😡Shopaholic Rant : Poor Customer Service : NewYork Coffee😡

Hello Loves ❣

😡Today’s post is totally unplanned and one that I was deliberating about posting at all. Disclaimer : I’m not a vengeful person neither am I a permanently disgruntled customer out to get businesses.

😡Today being a lovely day complete with summer showers my sisters and I decided to lunch out excited nieces and nephews in tow. We decided to try out the New York Coffee restaurant located in the popular zamzama district. 

😡The restaurant was empty except for us and a family of three that were seated next to us and two guys. After being handed the menus the only two waiters that were at the counter disappeared. 

😡15 mins of waiting later my sister got up and managed to find one waiter at the very back of the restaurant. After taking our order that was the last we saw of our waiter for the next 30 mins.

😡The only other waiter at the counter constantly ignored our requests to check on our order. When we finally managed to “find”our waiter we were told unapologetically that our order would take 5 mins this went on for the next 20 mins. We were not offered any appetizers or bread basket to appease the now hungry and cranky kids and somewhat annoyed adults.

😡The two waiters appeared indifferent, annoyed at our constant requests to check on our food . An hour and some minutes later, I had given up checking up on the time after the one hour mark, two tiny plates were brought to the table containing two side orders❗️ Sans the main entrees❗️

😡Finally hungry, annoyed and at the end of our tether. My sister and I made our way to the waiter and informed him that after an hour and half of waiting later we were no longer interested in the food at which the waiter shrugged and informed us we would have to pay for the sides and the bottle of water without a shred of remorse or apology at the poor, pathetic service.

😡I have never been treated with so much indifference at a restaurant in my life ❗️I was hungry and furious at the lack of customer service and basic etiquette. I don’t know who the owner of New York Coffee is but they should know that their staff is ruining their business by their pathetic customer service. 

Until next time xoxo💋😡

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