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✨Shopaholic Reviews: The HydraFacial✨

Hola Loves 💕!

💫It’s a new year and we are already nearing the end of January😱 time it seems is literally flying 🛫. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are working hard at your new year resolutions. I’m not so much a resolution person myself I find being sporadic tends to work better for me. All of my best laid plans have a tendency to go awry anyways 😒.

💫So back to the topic I’m totally not a facial kind of person I hate being touched and honestly I have yet to see a facial do miracles 🙄. However the “HydraFacial” had me intrigued. The idea of not having my face polished, scrubbed and shined like shoe leather 👞 (which is exactly how I describe typical facials😋) is what appealed to me. The “HydraFacial” uses a patented vacuum technology which creates a vortex effect that easily dislodges and removes impurities while simultaneously hydrating the skin with tailored serums and potent antioxidants. Add to that the fact that it’s favored by top Hollywood celebrities ✨i was totally interested in booking myself a session. 

 💫However that was easier said than done, the HydraFacial is a very costly 💰indulgence so after looking around for months for discounts I finally found an awesome deal that I just couldn’t pass up😍!

💫The TaoSpa at Jumeirah Mall were offering an amazing 50% off to try the HydraFacial for the month of January 🎉✨! Since my skin was looking unusually lack luster and tired and it was the new year I decided it was the perfect time to renew and refresh ✨❣️ 

 💫The mall has plenty of parking which is always a relief and the spa will validate your parking as well. The spa itself has a very Asian inspired decor. 

  💫Upon entering I was asked to fill out a short form and then I was escorted down a very dimly lit corridor to my treatment room. 

 💫Once I was comfortably lying down I was covered with a towel and we went over my areas of concern: dullnes, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores 😳 enough to make a girl blush 😩)!

💫Back to the facial !The HydraFacial is a five step process: Vortex-Exfoliation™, Vortex-Peel™, Vortex-Extraction™, Vortex-Boost™, and Vortex-Fusion®. It typically lasts an hour but they also have the express option which takes just 30 mins.

 💫It begins with the therapist cleaning your skin using a special cleanser.  


💫This part is done by hand and to be honest it was a tad bit reminiscent of the traditional facials I have had in the past 😱. Thankfully it lasted only a few mins and then we got started with the high tech stuff 😬. For each process the therapist used a different colored sterilized tip. The first step was the vortex cleansing and exfoliation. 

💫Your therapist will customize the vacuum suction based on your skin type. My skin is very sensitive so the suction was adjusted accordingly. The wand head simultaneously deposits the cleanser and sucks out the gunk from your pores.  💫The process is not the least bit uncomfortable all you feel is the cooling sensation of the cleanser/ serums and a light suction from the wand. After each step the wand tip will be rinsed and changed but the process will be the same: application of product followed by suction.  Before the final step my therapist applied protein mask around my eyes while she proceeded to apply the vitamin serum.  
 Yes I look peculiar I know 🤫. And here is me post the treatment tada✨ 
 💫My skin looked fresh, felt squeaky clean and baby soft 💕😱! FYI I’m not wearing any makeup here 😬 aah my dream of being able to face the world bare faced was finally coming true 😍❣️.

💫To sum up I would highly recommend the HydraFacial ✨it is recommended to get multiple sessions to see the full benefits. Alas ☹️ owing to the exorbitant cost that might not be a possibility for me atleast for the time being . That being said I would definitely try the HydraFacial again if I happen to stumble across a bargain deal 😘.

That’s it for this blog post my loves 💕! Thanks for stopping by❣️

🍃Shopaholic’s Back to Basics Featuring: St Ives🍃

✨One of the things that makes me nostalgic during shopping is coming across brands I’ve used during my teenage years ✨Aah the magical life of a teen when you are nearly an adult but still holding on unwillingly to your childhood innocence … 😪

✨Anyways once upon a hundred years ago 😒when i was a teenager battling hormone related skin eruptions one brand I used religiously was St Ives ( I would always pronounce it Saint Eeves 😁)

✨The very first product I used from the brand was their apricot scrub a creamy gritty, sand like texture which I would work religiously into my skin hoping to for glowing, model like skin 😳.

✨I’m not sure if the scrub helped my acne or made it worse but the feeling of exfoliating was incredibly satisfying back then 😉.

✨Fast forward to the present I was in the supermarket a couple of days ago when I passed by a display for ST Ives and I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of the familiar packaging 😍( They really haven’t made any drastic changes to their packaging over the years, just saying).

✨Since then they have expanded their line to add a variety of scrubs and face washes with varying exfoliating factors (Gentle 🐰for whimps , Moderate 🐯 for the ones just getting into the exfoliating game and Deep for people with alligator hides 🐊like yours truly 😁).

✨What caught my eye this time was the Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub 😳 whew! Try asking your significant other to pick that up for you on a store run 😉.

✨This is a 100% natural exfoliant with zero parabens, hypo allergenic with an exfoliation factor of Moderate. It comes in a 6 oz tube like most of their scrubs and face washes ( they are really obsessed with this tube packaging for some reason 🤔).

✨It’s a creamy texture with micro scrubby bits that go to work gently polishing away dirt and buildup. Does it immediately reveal bright, polished skin? 🤔I don’t know really maybe my eyesight is really bad. Or I’m missing the brightness filter. Either way my skin looks pretty much the same just feels cleaner and feels fresh 🍃.

✨Ok so the extravagant marketing claims aside this is really is a very good exfoliator. It’s got enough of a gritty texture to give you a good exfoliation ( have I beaten that word to death in this review or what😉?). Plus the creamy texture makes it mild enough for moderately sensitive skin if you are super sensitive I suggest you pass on this.

✨Once again a winning product from America’s No. 1 Scrub brand! Umm no I really don’t believe that I just copied that from the back of the tube 😳. But seriously though I really like this product it does the job of cleaning your face and giving it a good Scrub without making it look like you had a run in with a gravel pit ( over exfoliation😳) and doesn’t dry out your skin.

✨So go ahead give it a try it’s shopaholic approved!💞 Have you tried any of St Ives products ? Let me know in the comments 😘

✨Until next time loves xoxo💋

☕️Shopaholic goes coffee hopping☕️

The best✨ way to end a shopping excursion for me is always with a steaming cup of latte☕️💗!

☕️Before I came to the🇺🇸 USA, the only “coffee” I knew was the one from back home. The milky frothy concoction finished with an inch of foam and a swirl of liquid cream that was unanimously dubbed “Espresso“. That was sold at one of the popular food hangouts that simultaneously sold soft serve🍦 cones and everything from grilled cheese sandwiches 🧀and fries 🍟to greasy burgers🍔 on paper plates that would collapse halfway through the meal and cheap paper napkins that would just smear the grease instead of wiping it 😂.

☕️It marked the start of a short ❄️ winter and was a tradition of sorts to bundle up late night, park your car on the street holler your order to the waiter and drink your coffee either sitting in the car or standing out in the street with dozens of others holding onto their steaming cups. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

The “espresso” was served not in a fancy branded take away but in a flimsy, styrofoam cup that I often accidently bit into while drinking and always burned my tongue, lulled by a false sense of security by the cool foam which cleverly disguised the boiling🌡 hot liquid underneath 😭.

☕️Once in USA🇺🇸 I was opened up to a whole different world of coffee.

My first order of espresso resulted, not in my beloved,💖 familiar milky delight but in a ✨Alice in Wonderland type teeny cup filled with dark brown liquid whoes bitterness could not be masked by any amount of sugar☹.

Later on after much experimenting, I finally settled on lattes as being the best compromise of my beloved


☕️My first latte was from Starbucks, and even after trying different varieties I end up going back to the Caramel Latte. My only peeve with Starbucks is that the flavor of coffees varies from store to store and barista to barista.😡 img_7617

☕️Once I moved to 🇦🇪Dubai, I was pleasantly surprised to find a host of coffee franchises offering a delicious array of drinks for me to play with 💞

☕️Second cup 💘this is my absolute favorite coffee franchise in Dubai❤️! Their vanilla latte is creamy and decadently delicious everytime !  😋image

☕️Mugg & Bean, I chanced upon this franchise when I was in South Africa and I fell in love with their Mocha Latte 💞! 

☕️🍫Hot chocolate is another favorite of mine, this one from Cafe Bateel is unlike any I had tasted before. They actually give you chocolate discs in a cup and you pour steamy milk on top and watch the chocolates🍫melt into a luscious cocoction. 😋

 ☕️Another favorite of mine is the Caramel Latte from Lavazza, hailed as the best Italian coffee it’s worth a try!

There you have it loves💞! Some of my coffee favorites 💓. What are your favorite coffee drinks/places let me know here✨!

Until next time xoxo💋!

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Shopaholic Goes On Vacation🛩🐒🐯🦁 !

Hello lovely peeps! 💞
So I had the most fantastic time this past week in beautiful South Africa ✨which explains my absence from blogging . I was too busy chasing lions🦁 , elephants🐘 , rhinos trying to get a selfie without being eaten.

Now here’s the thing usually I don’t enjoy traveling because I hate living out of a suitcase. If I could somehow manage it I would bring my entire wardrobe 👢👡👠👗👚and toiletries along with me .
However since I’m strapped for cash 💸most of the time and would rather use my piggy bank💵 stash for shopping🛍instead of paying the outrageous luggage fees. It all comes down to packing smart to make the most out of your luggage allowance. So here are some tips I learned on my trip that I’m sharing with you hopefully you can utilize them on your next trip 🛩.
👙A multitasking wardrobe as I learned on this trip a few key pieces that you can mix and match to create different looks is the way to go. Here’s my summer vacation packing list:

👙black maxi dress( old navy) a staple item that looks chic day or night , drapes beautifully and hides all the lumps and bumps ( read bloated belly post breakfast buffet 🍧🍮🍿🎂🍰🍰🍫🍩🍥🍕🍕🍳🍤🍖🍗🧀)🤐 .

👙A denim jacket( banana republic) in-case the air conditioning is turned up to rival the chill in Alaska ❄️🌬.

👙A cardigan (banana republic) in case the ac starts spitting hail stones and snow flakes and the jacket isn’t keeping me at 98 degrees 😒

👙A multi color scarf(banana republic) to change up the black dress for a second wearing ,

👙Cargo pants ( loft) for occasions where I don’t want my dress/skirt up to my head read zip lining 🌪at 130km 😳

👙Skirt (forever 21)and sleeveless top(loft) , just another floaty rotation for the week, the top can be worn with the cargo pants as well .

👙Shift dress , it doubles as a swim coverup and since it’s summer I try to avoid jeans- read legs feeling like boiled sausages in a glued on casing 🌭hot dogs anyone? 😳

👙Sun hat (ripcurl ) keeps the sun’s baking rays off my face and head and looks pretty cute too 😘 { p.s skirts and dresses take up very little room unless you happen to insist on packing a hoop skirt 🙄}.

👙Jeans – yes I know I said it I avoid them, except on flights, emirates airlines always have the air conditioning on super high and my legs get cold I know I’m weird ☹️what can I say . ( lucky lolita, flatters my awkwardly shaped booty like nothing else).💞

👙Shoes – Toms all the way ✨I have walked miles in my toms and they are the most comfortable shoe bar none! And since every shoe I have worn since birth feels like putting my feet in a pond of snapping pirañas 😱trust me these shoes are 💖love for your tootsies❣

👙Flip flops for the pool or beach and one pair of glitzy sandals incase I get an invitation to the red carpet ( like that’s happening 😒) . Shoes take up a lot of room so pack wisely.🤓

👙Toiletries – so on this trip i forgot to pack my shampoo and conditioner and body wash I couldn’t find any travel sizes in the mall and later it totally slipped my mind. Luckily the hotel I was staying at had all Molton Brown products! 😍

The Indian Cress Shampoo and conditioner are the best I have used 😍 Usually the stuff hotels provide is a spin-off of dish-washing liquid and leaves my hair looking and feeling like a bale of straw 😖.


The pink peppercorn body wash smelled divine and left my skin soft instead of parched and itchy. 💞 I know their products are pricey💰 but do try these if you can you will 💖 them !

👙Try buying travel sized sets Sephora usually has a good selection and you can try brands without paying full price 💸yay!

👙Rechargeable shaver , because body hair will go into overdrive mode on a vacation even if you’ve spent ages plucking yourself like a turkey before leaving 🦃.


👙Dry shampoo , personally I hate not being able to wash my hair but sometimes you just have to make do , living proof dry shampoo $22 lives up to the hype .


image👙Makeup , looking gorgeous on a vacation is a must 😍 pack items that do double duty . I love 💖 the it cosmetics vitality flush stain stick that doubles as a lipstain and a blush.
My burts bees lip crayon goes with me everywhere to brighten up my pout in a snap 💋!

If I need extra coverage I carry the it cosmetics celebration foundation it’s small enough to fit in my cosmetics case and goes on without a ton of blending ( a must when you have to make it to the free breakfast buffet on time looking flawless 😁🍳)!
I don’t usually bother with eye makeup so a little liner goes a long way the it cosmetics naturally pretty palette has easy to blend colors that can be applied in a few brush strokes and I can be out the door ✨!

👙Sunblock is a must since I tan horribly, not the glowing golden tan of a goddess 🌟more like a blackened ,burnt toast that gets tossed out 🌚. I slather on Moogoo sunblock in spf 40 liberally before I head out .

image👙First aid kit, pain killers,( headaches from lack of sleep, menstrual cramps yes they will happen when you least expect it{sanitary napkins}😡)bandages, Neosporin ,gauze ( trust me I fell down the stairs leading to the pool and grazed both knees and elbows😳 ).


👙Wipes, baby and anti bacterial , you can’t wash your hands everywhere. The wipes can also be used to freshen up your face and underarms 😁. I’ve tried this and it’s a great way to freshen up sweaty underarms midday 🌞 when you can’t get to a shower.💧

👙A hanging toiletry kit ( mine is from Victoria’s Secret) if you can find it makes things way easier if you are stuck with a small bathroom read airplane toilets 😠.

There you have it peeps my travel tips for a casual summer getaway 🛩👙😘!
Share your travel tips with me right here!
Until next time xoxo💋

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