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🌚Super Short OOTD 🌚

🌚Hello Everyone ✨

🌚Long time no see! I have been totally mute for the last couple of days so just incase you were wondering if I had been abducted by aliens 👽(I should be so lucky 😒).

🌚Nope I’m still here where I have always been … if that sounds pathetic it’s because it actually is..😒 I have been stuck in a rut forever it seems and lately it’s starting to bug me more than ever. I read recently a post by someone who announced that they had finally found their true passion in life ( career wise people💵) and that they were able to ditch their 9-5 and go live their dream. While I was genuinely happy for them it made me wonder what exactly was my goal/passion in life and when the f*** was I going to be able to do it instead of wandering about aimlessly wasting precious time⏰.

🌚I was asked by a friend of mine back in grade school what my special talent was and I remember looking at her blankly and eventually conceding that it was nothing.😔 We have always been told that every person has some unique talent but even after years of searching I have drawn a blank.😶

🌚Anyways at times thoughts like these get me severely( I’m not going to say depressed) upset☹️. When that happens I shut myself away from everyone, I swear if there was a hibernation 🐻contest amongst humans I would take first prize 🏆.  

🌚Luckily for me I got a call from FedEx this morning informing I had a parcel delivery from good old USA 😍and that flipped my mood switch instantly. I swear shopping is the best therapy out there 💞.

🌚So here is today’s very short OOTD, mostly because I had forgotten to charge my camera and it died after two shots 😡.

Enjoy guys 😘🌚You can tell I’m not back to being my usual overly cheerful self still 😉

Featured brands:


✨Lucky Brand




🌚Until next time loves 😘 Let me know what you guys have been up to in the comments 💞

🎁Shopaholic’s Birthday❣️ 🎁

🎉It’s my Birthday!🎉 

🎁I know some people might find it incredibly childish that I still get so ridiculously excited about my birthday but I do😍😁!

🎁I love getting surprised on my birthday and you can bet I want everyone around me to make a huge fuss about it too ✨🎉

🎁When I was younger my mom used to throw these huge birthday parties for me and my sisters and invite the entire family and extended relatives. I would be dressed up in something lacy, frilly or tutuish which I would usually ruin by the end of the night ( our parties were usually lavish catered affairs 🍸).

🎁The last big birthday bash I remember was my 16th 🎉after that we would usually keep the birthdays low key and as time went on it would just be my sisters, parents and my bff’s celebrating with a cake and gifts. Regardless of the scale of the celebration, I love feeling special on this particular day. Maybe it’s the cake that has your name on it or the cupcake with a single candle just for you or the brightly wrapped presents or having people taking the time out from their busy lives to wish you( I admit most wishes these days are via Facebook or whatsapp 😒) .

🎁So this birthday even though I had already dragged my family over to the Tory Burch store and gotten myself an early birthday 🎁present.🎁( I start getting excited about my birthday from the first of October 😳. Even when I was a kid I used to open my presents before my birthday party and would pantomime the whole surprised affair later for the benefit of the guests 😁).

🎁This year the family decided the birthday surprise reaction had to be real so they went ahead and hid my other presents and when it was time for the big reveal they were ready with the cameras to catch my real reactions 😍🎁Can you tell I’m excited!😍 Excuse my rumpled appearance I had no idea they were planning all this or I would have striked my usual OOTD pose 😉.

🎁Stay tuned for the birthday gifts to be showcased in a special Shopaholic Birthday OOTD post coming soon 😘

🎁How do you guys celebrate your birthdays? Let me know right here 😘

Good Things Beauty : Manuka Honey Daily Moisturizer 🍯

Hey Guys😘,

🍯Today I’ll be reviewing a brand I have raved about fairly recently 💞 yup you guessed it “Good Things Beauty“😍

🍯Here in the UAE it’s not very easy to find skincare brands that are sulphate and paraben free or that aren’t priced outrageously💸 or frankly that deliver even 1/4 of what they claim 😒.

🍯So when I do happen to chance upon something that doesn’t break the bank and actually works I’m all over it 😍. 🍯I have previously tried and raved💞 about the Manuka🍯Honey Facial scrub from Good Things Beauty. So I decided to give their Daily facial moisturizer a try. I love the subtle fragrance of 🍯honey in these products and the plus is that they are paraben and sulphate free. Add to that the affordable price point and you’ve got yourself a winner deal here 🏆ladies 😍.🍯The moisturizer itself is like a thick lotion but it is easily absorbed and leaves no greasy after feel. It contains Manuka honey, royal jelly and propolis to condition the skin and protect against anti aging. They do caution people with allergies to bee🐝 stings to do a patch test before usage. 

🍯Overall I would rate this moisturizer as a 4/5✨. Let me know if you have tried Good Things Beauty products and which ones would you recommend 😘

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✨Shopaholic Reviews : Good Things Beauty ✨

✨Today I’ll be reviewing a skincare brand that I found yet again at the drugstore ❗️I am a true budget shopper (well the occasional handbag splurge doesn’t count 😉). And let me tell you big price 💰doesn’t always equal high quality and I’ve found that to be esp true in the case of skincare brands. A lot of higher end brands have been incredibly dissappointing despite their glam packaging and big budget promotions✨.

✨Which brings us to today’s review : 

✨Good Things Beauty is a skin and hair care brand that is free from parabens,mineral oils, sulphates and animal ingredients. 

✨Developed by an award wining beauty writer the brand offers a collection of moisturizers ( lotions, creams and butters), body and face washes and shampoos and conditioners with either Super Fruits , Manuka Honey or Argan oil as the featured ingredient. 

✨Since I was out of face wash and I am a exfoliating aficionado I opted for a product each from their Super Fruits and Manuka Honey line.   

✨The Super Fruits Deep Cleansing face wash is a great one to try if you are prone to acne, breakouts or oily skin without the harsh ingredients found in other cleansers. ✨It has a gel like texture with tiny exfoliating granules that scrub away all the unwanted stuff and leave behind clean, refreshed, soft skin sans any of the tightness or overt dryness. Featuring extracts of papaya and licorice to keep acne causing bacteria at bay.

✨The Manuka Honey Scrub I got because I as I mentioned previously I am an exfoliating freak 😳. I have to use an exfoliating scrub atleast twice a week. Plus the scent in this one is so sweet ❣️. This is a very mild, creamy scrub and initially I thought i would not like it I’m not a huge fan of creamy cleansers. To me      creamy = oily =breakouts 😳

✨That being said I loved this product so much I ended up using it in the shower 😇. It leaves skin soft with a delicate, sweet scent 😋.

✨I give both these products a 5/5🎉. Have you tried Good Things Beauty yet?

Let me know your comments right here 😘

💋Shopaholic’s Closet Remix OOTD💋

✨I love 💞shopping for new clothes I swear if I could wear a new outfit every single day I would be the happiest chicka alive 😍.

✨However due to my limited budget, that is one fantasy I’ll have to put on hold for now 😡. Which is why I have learnt to shop smarter 🤓, buying pieces which can be remixed and reworn is not only budget friendly it also extends your wardrobe choices.

✨So today’s OOTD is all about repeating some old favorites and getting more bang for my wardrobe buck 💵.✨Some of you might remember this dress from a previous OOTD. When I came across it again today I decided to style it a bit differently so it didn’t appear so beachy 💧this time around .

✨The denim jacket is one of my favorite pieces which I got on clearance🎉 and it works equally well with jeans, chinos or skirts. 

✨The sandals are again an old favorite that I pulled out since I had a lot of walking to do today, they are 100% leather and super comfy.

✨The bag 💞pulls the entire look together for me, it adds sophistication to an otherwise casual look. I love this color for fall🍂 and the fact that it’s a crossbody is always a winner for me.

Dress : Aeropostle 

Jacket : Banana Republic Petites

Sandals : Toms

Bag: Tory Burch

Glasses : Tom Ford.

Let me know how you guys remix stuff from your wardrobe 😘

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✨Shopaholic’s Best DIY Hair Removal Products✨

Hello loves! 🔅

Summer is here and that means smooth , bare skin😍. Today I’ve compiled a list of DIY hair removal techniques that I’ve  tried and tested in my search for smooth, hair free skin🌹. 

For most of us the obvious choice is shaving however since a disastrous run in with my dad’s razor as a child I stear clear of anything sharp and so my first obvious choice was :


From hot waxes to cold waxes I have tried them all and my personal favorites are the Veet strips💕. They are no fuss, no mess everything is contained in the package. All you do is warm the strips in your hands press on and pull off. The package comes with cleansing wipes so clean up is a snap and you can shower after if you find yourself still sticking to things 😉.image.jpeg


This is another great option if the idea of yanking away at your skin makes you feel squeamish or your skin is irritated by waxes. There are several brands on the market that offer epilators. Philips, Braun, Emjoi and Panasonic are my favorites . They employ the same technology as waxing i.e pulling the hair from the roots which means no more ingrowns or stubble when the hair grows back usually after two weeks . 


⚡️ Hair Removal Creams

I admit I tried my hand at hair removal creams, however what appeared to be a seemingly pain/hassle free option, turned out to be a 😷smelly, slimy, itchy disaster!  

Never again 🚫

⚡️ IPL

At home IPL machines make use of the same technology used in spas and doctors offices .IPL works by emitting a wavelength into the skin, which in the case of hair removal targets the dark  pigment in the hair . The light is absorbed turned into heat which destroys the hair follicles. Easy peasy ✨ basically all you have to do is point and zap ⚡️. 

Unfortunately IPL only works for light to medium skin and dark hair, so if you have blonde or red hair you might not be able to use it 😑.


So whats the verdict? IPL is a great option to explore, if you are looking for temporary hair reduction. Thats right, once you stop zapping the hair will return. Unless you get it done professionally .

Also most IPL’s have a light cartridge that needs to be replaced every 1000 flashes ( Varies according to brand).


Below are the brands that are highly rated:

⚡️Veet Silk Infini Pro IPL hair removal system – This is the one i used, the treatment head is a good size so you can zap more hair at once. However after a 1000 rounds in the boxing ring the cartridge died out and i never got around to replacing it. Easy to use, effective, a good one to try if you have never used IPL before. Priced around $350. Got mine at Amazon.


⚡️Remington Ilight Pro Plus Quartz – I was initially considering this because it is cordless. Same technology as the Veet. Priced at $398.99. Available at Amazon, bed, bath and beyond and



⚡️Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System– offers 200,000 flashes for 4+ years of full body treatments, no replacement lamps needed. Priced between $199-$250. Available at Amazon,, ,


⚡️Tria – I have personally used this after my Veet died and i found it takes forever! The treatment head is a tiny circle which means prolonged zapping sessions. This is especially a pain when you are doing large areas like your legs. It has diode technology which results in permanent hair removal and is FDA cleared to be used on the face ( no more handle bar mustache). Priced at $449. Available at Amazon, QVC, Ulta, Sephora.


⚡️So there you have it ladies ! My tried and tested recommendations for DIY hair removal✨ How many of these products or methods have you tried and which do you recommend?

⚡️Your comments and suggestions are always welcome 😇😘.

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Shopaholic’s Guide To Natures Beauty Secret : Roses 🌹


Hello Lovelies 💖!
Today’s blog post is going to be all about roses🌹! As you all know by now i am obsessed with roses 😘.

🌹Roses are but only universally revered as the symbol of love💞, they have also been valued since ancient times for their beauty and health enhancing benefits. Here are some ways you can incorporate roses in your daily beauty routine.
🌹Rose essential oil, has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties. Meaning you can use it in a myriad of ways from soothing mild abrasions or burns on your skin, to using it in place of your moisturizer to prep the skin, soothe redness, and even treat acne flare ups.

🌹Rose water, is one of the most versatile and multitasking ingredients you need to have in your beauty bag.
🌹As a toner, it helps hydrates the skin and calms down any redness and inflammations.

🌹As a makeup remover, rose water is the mildest way to remove even the darkest smoky eye and even gentler than baby wipes.
🌹Removing dark circles, soak cotton pads in rose water and banish those raccoon eyes.
🌹As a hair,face and body freshener, using a cup of rose water as a final rinse can leave your tresses smelling like a rose bouquet😍. Add some to your bath, for an aromatic bathing experience. Here’s a mini history lesson : Cleopatra used to infuse her baths with rose petals 👑.


🌹Throw away those expensive face spritzers loaded with chemicals and put some in a plastic spray bottle to freshen up your face midday. You will smell heavenly guaranteed ✨!
🌹Rose petals, did you know that rose petals are edible? 🤔 Not that I’ve ever tried to eat any but here are some ways you can make use of rose petals yourself.
🌹Always keep rose petals in paper bags, they absorb moisture.You can use the dried rose petals as pot pourri to scent your home.
🌹Soak 10-12 petals in water for 2 hours, mash the roses and mix in 2 tablespoon honey. Apply the mask to your skin for 15 mins and rinse off for soft, scented skin.

🌹So how exactly do you get your hands on some rose based goodies? First off, stay away from florists💐, yup you heard right. They spray the flowers with all sorts of chemicals❌ to make them stay fresher longer and that for you, defeats the purpose of trying to go natural.

🌹Not to worry , most retailers like Whole Foods, Trader Joes and even Safeway sell flowers that are verified by VeriFlora as being sustainably 🍃grown. If you prefer to buy your blooms💐 online try :

California Organic Flowers

Organic Bouquet

✨Or go to Local Harvest, to find an organic florist near you.

🌹If you are not a DIY gal, no worries here are some produts that are tried and tested by yours truly that you are welcome to 😇.

🌹Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Oil and Rose Water,

Alteya is a well-established Bulgarian company specialized in the cultivation and harvesting of roses. Their products are certified organic and made without the use of chemicals, pesticides or harmful additives.


The rose oil, has a yellowish tinge and smells divine, 😍 You can use it on its own or add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer for fragrance heaven🌹!


The rose water, has a gentle rose fragrance not as intense as the oil . Use it as a toner, makeup remover or as a refreshing mist 💐.


🌹So there you have it peeps 💞! The Shopaholic’s guide to all that’s rosy 🌹!

Have you tried any rose🌹 based products before share your favorites with me right here!

Until next time xoxo💋!

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