✂️Shopaholic Gets a Haircut✂️

✨I’m someone who has always been very attached to her hair. For as long as I can remember my hair has been down my back to my hips. My mom would cut my hair at home, spreading newspapers down and cutting it straight across never more than an inch. 

✨She was the one who oiled it regularly, braided it and never allowed me to open my hair except for special occasions.

✨It’s no wonder the first time I went to the hairdresser myself I was almost in tears when I saw my hair piling on the floor as the hairdresser snipped away with vigor despite my repeated just admonishing of “no more than an inch please”.

✨Even today, dozens of haircuts later, when I hear the rrrr of the scissors as they weave in and out of my hair I can feel panick setting in. 

✨However over the years it has become harder and harder to maintain the length of my hair. Since I am an avid fan of highlights I find my hair texture has changed dramatically. It is prone to being dry and frizzy particularly at the ends and no matter how much I condition or treat it eventually I find myself cutting it to maintain the health of my hair.

✨Today was one of those days when fed up with the dried, frizzy mess I decided to head on to the hairdresser. 

✨My go to hairstyle for the last few years had been side bangs with long layers. I am totally low maintaince when it comes to my hair I don’t even own a hairdryer. Which I is why I opt for this particular style, it’s no fuss and looks good straight out of the shower.

✨That being said bangs if cut incorrectly can end up being a disaster and layers done wrong can look like someone just took a hack saw to your hair and went on a chopping spree 😱

✨Since this was a new hairdresser I was more nervous than usual. As always I showed her the picture on my phone (pictures are always more effective than trying to exhaust your vocabulary😓).

✨Plus ever since I moved to the UAE I have had horrible luck with hairdressers apparently side bangs are a foreign concept to them 🙄.

✨45 mins⏱ and a whole lot of hair on the floor later she handed me a mirror and asked me to turn around to take a look at the final result. ✨While it was a whole lot shorter than I had anticipated, she got the bangs somewhat close to what I had asked for. 

✨What do you guys think of this look? Let me know in the comments 😘 plus what is your go to hairstyle? 

23 thoughts on “✂️Shopaholic Gets a Haircut✂️”

  1. It looks very good! I’m still thinking about cutting it again, even though I really like how long it is. It hasn’t been this long since I was 15 so I kind of want to enjoy it but it’s such a drag to maintain like you said lol.

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    1. Thanks Rossy😘 I love all your hairstyles I remember when you put up that post a while back you rocked every look ✨ and yes it is too much work to keep it long and healthy given how much we abuse it with color and or heat styling 😱🔥

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      1. You’re welcome!
        OMG I was just thinking that! I used to be able to do my hair and now I just get so frazzled I end up putting it in a messy bun lol. I really should start doing more up dos.
        And yeah! I noticed my hair texture changed as well after dyeing it. Lucky it’s only this one time haha. I try not to use heat and i actually haven’t in months. I still need a trim though. Bunch of split ends 😩

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  2. Just wrote a long winded reply and the page decided to refresh itself … uggghhh! But don’t worry, I think the hairstyle and colour suits you 🙂 I wish I could grow my hair that long but I eventually get bored of straightening long hair and tend to keep it just below the shoulders ….

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