🌸Shopaholic Reviews : Dr Kureshi Essential Oils 🌸

Hello Peeps❗️

🌸How’s everyone ? I do apologize for the long absence but we just welcomed a new baby into our family 👶🏻and I was so caught up in the 💞preciousness of this bundle of adorableness that blogging was the last thing on my mind 😉.

🌸However babies aside from being incredibly cute 💘are also a lot of work! A couple of sleepless nights with this naughty one and my skin started to show signs of fatigue😓. 

🌸Since you are well aware of my foundness of natural and organic skincare I was delighted to stumble upon the 🌸Dr Kureshi 🌸line of skin and haircare essential oils. 

🌸The brand launched in 2015 offers 20 essentail oils and herbal supplements. They use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils produced in Pakistan. The oils are free from chemicals,synthetics,  preservatives or artificial fragrances. All the oils are extracted using steam distillation and the cold press method. 

🌸I ordered the Luxurious face oil and the Rose 🌹oil and they were kind enough to send me a free full size of their Miracle eye serum to test out. 

🌸The Luxurious face oil is a very concentrated oil comprising of Argan, Almond, Jasmine and Evening Primrose oils. 🌸I use two drops mixed in with my moisturizer and it is the perfect amount. Anymore and you will be walking around with an oil slick. The oil has no discernible fragrance which is perfectly fine for me I hate fragranced face products anyway. In terms of effectiveness, it moisturizes and hydrates the skin and I haven’t had a single breakout despite using an oil on my face 😱.

🌸Next the Rose oil🌹, I love rose scented products ❣️and this oil doesn’t disappoint. 🌸It comes in a dropper bottle and I use it with my regular moisturizer it is too thick to be used by itself and needs either an unscented carrier oil or moisturizer. The smell is divine! Like being in a rose garden 🌹🌹😍 and with the moisturizer it is very hydrating and soothing to the skin. You can also use it in a diffuser as an aromatherapy oil.  

🌸Finally the Miracle eye serum,if you know me you know dark circles have been always been my biggest beauty peeve.

🌸So I’m always excited when any new product appears on the market promising the moon🌙 and stars 😒. I’m such a sucker sometimes I swear. 😪 The serum comes in a roll on bottle so far it hasn’t really reduced my panda eyes my much but it is a good basic moisturizer. 

🌸Overall the Dr Kureshi products have been a great addition to my skincare routine. In particular the Luxurious face oil and rose oil. If you will try one product from this line I highly recommend these two😘. 

🌸You can order their products from their Facebook page at Dr Kureshi or through their website at drkureshi.

🌸That’s it from me this time loves 💞 see you in my next blog post 😘

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