Shopaholic Reviews : Conatural 🍃

Hello Loves💕

As you are probably aware I have been away on summer☀️ vacations all this time which explains my absence from blogging 😋. However while I was here I continued my hunt for natural🍃 locally made skincare products and starting today I’ll be reviewing all of my favorites and not so favorite products. 

➡️One important thing to note 📝 down : A lot of skincare products here in Pakistan use the term organic🍃 in their labeling even though the ingredients they use are NOT certified organic. At the most the ingredients will be locally sourced but again there is no guarantee of them being 💯 % organic so it’s best to use your own judgment and apply the ” if something sounds to good to be true it isn’t”rule here. 

Ok let’s start with one of the more popular “organic🍃” brands : Conatural .

🍃The company website states they are an ISO 22716 certified company which means their mauufacturing procedures are up to code which is always a good thing. Hopefully it means no ungloved, grimy hands are meddling with your skincare products always a plus➕ for me 💕. 

They claim to use certified organic oils in their products but no where on their products or website does it state where this certification comes from. As far as i know no such organization in Pakistan exists 🇵🇰 that offers certification for products meeting guidelines for being 🍃organic. Come to think of it no such guidelines exist either hmm🤔…  Also since their products don’t display any internationally recognizable certified organic seal(s) I wonder what’s the rationale behind this claim being certified organic 😐. 

Ok moving on to the actual products, they offer a good variety of products ranging from hair and body oils to shampoos, anti aging skincare and face masks and very pretty vintage packaging particularly for their facial skincare. 

I also applaud their choice of colored glass containers which increase the products shelf life while decreasing light degradation of the ingredients. I chose to try three of their products :

🍃The age defying serum is a water based serum with glycerine and aloe. It is a very basic serum that absorbs quickly with no stickiness but other than that it has made no remarkable difference to my skin. I’ll give it a 5/10.

🍃The advance super revitalize cream is supposed to lighten your skin gradually without the use of steroids or harsh bleaching agents. It is supposed to be used nightly and so far I like using it. It goes on non greasy and is very moisturizing. I’ll give it 2 more months to see if it lives up to its lightning claim overall a good basic nighttime moisturizer. 7/10.

🍃The “organic” age defying cream. This has to be the worst product here 😡. It is beyond greasy ! The moment I put it on my face and I swear I put the size of a tiny bead maybe even less and I diluted even that with the age defying serum it made my face  super greasy. I was wiping off beads of sweat 💦 off my face all day I just couldn’t understand it😖. I made my sister who has super dry skin try it thinking maybe it would suit her but she complained of the same thing 😲. 3/10 ( Just because I like the packaging 😉).

Would I try Conatural products again ? I think not. Their prices are quiet steep approx $22 for the face moisturizer and for me the products didn’t deliver. 👎🏻

Have you tried conatural how was your experience?

🍃Next blog post is for a brand I stumbled upon and happened to like a lot Aura.Crafts. Stay tuned for the review coming up soon 😘

10 thoughts on “Shopaholic Reviews : Conatural 🍃”

  1. I hope you are having an amazing vacation beauty! I haven’t used Conatural but I did find this post so informative, especially the part about glass containers increasing shelf life! I learned something new today! I hope you are having an amazing week! ❤

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    1. Thank you lovely! 😘 Yes summer vacation is a time I look forward to all year when I can just kick back and take an extended break from everything 😊. I have been admiring your jetsetting adventures on Facebook you lucky 🍀 thing 💕so jealous! of your fabulousness 😍

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      1. Any time sweets! Summer vacay is the best! And you deserve it! Awe thanks sweets! It has been such a blast! I am so behind blogging about them though! ;p You are the absolute sweetest! ❤


  2. Glass containers are what most of my favorite products are in, they just seem to work best. Almost like I prefer a glass to drink out of over plastic, great blog.

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  3. thank u for review.i bought conaturals honey oatmeal soap bar a week ago.withing a week my acne is vanished skin is fairer.i doubt it has some steroid or something.within a week is like a miracle.i hav been using body shop products nothing worked as quick as this one..i guess i m the only one who is going to quit this product for its high efficiency🤔.

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  4. Hey! I tired the the Essential Facial Cream, I had a very greasy and not so hydrating experience. It was difficult to rub all over my face too. I had to spray my face with water to make the cream budge and spread all over my face. It had a weird smell too. I also tried their eye gel. sigh. The saffron pieces keep getting stuck in the pump. And it takes my atleast 5mins to constant shaking the bottle to make it budge. And all for nothing too. My eye area hasn’t improved with it much. I was really disappointed because I’d heard great things about this brand.


    1. I agree ☹️ I don’t understand the hype surrounding their products at all🤨 Most of them were worst than drugstore brands and they are charging premium prices 💸. Sorry you had such a bad experience with them. Let me know your skincare concerns and I’ll recommend a few brands you can try that will work better for you 😘


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