✨Shopaholic’s Product Review : Nyx Two Timer Eyeliner ✨

✨Hello Loves💞

✨It’s product review time again here at shopaholic blogs. The product I’m reviewing today is not an organic product but one that comes from a very popular brand nevertheless. 

✨Presenting the Nyx Two Timer Eyeliner✨Since eyeliner is one of my go to makeup, I was thrilled to find one that claimed to do double duty. This liner has a felt tip liquid liner on one end for creating sharp cats eye lines and the other end is a kohl liner for smudged out smoky eyes.

✨That’s unfortunately where the good news ends. As excited as I was to use the liner I was incredibly disappointed when I tried it out. The felt tip was dried out and it took multiple tries for me on the back of my hand to get any color. Even then the liner was skipping and the felt tip kept bending upon itself.

✨The kohl side was just as bad it was dried out and impossible to apply in fact it broke the first time I tried to apply. 

✨I ended up chucking out this liner the very day I bought it. 😡 I don’t know if mine was a defective one or if they are all like that. 

✨All in all this was one disappointing purchase💸. Have you guys tried Nyx eyeliners which one would you recommend?

Until next time xoxo💋!

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