🎁Shopaholic Review : Subscription Boxes: Chic Living Kit 🎁

🎁So I finally decided to try out one of the subscription box services here in the UAE🎉. Unlike the US where there is plethora of subscription boxes to choose from here in the UAE we are seriously lacking in this department. 

🎁The only other beauty subscription box is the glam box which honestly sucks : too expensive and majority of the boxes consist of brands i can pick up myself at Carrefour ( Walmart equivalent) for a whole lot cheaper. 

🎁I do so love the idea of getting surprises in the mail every now and then so I decided to try out the Chic Living Kit. It’s priced at AED 120 or around $32 which is still pretty steep considering subscription boxes elsewhere start as low as $10😒.Had to get that rant out of the way😉

🎁So here’s presenting the first look at the #Chic Living Kit September Box

🎁The box itself is huge considering what’s in it 😒, apparently they are not into conservation♻️.

🎁September subscribers will receive (it’s the same stuff for everyone since there is no personalization here 😒). 

Clarins Hand and Nail cream I guess it’s a delux sample 30ml.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 15 ml I guess they figured they had gone overboard with the first sample so they skimped on this one 🙄

✨ Two tinny 🔭 samples 7 ml 😳 from a brand called Maxon. The first sample is a deodorant cream, hmm 7ml well that should be enough for one armpit atleast 😒.

✨And the other 7ml sample is also from the same brand of a sunblock. I guess coverage 🔆for half my face is all they could afford at $32💰.

✨The rest are coupons, one is 50 dirhams off at the “#I saw it first” website. Most of the stuff there is really not my style so I guess I’ll pass on this coupon. 

✨The other is for one free Frostino ( ice blended beverage) at #Costa Coffee.  I definately needed some caffeine to jolt me back to reality after the shock ⚡️of seeing those teeny samples.

✨There are two other coupons, one for a free dine in pizza at #pizzatothepeople. The second for 100 grams of coffee at #goldboxroastery.

🎁Here’s my peeve with coupons in subscription boxes, they should really be redeemable both online and in person. Second one coupon in a subscription box is fine, four at the expense of product samples is really not. I mean i can get coupons online or in the paper for free! that’s really not why I’m shelling out $32 for😒.

🎁I’m really not impressed with the #Chic Living Kit box to be honest. Except for the Clarins products and the Costa Coffee the rest of the stuff I could have gotten anywhere for free. 

🎁Have you tried any subscription boxes? Which ones are your favorite?

Let me know here 😘

Until next time xoxo 💋   

19 thoughts on “🎁Shopaholic Review : Subscription Boxes: Chic Living Kit 🎁”

  1. Got the launch box which was quite nice with the mug and edibles and stuff, but thought the same about last month’s box- I’d just get Entertainer instead. Met the founder at a market and she mentioned from next month they aim to have actual products in there which is why the box is huge. May just be all talk but let’s see!

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