Shopaholic rant : I’m bored 😫

Alright guys it happens we’ve all been there when you are just so bored out of your mind😖 you are actually googling “I’m so bored I wish I had a life” 😳. Yes I’ve been there done that and I’m sure you have too 😉

It’s not that you don’t have stuff to do, I mean there are always chores ( just ask your mom😁). 

It’s not that you don’t have any friends, they are all there it’s just that they are probably busy or they are just as bored as you are . I actually remember a phone conversation with my bff back in school where we both talked 📞for an hour about how bored we both were and how there was nothing to do😂. 

For me boredom usually sets in during vacations😱. I know! I wait for vacations all year because usually schoolwork and chores keep me busy and cranky and I look forward to finally having two months of vacations ahead of me✨. But honestly a week into vacations I start wondering what to do with myself. I mean usually during study time resisting myself from obsessively checking Facebook is a torture. Come vacations I barely log onto Facebook more than a couple of times a day😳

I mean seriously this summer vacations my sisters and I were together all the time and all we did was to sit and stare zombie like at our phone screens. 

I mean is it just me who feels this way or does everyone get bored out of their minds every once in a while. I mean obviously no one wants to admit it I suppose because it means inadvertently admitting you don’t have a life😪

And I’m sorry but Google is no help here I mean here are some of the boredom busters I came across online:

1- Watch a 📽movie – with 60 days plus of    vacation time to kill that equals being a total couch potato and who on earth can come up with a list that long? Plus if you are planning on hitting the movie theater that often that’s a whole lotta moola💸

2-Go 🛍shopping– again I love shopping, but there’s only so many times you can go to the mall especially when there are no sales 😡

3-Pack a 🍗picnic– ok this one would work totally if I lived in the picturesque mountains of Switzerland 🌲. However since I’m currently stranded in the middle of a desert 🌵in the summer🔆 lets just scratch that off the list shall we ?😒

4-Get ✂️crafting! ok this is my no 1 vacation peeve😡 First the damn crafting supplies end up costing me more than what it would take to just buy the thing from a store. Secondly it never ever turns out like anything even remotely close to the picture or video tutorial. 

6- Get🍳cooking! Sure… after cooking for myself year round and washing endless stacks of dishes that’s exactly what I want to spend my vacation doing 😒

6-Read a 📚book🤓 hmm this ones actually not too bad the only problem being given my ability to speed read I can easily finish a book (300+ pages) in a day. Meaning I would need close to 60 books to keep me entertained and given the fact that not even a single book since the Harry Potter series has even remotely peaked my interest … Well you get the picture.

7- Travel ✈️& see the world!🌏 Right and I suppose the money for the tickets and the visas and the hotel accommodations will just come from the tree in my backyard 💵. I’m totally not a backpacker or sleep in a haystack type traveler and besides on my budget the maximum I’d be able to stay anywhere would be a week anyways so that would still leave 7 more weeks…

8-Sleep!😴 I would have to be sleeping beauty or be hit in the neck repeatedly with a tranquilizer dart 💉to be out for the entire vacation😳.

9-Whine & complain haha I swear this was googles attempt at sarcasm 😂 

So how do you guys beat boredom? Hit with your ideas right here❗️

Until next time loves xoxo💋

All images are courtesy of Google and Pinterest 

15 thoughts on “Shopaholic rant : I’m bored 😫”

  1. Loved this! GUzzle coffee? Stare wanderingly out the window? Count the clouds? Lol joking aside I can relate to the book issue. It is why I finally decided to buy an e-reader so Icould being aixty books on vacation and not kill my back😂🙈 I hope your boredom gets resolved quickly!😘💗

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      1. I am agree with you Nida, it happens with me most of the time.
        If I think of get rid of WhatsApp then I will probably jump to Instagram, and the worst part is if I am done with Instagram then now it is time to Facebook. Oh! It really sucks yaar! ;(

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    1. Haha you know I get those boredom phases fairly often and yes blogging helps quite a bit and so does a cuppa 😉 I do wonder if I’m the only one who is such a loser 😳all around social media people seem to having the most amazing time 🤔and here I am wondering what to do with myself 😪

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