Hi Guys!

Just in case you were wondering if a robot🤖 is behind all these blogs, its not ! I’m a real, regular person, i love writing📝, shopping💸, chocolate🍫 , lattes☕️. I’m a pessimist at heart and a total shy fly of a gal. I love reading funny 😄 stuff and obviously writing about it and i try to make people smile☺️ through my writing. Honestly i suck at real life comedy😳.

I hope you enjoy 🎉reading my blogs and if i make you smile if not laugh yourself silly 😆 everytime you read👓them its a job well done🎖for me💞.

Do follow 🎯 me if you can, and i’ll do my best to bring a little bit of wacky humor🎭 in your life one post at a time.


For collaborations and/or product reviews or just to say hi reach me at shopaholicblogs@gmail.com 😘

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi dear 🙂 You have nice blog and I was thinking as your blog is name a Shopaholic 😛 …Have you seen the movie ..Confessions of a shopaholic 😛 ??


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A petite girl's take on fashion, organic beauty & skincare all fueled by a love for lattes & food.

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