🚫Shopaholic Scammed! 🚫

Hola Readers 😘

So as you probably gleaned from the title this is a rant blog post 😡. As you all know I am addicted to shopping and online shopping is hands down my preferred way to hunt for bargains. 

Strangely enough this new year for some reason my Facebook newsfeed was bombarded by ads for the revolutionary hair straightening device the Dafni! Now I have been considering purchasing the Dafni for quiet a while, the high price being the only put off $200 for a hairbrush 😳💸.

Now this particular advert was offering the Dafni for a mere 200 AED that’s $54 ! Hold on I know what you are thinking🤔girl you can’t spot a scam ⚠️when it’s staring you right in the face! I admit it was part stupidity, part sheer disbelief at the possibility of an amazing bargain on my part. So anyway long story short i called placed an order for cash on delivery and after 48 hours I was handed a black polyester shopping bag with the so called deal of the century and a free bottle of hair oil from some brand called Dr Rashnel❓I tried googling the name but nothing came up hmmm…

Anyways the packaging looked genuine enough from the outside. Once opened the box though I found the hair brush with a flimsy plastic cover on the brush part the kind that’s used as a shoe insert on new sandals.

That was it. No warranty card, no registeration card, no paperwork of any kind just two cheaply printed cards with barely there instructions. The brush itself felt ridiculously light probably since it was made out of paper thin plastic. It had the Dafni logo on the handle and the center on/off button which when pressed turned on green not blinking red like the real Dafni. The bristles were some kind of cheap rubber and were all loose there was even one missing bristle 😱.

I was so mad😡😡 I msged the company on their FB page only to be told after repeated msgs that they do not deal with returns or refunds and that I had to email the company. Apparently they will only reply in minutes if you are ready to place an order. Anyway I emailed them requesting a refund along with a picture of their defective item I didn’t mention that it was fradulent. No response.

Now usually I would have ended it at that cursed my luck and chucked the item in the bin. That particular day I was in an unusually bad mood and being ripped off just added fuel to the fury fire. 🔥

I msged the company threatening to report then to the police for offering fraudulent merchandise and would you believe it I got an email within the hour offering a replacement (as if!) or a refund.

Two days later there was a messenger at the door holding out my money and requesting their piece of junk back. Good riddance! So if you are in the UAE and have seen adverts for the Dafni being offered at a too good to be true price BEWARE! The company i dealt with is going by the name Wow Offers but there are others as well trying to rip customers off with this inferior copy 😡😡.

Luckily for me this ended well , let me know if you guys have ever been a victim of an online scam. 

Until next time loves xoxo💋

26 thoughts on “🚫Shopaholic Scammed! 🚫”

  1. Omg I am shocked. It is sad what had hapened to you. That is why I only buy from sellers from real sites not fb or that are cheapier than the real products. Nice posi I have learned something new to be aware of every seller on internet

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  2. Good on you! I have recently learnt the art of embracing the complaint letter. I used to be so embarassed to complain whenever I got wronged! But now it’s like nah life is too short. I get discounts on most things now when sellers screw me over.

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  3. So glad you got your refund. I learned my lesson years back when I bought a “Dior” bag on eBay. It turned out to be a fake but got my money back. Now I try my hardest to stay on legit sites.

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    1. eBay isn’t that bad you have to look for legit sellers and PayPal protects you against fraud never use your credit card directly on websites. Sometimes a bargain is so good I forget all common sense 😳


      1. Huge hugs! I bet! I don’t blame you! Amazon is amazing! I have been really good! Just got back to the concrete Jungle..Ready for Summer! lol. Awe i love seeing your pics! How are you doing? ❤

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  4. omg! this is really bad experience.. I have seen dafni advertisements too.. many times.. and got tempted to buy it.. not knowing whos the seller and what they offer,,, thankfully i never got time to place an order. Also, it is commendable that the brand replaced it for you without questioning .. looking forward to seeing the review 🙂


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