🎁Shopaholic’s Birthday❣️ 🎁

🎉It’s my Birthday!🎉 

🎁I know some people might find it incredibly childish that I still get so ridiculously excited about my birthday but I do😍😁!

🎁I love getting surprised on my birthday and you can bet I want everyone around me to make a huge fuss about it too ✨🎉

🎁When I was younger my mom used to throw these huge birthday parties for me and my sisters and invite the entire family and extended relatives. I would be dressed up in something lacy, frilly or tutuish which I would usually ruin by the end of the night ( our parties were usually lavish catered affairs 🍸).

🎁The last big birthday bash I remember was my 16th 🎉after that we would usually keep the birthdays low key and as time went on it would just be my sisters, parents and my bff’s celebrating with a cake and gifts. Regardless of the scale of the celebration, I love feeling special on this particular day. Maybe it’s the cake that has your name on it or the cupcake with a single candle just for you or the brightly wrapped presents or having people taking the time out from their busy lives to wish you( I admit most wishes these days are via Facebook or whatsapp 😒) .

🎁So this birthday even though I had already dragged my family over to the Tory Burch store and gotten myself an early birthday 🎁present.🎁( I start getting excited about my birthday from the first of October 😳. Even when I was a kid I used to open my presents before my birthday party and would pantomime the whole surprised affair later for the benefit of the guests 😁).

🎁This year the family decided the birthday surprise reaction had to be real so they went ahead and hid my other presents and when it was time for the big reveal they were ready with the cameras to catch my real reactions 😍🎁Can you tell I’m excited!😍 Excuse my rumpled appearance I had no idea they were planning all this or I would have striked my usual OOTD pose 😉.

🎁Stay tuned for the birthday gifts to be showcased in a special Shopaholic Birthday OOTD post coming soon 😘

🎁How do you guys celebrate your birthdays? Let me know right here 😘

31 thoughts on “🎁Shopaholic’s Birthday❣️ 🎁”

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Your reaction is priceless … And there is nothing childish about getting excited about your birthday as I’m pretty much the same … I keep everyone awake until midnight so they can start wishing me as soon as the clock strikes 12 😀 …. Hope you had a great day! 🙂

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