Super Short Product Reviews🍃Featuring @Stoneriversoaps

⚜️I am always experimenting with different all natural, sulphate & toxin free shampoos to work with my color treated, split ends prone hair 👩🏻Recently i came across @stoneriversoaps via Etsy and while ordering hand & body soap bars 🧼from them I also added their shampoo and conditioner bar to my order. Yesterday was the first time I used 🚿both and I was pleasantly surprised🥰The shampoo bar had a nice cleansing not stripping lather( I do the squeak test -rubbing my scalp and hair to listen for the squeak squeak sound -to check for cleanliness 😋) and the conditioner bar was easy to use as well. Together they left my hair easy to comb and the following day my hair was soft relatively straight and non frizzy👏 ( I air dry my hair so it takes a full day esp when I’m indoors in ac all the time for it to settle down) I haven’t tried to wash oil out of hair with it yet (that’s the ultimate test for any shampoo with me 💪🏼)But so far I’m very happy with both plus the conditioner bar in particular is a generous size (most natural conditioner bars are super small discs that really don’t last more than 5-6 washes on my hair 💸). Repurchase 👍🏼 Recommend 👍🏼What’s your favorite natural shampoo bar?

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