✨Blogger💞Collab: Shopaholic blogs and Madithemermaid Summer MOTD ✨

Hello Lovelies💞

 I am so thrilled to be a part of a makeup blogger collab courtesy of the totally awesome madithemermaid😘. She is totally pro when putting together MOTD’s, so when she gave a shoutout for bloggers interested in creating a summer MOTD I was very excited to sign up. 

Despite being a novice at makeup I couldn’t wait to put together a summer MOTD for you guys. This is more of a beginner look so for anyone new to makeup, hopefully you can pick up some useful tips here. So here’s presenting the Shopaholic Summer MOTD🔆.

Here are the products I used:

🔆I will mention them as I go along step by step:

🔆If you are a beginner it is helpful to apply scotch tape at the edge of your eye at an angle. This prevents the shadow from traveling past your eye.

🔆Starting with the NYX eyeshadow base, I applied it all over my lid past the crease. I also use it as a concealer. Alternately you can use eyeshadow primer or concealer with setting powder. Don’t skip this step as it helps your eyeshadows stay in place and makes the colors brighter. 🔆Next using the Enlighten shadow palette from Pacifica I chose the color Golden and patted it all over my lid stopping at the crease. 

🔆Then I picked up some Coral Sand from the same palette onto a blending brush and applied it on the crease to blend the two shadows and soften any lines.Next taking the same Golden shade on a flat brush I applied it on my lower lash line. 
🔆Time for a darker shade! I used the Han shadow in Taupey plum on the outer V and continued blending into the crease. Finally I added the color Skinny dip under the brow as a highlighter and finished off with liner (Misslyn liquid liner) and mascara ( 100% pure in black tea).

🔆And Voila❗️ presenting the final look✨

🔆I hope you guys enjoyed this MOTD/Tutorial do let me know I’m the comments! 😘 Many thanks to madithemermaid for this collab💞

🔆Do check out the other awesome bloggers who were a part of this collab by clicking on the links below 👇🏼




Until next time xoxo💋

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