Good Things Beauty : Manuka Honey Daily Moisturizer 🍯

Hey Guys😘,

🍯Today I’ll be reviewing a brand I have raved about fairly recently 💞 yup you guessed it “Good Things Beauty“😍

🍯Here in the UAE it’s not very easy to find skincare brands that are sulphate and paraben free or that aren’t priced outrageously💸 or frankly that deliver even 1/4 of what they claim 😒.

🍯So when I do happen to chance upon something that doesn’t break the bank and actually works I’m all over it 😍. 🍯I have previously tried and raved💞 about the Manuka🍯Honey Facial scrub from Good Things Beauty. So I decided to give their Daily facial moisturizer a try. I love the subtle fragrance of 🍯honey in these products and the plus is that they are paraben and sulphate free. Add to that the affordable price point and you’ve got yourself a winner deal here 🏆ladies 😍.🍯The moisturizer itself is like a thick lotion but it is easily absorbed and leaves no greasy after feel. It contains Manuka honey, royal jelly and propolis to condition the skin and protect against anti aging. They do caution people with allergies to bee🐝 stings to do a patch test before usage. 

🍯Overall I would rate this moisturizer as a 4/5✨. Let me know if you have tried Good Things Beauty products and which ones would you recommend 😘

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