣7- I have always had body image issues, even though I have learnt to accept my imperfections , there are days when I look at myself in the mirror and I hate what I see. 

Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. ✨

Here are the nominees❗️ get ready to reveal 7 facts about yourself and be sure to tag me ❗️









K.M Sutton







😈Shopaholic Product Review : Lush Dark Angels😈

🍃Hello Everyone❗️

🍃Long time no see ✨❣ I just got back from a long vacation last week and I am still in transition from holiday to back to routine mode😩 which is why I was absent from blogging for so long✍🏼.

🍃So I figured what better way to get the regular routine officially started then with a produt review ✨

🍃I used this product throughout my vacation since I had run out of my previous 🍃Lush Herbalism cleanser

🍃Presenting the Lush Dark Angels face wash✨

🍃The Dark Angels face wash is very appropriately named because it is totally that🌑. I was initially a bit nervous putting it on my face but the promise of clearer, fresher skin made me get over it 😁. Are you guys ready for this❓Here goes ✨ 

🍃The product has a moist somewhat crumbly texture and is comprised of powdered charcoal, rhassoul clay, black sugar,avocado and rosewood oil. You just add some water to make a paste and off you go❗️Fair warning the pics you will see below might be a tad bit alarming so proceed with caution‼️

🍃Yes I admit i did have a lot of fun using this once I got over the initial shock of seeing my face so startlingly black 😱.

🍃The face wash is satisfyingly exfoliating I personally don’t like creamy cleansers or soft exfoliators. I don’t feel my skin is clean enough unless I give it a good scrub. This cleanser is perfect if you have super oily or acne prone skin, if you have dry or sensitive skin it might be too much for you. 

🍃The only peeve I have is its too messy too use so I wouldn’t recommend wearing lighter colors when using this. Also it tends to leave behind residue so you have to wash your face throughly or use a gel cleanser after it you might end up with black streaks on your face .

🍃I give this product a 4/5✨ have you tried this cleanser❓let me know what your favorite Lush products are 😘

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🍃Shopaholic’s Review : Lush Mask of Magnaminty🍃

🍃Hello peeps❣

🍃It’s product review time again and this time we are reviewing my favorite product to use in the summer: face masks

🍃I apply face masks atleast 4-5 days a week in the summer🔆. While that may seem excessive to most people, during summers my skin goes into oil overdrive, mins after after I wash my face its sticky and greasy again. TMI❓😉

🍃My favorite masks from Lush are the Ayesha and the Love Lettuce💞.

🍃However both of those masks need to be refrigerated which was not an option for me as I was traveling. So I picked out the Mask of Magnaminty from the Lush store in Oxford Street. The Mask of Magnaminty is a self preserving mask, meaning it has an abundance of honey which means it’s travel friendly since it doesn’t require refrigeration❄️.

🍃The mask is primarily meant for acne prone skin and contains peppermint and China clay for a deep pore clean, aduki beans for exfoliation and vanilla to calm the skin. I just slather it on leave it for 10 mins and then rinse it of, it clears away all the oil and leaves the skin with a minty tingle. 

🍃I think it’s a good mask for freshening up the skin, that being said I don’t enjoy using it as much as I did the Love lettuce or Ayesha. With those masks I could see my skin actually glowing✨ and feeling very soft and hydrated. This mask does help with the oil factor but I didn’t really see an amazing or noticeable difference in my skin. 
🍃Will I be repurchasing this mask❓I don’t think so I’ll stick with my other Lush favorites 💞. However for traveling or hassle free storage this is a good, basic mask.
🍃What are some of your favorite Lush masks❓I would love to know 😘

🍃Until next time xoxo💋❣

🍓Shopaholic Quick Review:Han Cosmetics Powder Blush 🍓

🍓Hello Ladies ❣

🍓Welcome to a quickie product review✨

🍓I recently picked up the Hans Cosmetics Powder Blush since I had previously tried and really liked their eyeshadow single in taupe. 

🍓Since I suck at makeup, and the eyeshadow was something I could simply swipe on my eyelid and still look pretty darn awesome 😱 I decided to get their blush as well since blush is one of my everyday get ready staples.

🍓Hans blushes are made of rice powder instead of talc, and are vegan and cruelty free  🍃.

🍓The shade I chose is called Strawberry Pink. It comes in the signature Hans packaging a sleek round pot, you get about 4 grams of product for $15💰. Since you only use a little at a time, unless you are planning to rock the clown cheeks look, it will last quiet a while. 😁

🍓The color is quiet intense and you really need a swipe on the pad otherwise you will end up with startlingly pink cheeks and a lot of blending.While I’m not blown away by the color it is a nice addition to my blush collection which as of now stands at a measly two 😝. 
🍓Will I buy this again, I probably will but in a different color for sure I don’t think this particular shade is me.
🍓Have you guys tried Hans cosmetics? Which shade do you recommend?

Until next time loves xoxo💋❗️