🌸Shopaholic Reviews : Dr Kureshi Essential Oils 🌸

Hello Peeps❗️

🌸How’s everyone ? I do apologize for the long absence but we just welcomed a new baby into our family 👶🏻and I was so caught up in the 💞preciousness of this bundle of adorableness that blogging was the last thing on my mind 😉.

🌸However babies aside from being incredibly cute 💘are also a lot of work! A couple of sleepless nights with this naughty one and my skin started to show signs of fatigue😓. 

🌸Since you are well aware of my foundness of natural and organic skincare I was delighted to stumble upon the 🌸Dr Kureshi 🌸line of skin and haircare essential oils. 

🌸The brand launched in 2015 offers 20 essentail oils and herbal supplements. They use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils produced in Pakistan. The oils are free from chemicals,synthetics,  preservatives or artificial fragrances. All the oils are extracted using steam distillation and the cold press method. 

🌸I ordered the Luxurious face oil and the Rose 🌹oil and they were kind enough to send me a free full size of their Miracle eye serum to test out. 

🌸The Luxurious face oil is a very concentrated oil comprising of Argan, Almond, Jasmine and Evening Primrose oils. 🌸I use two drops mixed in with my moisturizer and it is the perfect amount. Anymore and you will be walking around with an oil slick. The oil has no discernible fragrance which is perfectly fine for me I hate fragranced face products anyway. In terms of effectiveness, it moisturizes and hydrates the skin and I haven’t had a single breakout despite using an oil on my face 😱.

🌸Next the Rose oil🌹, I love rose scented products ❣️and this oil doesn’t disappoint. 🌸It comes in a dropper bottle and I use it with my regular moisturizer it is too thick to be used by itself and needs either an unscented carrier oil or moisturizer. The smell is divine! Like being in a rose garden 🌹🌹😍 and with the moisturizer it is very hydrating and soothing to the skin. You can also use it in a diffuser as an aromatherapy oil.  

🌸Finally the Miracle eye serum,if you know me you know dark circles have been always been my biggest beauty peeve.

🌸So I’m always excited when any new product appears on the market promising the moon🌙 and stars 😒. I’m such a sucker sometimes I swear. 😪 The serum comes in a roll on bottle so far it hasn’t really reduced my panda eyes my much but it is a good basic moisturizer. 

🌸Overall the Dr Kureshi products have been a great addition to my skincare routine. In particular the Luxurious face oil and rose oil. If you will try one product from this line I highly recommend these two😘. 

🌸You can order their products from their Facebook page at Dr Kureshi or through their website at drkureshi.

🌸That’s it from me this time loves 💞 see you in my next blog post 😘

🎁Shopaholic’s Birthday❣️ 🎁

🎉It’s my Birthday!🎉 

🎁I know some people might find it incredibly childish that I still get so ridiculously excited about my birthday but I do😍😁!

🎁I love getting surprised on my birthday and you can bet I want everyone around me to make a huge fuss about it too ✨🎉

🎁When I was younger my mom used to throw these huge birthday parties for me and my sisters and invite the entire family and extended relatives. I would be dressed up in something lacy, frilly or tutuish which I would usually ruin by the end of the night ( our parties were usually lavish catered affairs 🍸).

🎁The last big birthday bash I remember was my 16th 🎉after that we would usually keep the birthdays low key and as time went on it would just be my sisters, parents and my bff’s celebrating with a cake and gifts. Regardless of the scale of the celebration, I love feeling special on this particular day. Maybe it’s the cake that has your name on it or the cupcake with a single candle just for you or the brightly wrapped presents or having people taking the time out from their busy lives to wish you( I admit most wishes these days are via Facebook or whatsapp 😒) .

🎁So this birthday even though I had already dragged my family over to the Tory Burch store and gotten myself an early birthday 🎁present.🎁( I start getting excited about my birthday from the first of October 😳. Even when I was a kid I used to open my presents before my birthday party and would pantomime the whole surprised affair later for the benefit of the guests 😁).

🎁This year the family decided the birthday surprise reaction had to be real so they went ahead and hid my other presents and when it was time for the big reveal they were ready with the cameras to catch my real reactions 😍🎁Can you tell I’m excited!😍 Excuse my rumpled appearance I had no idea they were planning all this or I would have striked my usual OOTD pose 😉.

🎁Stay tuned for the birthday gifts to be showcased in a special Shopaholic Birthday OOTD post coming soon 😘

🎁How do you guys celebrate your birthdays? Let me know right here 😘

🎁Shopaholic’s Birthday OOTD🎁

Hello Loves !

🎁So after the wonderful birthday surprise this morning I was totally in the mood to get all dolled up and have a funtastic day 🎉 Annoyingly enough it was one of those suddenly hot🔥 in the middle of fall🍂 days 😒. Aah the joys of living in the desert 🌵

🎁So heat notwithstanding here is a short and sweet birthday OOTD hope you enjoy 😘🎁OOTD details

Top : Loft

✨Pants : Max Studio

✨Shoes : Aerosoft

✨Accesories : Tory Burch, Kate Spade 

🎁Hope you guys enjoyed this mini OOTD 😘 Let me know what you think I would love to chat with you 💞

Good Things Beauty : Manuka Honey Daily Moisturizer 🍯

Hey Guys😘,

🍯Today I’ll be reviewing a brand I have raved about fairly recently 💞 yup you guessed it “Good Things Beauty“😍

🍯Here in the UAE it’s not very easy to find skincare brands that are sulphate and paraben free or that aren’t priced outrageously💸 or frankly that deliver even 1/4 of what they claim 😒.

🍯So when I do happen to chance upon something that doesn’t break the bank and actually works I’m all over it 😍. 🍯I have previously tried and raved💞 about the Manuka🍯Honey Facial scrub from Good Things Beauty. So I decided to give their Daily facial moisturizer a try. I love the subtle fragrance of 🍯honey in these products and the plus is that they are paraben and sulphate free. Add to that the affordable price point and you’ve got yourself a winner deal here 🏆ladies 😍.🍯The moisturizer itself is like a thick lotion but it is easily absorbed and leaves no greasy after feel. It contains Manuka honey, royal jelly and propolis to condition the skin and protect against anti aging. They do caution people with allergies to bee🐝 stings to do a patch test before usage. 

🍯Overall I would rate this moisturizer as a 4/5✨. Let me know if you have tried Good Things Beauty products and which ones would you recommend 😘

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✨Shopaholic Reviews : Good Things Beauty ✨

✨Today I’ll be reviewing a skincare brand that I found yet again at the drugstore ❗️I am a true budget shopper (well the occasional handbag splurge doesn’t count 😉). And let me tell you big price 💰doesn’t always equal high quality and I’ve found that to be esp true in the case of skincare brands. A lot of higher end brands have been incredibly dissappointing despite their glam packaging and big budget promotions✨.

✨Which brings us to today’s review : 

✨Good Things Beauty is a skin and hair care brand that is free from parabens,mineral oils, sulphates and animal ingredients. 

✨Developed by an award wining beauty writer the brand offers a collection of moisturizers ( lotions, creams and butters), body and face washes and shampoos and conditioners with either Super Fruits , Manuka Honey or Argan oil as the featured ingredient. 

✨Since I was out of face wash and I am a exfoliating aficionado I opted for a product each from their Super Fruits and Manuka Honey line.   

✨The Super Fruits Deep Cleansing face wash is a great one to try if you are prone to acne, breakouts or oily skin without the harsh ingredients found in other cleansers. ✨It has a gel like texture with tiny exfoliating granules that scrub away all the unwanted stuff and leave behind clean, refreshed, soft skin sans any of the tightness or overt dryness. Featuring extracts of papaya and licorice to keep acne causing bacteria at bay.

✨The Manuka Honey Scrub I got because I as I mentioned previously I am an exfoliating freak 😳. I have to use an exfoliating scrub atleast twice a week. Plus the scent in this one is so sweet ❣️. This is a very mild, creamy scrub and initially I thought i would not like it I’m not a huge fan of creamy cleansers. To me      creamy = oily =breakouts 😳

✨That being said I loved this product so much I ended up using it in the shower 😇. It leaves skin soft with a delicate, sweet scent 😋.

✨I give both these products a 5/5🎉. Have you tried Good Things Beauty yet?

Let me know your comments right here 😘

💋Shopaholic’s Closet Remix OOTD💋

✨I love 💞shopping for new clothes I swear if I could wear a new outfit every single day I would be the happiest chicka alive 😍.

✨However due to my limited budget, that is one fantasy I’ll have to put on hold for now 😡. Which is why I have learnt to shop smarter 🤓, buying pieces which can be remixed and reworn is not only budget friendly it also extends your wardrobe choices.

✨So today’s OOTD is all about repeating some old favorites and getting more bang for my wardrobe buck 💵.✨Some of you might remember this dress from a previous OOTD. When I came across it again today I decided to style it a bit differently so it didn’t appear so beachy 💧this time around .

✨The denim jacket is one of my favorite pieces which I got on clearance🎉 and it works equally well with jeans, chinos or skirts. 

✨The sandals are again an old favorite that I pulled out since I had a lot of walking to do today, they are 100% leather and super comfy.

✨The bag 💞pulls the entire look together for me, it adds sophistication to an otherwise casual look. I love this color for fall🍂 and the fact that it’s a crossbody is always a winner for me.

Dress : Aeropostle 

Jacket : Banana Republic Petites

Sandals : Toms

Bag: Tory Burch

Glasses : Tom Ford.

Let me know how you guys remix stuff from your wardrobe 😘

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