😈Shopaholic Product Review : Lush Dark Angels😈

🍃Hello Everyone❗️

🍃Long time no see ✨❣ I just got back from a long vacation last week and I am still in transition from holiday to back to routine mode😩 which is why I was absent from blogging for so long✍🏼.

🍃So I figured what better way to get the regular routine officially started then with a produt review ✨

🍃I used this product throughout my vacation since I had run out of my previous 🍃Lush Herbalism cleanser

🍃Presenting the Lush Dark Angels face wash✨

🍃The Dark Angels face wash is very appropriately named because it is totally that🌑. I was initially a bit nervous putting it on my face but the promise of clearer, fresher skin made me get over it 😁. Are you guys ready for this❓Here goes ✨ 

🍃The product has a moist somewhat crumbly texture and is comprised of powdered charcoal, rhassoul clay, black sugar,avocado and rosewood oil. You just add some water to make a paste and off you go❗️Fair warning the pics you will see below might be a tad bit alarming so proceed with caution‼️

🍃Yes I admit i did have a lot of fun using this once I got over the initial shock of seeing my face so startlingly black 😱.

🍃The face wash is satisfyingly exfoliating I personally don’t like creamy cleansers or soft exfoliators. I don’t feel my skin is clean enough unless I give it a good scrub. This cleanser is perfect if you have super oily or acne prone skin, if you have dry or sensitive skin it might be too much for you. 

🍃The only peeve I have is its too messy too use so I wouldn’t recommend wearing lighter colors when using this. Also it tends to leave behind residue so you have to wash your face throughly or use a gel cleanser after it you might end up with black streaks on your face .

🍃I give this product a 4/5✨ have you tried this cleanser❓let me know what your favorite Lush products are 😘

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