🍂Shopaholic’s Fall OOTD🍂

Hello Loves!💞

🍂So finally the weather became bearable enough for me to start venturing out again in the daytime😍. I swear I have seriously had enough of sweltering summer🔆 I am ready for some winter❄️already.

🍂Since this was the last weekend before school started I decided to make one final trip to the mall before I chained myself to my desk ⛓📚.

🍂Plus the cooler weather meant I could finally start putting together some fabulous OOTD’s for you guys 🎉.

🍂So here is the first OOTD for the fall🍂❗️

🍂Featured brands: 

American Eagle



✨Feed Projects

✨Vince Camuto


✨Tom Ford

🍂Hope you guys enjoy this OOTD 😘 Let me know what you think your comments and suggestions and always welcome 💞

Until next time xoxo 💋

✨Shopaholic Product Review : Dirty Works ✨

✨Hey Guys! 💞

Today’s product review features a brand that I happened to stumble upon accidently and ended up absolutely loving💞

          ❗️Presenting “Dirty Works“❗️

✨Honestly I had never heard of this brand before but the colorful packaging caught my eye amongst the hundreds of other skincare brands that were jostling for attention. ( I guess packaging is the most important “P” in marketing 😉 see I retained something from way back in college. 

✨So anyway I spent a good 15 mins at the “Dirty Works” display. They have a good product range from skincare to body care. I ended up buying the “8 in 1 Miracle Serum” and the “Miracle Cream”.

Dirty Works is a U.K. brand and is available through Tesco and Sainsbury and if you are in the UAE you can get them at Carrefour, Boots & Spinneys.

✨ Let’s start with the serum first:

✨In a 30ml tube you are promised firmer, more even toned, wrinkle free, bright and hydrated skin 😳. That’s a long list of claims for a product to make 🤔. From my personal experience the serum does a good job of priming and in my case mattifying the skin before moisturizer.

✨It has a very light gel to lotion like texture and goes on smoothly, no greasy after feel. I’ve only used it for a few days so in can’t vouch for the anti wrinkling properties. However it does leave your skin soft but you will definately need to follow up with moisturizer unless you are super oily in which case this should be enough. My own skin is combination with t zone oiliness and a tendency to break out randomly. 

✨Which is why I followed it with the “Miracle Cream“.

✨I was initially apprehensive about using this moisturizer because it is a cream. Most creams I’ve used in the past have been felt very heavy on my skin, causing mid- morning oil slicks and breakouts 😡.

✨This cream has a very light texture, a very subtle sweet fragrance. I cant stand skincare products that are heavily scented😷. They are incredibly overpowering😖 I mean hello there  is a reason perfumes are sprayed on the body and not on the face🙄.

✨It is incredibly moisturizing and there is no greasy after feel. Even mid -day when I’m usually reaching for tissues for blotting, my skin was relatively less oily. 😱

✨I am loving💟 both these products 💞, so much so that I’m going to try out their other stuff as well 😇. Have you guys tried “Dirty Works“? Which product is your favorite ? Let me know in the comments below 😘

✨Until next time xoxo💋

🎁Shopaholic Review : Subscription Boxes: Chic Living Kit 🎁

🎁So I finally decided to try out one of the subscription box services here in the UAE🎉. Unlike the US where there is plethora of subscription boxes to choose from here in the UAE we are seriously lacking in this department. 

🎁The only other beauty subscription box is the glam box which honestly sucks : too expensive and majority of the boxes consist of brands i can pick up myself at Carrefour ( Walmart equivalent) for a whole lot cheaper. 

🎁I do so love the idea of getting surprises in the mail every now and then so I decided to try out the Chic Living Kit. It’s priced at AED 120 or around $32 which is still pretty steep considering subscription boxes elsewhere start as low as $10😒.Had to get that rant out of the way😉

🎁So here’s presenting the first look at the #Chic Living Kit September Box

🎁The box itself is huge considering what’s in it 😒, apparently they are not into conservation♻️.

🎁September subscribers will receive (it’s the same stuff for everyone since there is no personalization here 😒). 

Clarins Hand and Nail cream I guess it’s a delux sample 30ml.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 15 ml I guess they figured they had gone overboard with the first sample so they skimped on this one 🙄

✨ Two tinny 🔭 samples 7 ml 😳 from a brand called Maxon. The first sample is a deodorant cream, hmm 7ml well that should be enough for one armpit atleast 😒.

✨And the other 7ml sample is also from the same brand of a sunblock. I guess coverage 🔆for half my face is all they could afford at $32💰.

✨The rest are coupons, one is 50 dirhams off at the “#I saw it first” website. Most of the stuff there is really not my style so I guess I’ll pass on this coupon. 

✨The other is for one free Frostino ( ice blended beverage) at #Costa Coffee.  I definately needed some caffeine to jolt me back to reality after the shock ⚡️of seeing those teeny samples.

✨There are two other coupons, one for a free dine in pizza at #pizzatothepeople. The second for 100 grams of coffee at #goldboxroastery.

🎁Here’s my peeve with coupons in subscription boxes, they should really be redeemable both online and in person. Second one coupon in a subscription box is fine, four at the expense of product samples is really not. I mean i can get coupons online or in the paper for free! that’s really not why I’m shelling out $32 for😒.

🎁I’m really not impressed with the #Chic Living Kit box to be honest. Except for the Clarins products and the Costa Coffee the rest of the stuff I could have gotten anywhere for free. 

🎁Have you tried any subscription boxes? Which ones are your favorite?

Let me know here 😘

Until next time xoxo 💋   

✂️Shopaholic Gets a Haircut✂️

✨I’m someone who has always been very attached to her hair. For as long as I can remember my hair has been down my back to my hips. My mom would cut my hair at home, spreading newspapers down and cutting it straight across never more than an inch. 

✨She was the one who oiled it regularly, braided it and never allowed me to open my hair except for special occasions.

✨It’s no wonder the first time I went to the hairdresser myself I was almost in tears when I saw my hair piling on the floor as the hairdresser snipped away with vigor despite my repeated just admonishing of “no more than an inch please”.

✨Even today, dozens of haircuts later, when I hear the rrrr of the scissors as they weave in and out of my hair I can feel panick setting in. 

✨However over the years it has become harder and harder to maintain the length of my hair. Since I am an avid fan of highlights I find my hair texture has changed dramatically. It is prone to being dry and frizzy particularly at the ends and no matter how much I condition or treat it eventually I find myself cutting it to maintain the health of my hair.

✨Today was one of those days when fed up with the dried, frizzy mess I decided to head on to the hairdresser. 

✨My go to hairstyle for the last few years had been side bangs with long layers. I am totally low maintaince when it comes to my hair I don’t even own a hairdryer. Which I is why I opt for this particular style, it’s no fuss and looks good straight out of the shower.

✨That being said bangs if cut incorrectly can end up being a disaster and layers done wrong can look like someone just took a hack saw to your hair and went on a chopping spree 😱

✨Since this was a new hairdresser I was more nervous than usual. As always I showed her the picture on my phone (pictures are always more effective than trying to exhaust your vocabulary😓).

✨Plus ever since I moved to the UAE I have had horrible luck with hairdressers apparently side bangs are a foreign concept to them 🙄.

✨45 mins⏱ and a whole lot of hair on the floor later she handed me a mirror and asked me to turn around to take a look at the final result. ✨While it was a whole lot shorter than I had anticipated, she got the bangs somewhat close to what I had asked for. 

✨What do you guys think of this look? Let me know in the comments 😘 plus what is your go to hairstyle? 

🍃Shopaholic product review: Phyto 9 Ultra Dry Hair Day Cream🍃

 Hola Bloggers!
🍃Hows everyone doing? 😘 It’s time for another product review ✨ I have been struggling with dry, frizzy visit ever since I moved to the UAE, dry 🔆weather, humidity and my hair just make for a bad equation 🍂. So for the two years I’ve been here I’ve been constantly switching between shampoos, conditioners and leave ins trying to find something that would tame my suddenly ferocious👹 mane.
🍃I have been a big fan of Phyto hair products and have found using them in conjunction with my other hair products to work best to keep my hair in check.

🍃I had been searching for this particular product: The Ultra Dry Hair Phyto 9 for the longest time here. It’s one of my favorites from the line.

🍃This is a leave in cream that consists of 9 plant extracts : macadamia oil, soybean, burdock, calendula, sage , St. John’s wart, willow, rosemary and mallow.

🍃You get 1.7 oz which lasts me about a month and I have a lot of hair 😳. Plus you only need about two dime sized squirts to cover all your hair (in my case). It can be applied to both damp or dry hair and you can heat style your hair or leave it to air dry. 

🍃It has a very mild pleasant scent, and a light texture like a lotion almost. It absorbs instantly in your hair without any stickiness. 
🍃Post application my hair instantly felt softer and moisturized and a lot less frizzy and this is when I chose to air dry it. If you heat style your results might be better. 

🍃I would absolutely recommend this product if you have dry, damaged or frizzy hair. It’s all natural and free from all the nasties (parabens, sulphates) and it actually delivers what it promises 😱.

🍃Have you tried any Phyto products? which ones would you recommend? 

Until next time xoxo 💋

Shopaholic rant : I’m bored 😫

Alright guys it happens we’ve all been there when you are just so bored out of your mind😖 you are actually googling “I’m so bored I wish I had a life” 😳. Yes I’ve been there done that and I’m sure you have too 😉

It’s not that you don’t have stuff to do, I mean there are always chores ( just ask your mom😁). 

It’s not that you don’t have any friends, they are all there it’s just that they are probably busy or they are just as bored as you are . I actually remember a phone conversation with my bff back in school where we both talked 📞for an hour about how bored we both were and how there was nothing to do😂. 

For me boredom usually sets in during vacations😱. I know! I wait for vacations all year because usually schoolwork and chores keep me busy and cranky and I look forward to finally having two months of vacations ahead of me✨. But honestly a week into vacations I start wondering what to do with myself. I mean usually during study time resisting myself from obsessively checking Facebook is a torture. Come vacations I barely log onto Facebook more than a couple of times a day😳

I mean seriously this summer vacations my sisters and I were together all the time and all we did was to sit and stare zombie like at our phone screens. 

I mean is it just me who feels this way or does everyone get bored out of their minds every once in a while. I mean obviously no one wants to admit it I suppose because it means inadvertently admitting you don’t have a life😪

And I’m sorry but Google is no help here I mean here are some of the boredom busters I came across online:

1- Watch a 📽movie – with 60 days plus of    vacation time to kill that equals being a total couch potato and who on earth can come up with a list that long? Plus if you are planning on hitting the movie theater that often that’s a whole lotta moola💸

2-Go 🛍shopping– again I love shopping, but there’s only so many times you can go to the mall especially when there are no sales 😡

3-Pack a 🍗picnic– ok this one would work totally if I lived in the picturesque mountains of Switzerland 🌲. However since I’m currently stranded in the middle of a desert 🌵in the summer🔆 lets just scratch that off the list shall we ?😒

4-Get ✂️crafting! ok this is my no 1 vacation peeve😡 First the damn crafting supplies end up costing me more than what it would take to just buy the thing from a store. Secondly it never ever turns out like anything even remotely close to the picture or video tutorial. 

6- Get🍳cooking! Sure… after cooking for myself year round and washing endless stacks of dishes that’s exactly what I want to spend my vacation doing 😒

6-Read a 📚book🤓 hmm this ones actually not too bad the only problem being given my ability to speed read I can easily finish a book (300+ pages) in a day. Meaning I would need close to 60 books to keep me entertained and given the fact that not even a single book since the Harry Potter series has even remotely peaked my interest … Well you get the picture.

7- Travel ✈️& see the world!🌏 Right and I suppose the money for the tickets and the visas and the hotel accommodations will just come from the tree in my backyard 💵. I’m totally not a backpacker or sleep in a haystack type traveler and besides on my budget the maximum I’d be able to stay anywhere would be a week anyways so that would still leave 7 more weeks…

8-Sleep!😴 I would have to be sleeping beauty or be hit in the neck repeatedly with a tranquilizer dart 💉to be out for the entire vacation😳.

9-Whine & complain haha I swear this was googles attempt at sarcasm 😂 

So how do you guys beat boredom? Hit with your ideas right here❗️

Until next time loves xoxo💋

All images are courtesy of Google and Pinterest 

✨Shopaholic Bakes💋 : Chunky Chocolate Cookies✨

🍪Hello Lovelies! 

Long time no see 😁 With Eid holidays stretching over a week and me getting down with a cold on top of everything 🙄. (Yes I managed to get a cold in 112 degree weather 🔥). I simply had no energy for blogging. 

🍪Since I was stuck in the house with nothing on tv.  Isn’t it ironic that all the awesome movies and tv shows you’ve ever wanted to watch are never on when you are in the mood to be a total couch potato.😡

🍪Plus I was craving something seriously gooey and chocolatey and since every store bought cookie I’ve bought I’ve ended up chucking in the bin. I decided it was time to bake✨

🍪So I clicked on YouTube and began my binge watching spree in search for the perfect cookie recipe.

🍪Now I’m the kind of person who watches several different recipes and picks out what I like best from each and then make my own creation. (which often results in utter disasters 😁).But hey that’s how I learn anyway 😇

🍪So here’s presenting today’s recipe adventure my first attempt at making cookies. Hope you guys enjoy 😘

🍪Happy baking loves 😘