🎉Shopaholic’s Versatile Blogger Award!🎉

Hello my lovely blogging friends! 

I know I know I have been totally ignoring the blog for the longest time but hear me out. Way too many things were going on at once and I am so bad at managing time that a lot of things took a back seat and unfortunately the blog was one of them.

Anyways with my studies hopefully under control, unexpected vacations over and a wonderful opportunity to make a comeback thanks to the lovely lady over at strictlylighthearted 💕. I will be more regular with my posts incase anyone was missing them (fingers crossed🤞🏼).

So here is today’s comeback post (do I sound like a flop movie star ⭐️ trying too hard 😋). The ✨Versatile Blogger Award!✨. Do check out strictlylighthearted’s blog esp her totally funny award post 🤣.

So as per the rules I have to tell you guys 7 things about myself, so here goes peeps. TMI time 😋

1- I still haven’t figured out what I want to do with myself I mean I have bopped from one interest  to another in hopes of finding a fit but nothing has worked out for me yet. So if anyone out there is wondering if they are the only looser out there who doesn’t have a clue what to do with their life maybe we should get together and start a club 😖.

2– I have recently become addicted 😍to the CW series Crazy ex girl friend and omg I can so relate to her idiotic and downright frustrating antics … anyone else a fan ?

3-I realized on my recent trip to Prague, that I adore 💕traveling to places that have legends and myths associated with them not just shit boring historical facts 👸🏼🤴

4– I often wonder if every one else’s life is as routine and uneventful as mine 🤔

5- I wish people would have the common courtesy of not talking just amongst themselves and leaving the third person feeling like a moron and having to resort to mindlessly playing with their phone. (Yes I’m referring to yours truly 🙄)

6– I wish society would drop the fake beauty standards already I mean aren’t we exhausted ladies? Fake eye lashes, extensions, implants ,fillers, having a perfectly baked, contoured face and the list goes on and on….

7-I can totally tell the difference between a genuine and fake compliment now 😳 A real compliment makes me ridiculously happy 😊 

So guys hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better 😘

I’ll only be nominating three people even though there are tons of wonderful bloggers out there ✨




Ladies congrats on the nominations🎉 now just link back to my blog, list 7 things about yourself and nominate some fab bloggers of your choice ✨

All you bloggers out there check out these wonderful blogs and leave me some love in the comment section 😘😊💕

Until next time loves 💋

13 thoughts on “🎉Shopaholic’s Versatile Blogger Award!🎉”

  1. Congrats Beauty on your Award! And I love traveling to places that have so much history! I adored all your pictures about Prague and it is on my list (since my family is from there!) Also welcome back! I missed your posts and can’t wait to catch up with what you have been up too! ❤

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  2. Hello, haven’t seen you around here in a while. Hope you’re doing great!
    And I can relate to several of your facts. Lol. You and I are on the same boat, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with myself either. I mean I’m gonna graduate with an associates (the most basic, 2 year) but after that I have no plans lol.
    I also like interesting places with myths and legends. Of course a few other things such as sceneries have my curiosity. Lol. Unfortunately I don’t travel much 😦
    And my life is just as uneventful, you’re not alone sister!
    I like how you brought up fake beauty standards. It’s 2017 and we’re still not over it lol. I’ll admit I like makeup and like getting dolled up, but you will never see me wearing makeup 24/7
    Ahhh, number 7. Me too… kinda sad because you know who truly reads your stuff and who doesn’t. I recently stopped following a few people because they never bothered to check out my blog after all the support I gave them. Such ungrateful people.

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  3. Loved reading it Rossy 💕 I am so happy when people take out the time to leave a thoughtfully comment rather than just randomly like a post . Yes I’ve had that too with bloggers not being bothered 😕 so I did exactly that hit that unfollow button. I admit I do get caught up sometimes with stuff and am not able to check out all the blogs I follow but whenever I do catch up I try to genuinely comment as much as I can. Hope you are doing well with your studies 😘girl and thanks for the fun post 💕


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