💞Shopaholic’s  30 Things About Me💞

Hello Loves ❣

I’ve always enjoyed getting to know the people behind the fabulous blogs I follow💞. So I decided it was time to share some fun facts about myself with you guys 😊.

So here goes some funny bits about me that will let you know the real shopaholic a bit more 😘

💟 1- My birthday is 18th October which makes me a text book libra ⚖

💟2-I am an old fashioned romantic at heart, I love the idea of being courted 💞

💟3-I am the biggest scaredy cat, but that doesn’t stop me from watching horror movies. Of course that means i sleep with the lights on💡 and the tv tuned to food network 😁.

💟4-I was incredibly shy and under confident in school and I missed out on a lot of things that I now regret not doing.

💟5- My favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast when I was a kid because I was a bookworm like Belle.

💟6- I hate cooking, one day I hope to be rich enough to afford a private chef.

💟7-I hate travelling, any plane journey longer than an hour makes me fidgety. 

💟8-I have fallen head over heels, madly, passionately in love only once 💔 and I vowed never to do it again 🔫

💟9-My favorite cereal is Kellogs Chocolate Muesli I could eat it by the handfuls😋

💟10-I love singing, I tried to play the guitar once but cutting my nails super short sucked so I had to give that up 😡

💟11-I binge watch The Golden Girls, Everybody Loves Raymond and I dream of Jeannie.

💟12-I have never watched Game of Thrones haha 😁

💟13-I hate when people don’t give clear answers to questions and beat around the bush.

💟14-I can get incredibly fixated on things and I have to have them done my way or I get cranky and irritable.

💟15- I have a OCCD, obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder.

💟16- I am never on time regardless of how hard try 😫

💟17-I throw things out the moment they have a flaw I can’t stand imperfection.

💟18-I used to be a very emotional crybaby-like getting ridiculously upset because someone gave me a rude hand gesture during driving. 😭

💟19- I love chocolate I have an insatiable sweet tooth.

💟20-I hate my lower body, I have the thighs and butt of a sumo wrestler. 

💟21-I am obsessed with skincare I love trying out new lotions, serums, moisturizers.

💟22- I hate it when people ask me my age 😡

💟23-I have always wanted to be taller, I’m the eldest and the shortest sibling 😡

💟24-I have a horrible memory I keep forgetting things.😫

💟25- I have severe, unexplained mood swings, I can go from happy to angry and depressed.

💟26- I’ve always wanted to be a model but ive been told I’m too short 😭

💟27- I often wonder if I have any talents 🤔

💟28-I hate people who treat people who serve them poorly. Designer clothes and fancy cars are nothing to be proud about people learn to be humble. 

💟29- I feel incredibly helpless when I see stories of violence and sufferings, I wish there was a way to end it all.

💟30-I get so thrilled when I get a new follower 😊

There you have it peeps❗️30 things you now know about me 😘 Hope you guys enjoyed reading let me know in the comments below 💞.

18 thoughts on “💞Shopaholic’s  30 Things About Me💞”

  1. Yay✨I’m so glad you enjoyed it😘 I do love those emoticons 😇 lol I’ll take your word for my sumo butt 😁 And yes that is totally why i never tried to watch game of thrones too much violence and unnecessary nudity 😱 thank you so much for reading ✨ Now it’s your turn to do a get to know you tag 😉

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