✨Shopaholic Bakes💋 : Chunky Chocolate Cookies✨

🍪Hello Lovelies! 

Long time no see 😁 With Eid holidays stretching over a week and me getting down with a cold on top of everything 🙄. (Yes I managed to get a cold in 112 degree weather 🔥). I simply had no energy for blogging. 

🍪Since I was stuck in the house with nothing on tv.  Isn’t it ironic that all the awesome movies and tv shows you’ve ever wanted to watch are never on when you are in the mood to be a total couch potato.😡

🍪Plus I was craving something seriously gooey and chocolatey and since every store bought cookie I’ve bought I’ve ended up chucking in the bin. I decided it was time to bake✨

🍪So I clicked on YouTube and began my binge watching spree in search for the perfect cookie recipe.

🍪Now I’m the kind of person who watches several different recipes and picks out what I like best from each and then make my own creation. (which often results in utter disasters 😁).But hey that’s how I learn anyway 😇

🍪So here’s presenting today’s recipe adventure my first attempt at making cookies. Hope you guys enjoy 😘

🍪Happy baking loves 😘

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