✨The Versatile Blogger Award✨

✨It’s Award time🏆❗️

✨I’m so thrilled to be receiving the “Versatile Blogger Award” courtesy of the lovely Rossy from Ayrgalaxy. I love this girl she is so talented and gorgeous and such a sweet person💗. 

Let’s get the rules out of the way first :

✨Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.

✨Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.

✨Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.

✨Share 7 facts about yourself!

So here are seven facts about myself

❣1- I have always wanted to be a singer🎙, 📸model or actress 🎥.

❣2-I have been very unlucky in love 💔

❣3- I hate confronting people, if I ever get in a fight with someone my heart rate increases, I blush furiously and I get sweaty palms. 

❣4- I can’t bear stress if I get bad news I just push it to the back of my mind and do not think about at all.

❣5-I’m a very private person I like to keep things to my self and I don’t like it when people try to pry in my matters .

❣6- I have never been able to understand why people find it so hard to be nice, non judgemental or just plain kind. 

❣7- I have always had body image issues, even though I have learnt to accept my imperfections , there are days when I look at myself in the mirror and I hate what I see. 

Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. ✨

Here are the nominees❗️ get ready to reveal 7 facts about yourself and be sure to tag me ❗️









K.M Sutton







12 thoughts on “✨The Versatile Blogger Award✨”

  1. Congrats! Being unlucky in love just teaches what you don’t want in a partner. Use that knowledge to make your luck. Oh, and BTW-I think SOME people find it hard to be nice because it takes less energy, think about how much energy it takes to be nice especially when some one isn’t being nice to you. XOXO -Dasha http://windycitywardrobe.com

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  2. You know, you are such a natural when you take photos of your outfits. I can’t do it I’ve tried but I just feel so awkward haha.

    Love is…painful. However, I guarantee you you’ll know when you’ve found the one. Sometimes you just have to let them come to you. 🙂

    And tell me about confronting people! I confronted a kid over the weekend because he reacted to something so insignificant in a crappy way. Omg! Lol.

    And hey you are a beautiful, sweet girl! Learning to love yourself is hard, but I promise you once you do, the perspective is different.

    I’m so glad you did this! Love getting to know people!! 🙂 xx

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