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A random act of kindness💕

So this is a completely unplanned post but given the rarity of the event I felt I had to share it with you guys .

To be honest given the no of times I have encountered rude, irresponsible and downright , unfathombly vicious and intorelable behavior either directed towards me or some other unfortunate soul. I go out everyday expecting to be confronted by some form of unpleasantness or the other. So today when I made the incredibly amateurish mistake of visiting the mall during lunch hours I was convinced of being at the receiving end  of some parking lot rage. 😟 

As I circled around the first floor lot ( I hate parking on the higher floors I don’t know why. Technically I know that horizontally it’s the exact same distance to the mall you just need to take an escalator down 😖). Anyways so there I was driving around trying to find an empty spot. One of my pet peeves about parking lots is the parking sensors that refuse to register tiny cars. I mean there you are getting all excited at the prospect of finding not one but three unoccupied parking space during rush hours. Only to find that there is either a Mini Cooper or some other tiny car happily sitting beneath the green indicator light😡.

So long story short as I made my way around the lot after being hoodwinked by not two not three but four!mini cars 🚗 hogging the so called empty spaces. I saw a guy waiting by the side of the lot in sweltering heat trying to get to the other side hoping one of the drivers would halt and let him cross. Now I’ll be honest given my mood at the time I wanted to drive past the guy and continue my search for a genuinely vacant parking spot before someone else beat me to it. But I decided nevertheless to stop and gestured him to cross. In return he gave me grateful wave and went on his way while I found myself stuck behind a car flashing its indicator lights having scored a soon to be vacant parking space 😖aagh!! That could have been me! 

I sighed resignedly, muttered to myself about my sudden bout of chivalry and waited a good 5 mins before resuming my search. I had barely driven a few yards when I saw the same guy walking alongside my car. Upon recognizing me he waved at me to roll down my window. Puzzled I obliged whereupon he mouthed if I was looking for a parking and when I nodded, motioned me to follow him to his spot. A couple of parking spaces down, he motioned for me to wait, got into his car and galantly backed out waving at me to the now empty spot that I happily eased my car into not forgetting to give him a grateful  wave in return. Ignoring the line of parking spot stalker hopefuls that had by now formed behind me. ( It takes me a couple of tries to park 🙄 don’t judge me 😣). 

So there it was peeps my very own first hand experience of an act of kindness being repaid in an instant. ✨ Have you ever had a good deed come back to you like that? Share your story with me 😘

🚫Shopaholic Scammed! 🚫

Hola Readers 😘

So as you probably gleaned from the title this is a rant blog post 😡. As you all know I am addicted to shopping and online shopping is hands down my preferred way to hunt for bargains. 

Strangely enough this new year for some reason my Facebook newsfeed was bombarded by ads for the revolutionary hair straightening device the Dafni! Now I have been considering purchasing the Dafni for quiet a while, the high price being the only put off $200 for a hairbrush 😳💸.

Now this particular advert was offering the Dafni for a mere 200 AED that’s $54 ! Hold on I know what you are thinking🤔girl you can’t spot a scam ⚠️when it’s staring you right in the face! I admit it was part stupidity, part sheer disbelief at the possibility of an amazing bargain on my part. So anyway long story short i called placed an order for cash on delivery and after 48 hours I was handed a black polyester shopping bag with the so called deal of the century and a free bottle of hair oil from some brand called Dr Rashnel❓I tried googling the name but nothing came up hmmm…

Anyways the packaging looked genuine enough from the outside. Once opened the box though I found the hair brush with a flimsy plastic cover on the brush part the kind that’s used as a shoe insert on new sandals.

That was it. No warranty card, no registeration card, no paperwork of any kind just two cheaply printed cards with barely there instructions. The brush itself felt ridiculously light probably since it was made out of paper thin plastic. It had the Dafni logo on the handle and the center on/off button which when pressed turned on green not blinking red like the real Dafni. The bristles were some kind of cheap rubber and were all loose there was even one missing bristle 😱.

I was so mad😡😡 I msged the company on their FB page only to be told after repeated msgs that they do not deal with returns or refunds and that I had to email the company. Apparently they will only reply in minutes if you are ready to place an order. Anyway I emailed them requesting a refund along with a picture of their defective item I didn’t mention that it was fradulent. No response.

Now usually I would have ended it at that cursed my luck and chucked the item in the bin. That particular day I was in an unusually bad mood and being ripped off just added fuel to the fury fire. 🔥

I msged the company threatening to report then to the police for offering fraudulent merchandise and would you believe it I got an email within the hour offering a replacement (as if!) or a refund.

Two days later there was a messenger at the door holding out my money and requesting their piece of junk back. Good riddance! So if you are in the UAE and have seen adverts for the Dafni being offered at a too good to be true price BEWARE! The company i dealt with is going by the name Wow Offers but there are others as well trying to rip customers off with this inferior copy 😡😡.

Luckily for me this ended well , let me know if you guys have ever been a victim of an online scam. 

Until next time loves xoxo💋

💔Shopaholic Rant: Unfriending people on Facebook 💔

💔Genuine relationships require a great deal of time, energy,commitment and emotional investment.

💔For this reason I have always been utterly bemused by the sheer no of friends people claim to have these days, esp since the widespread usage of social media. Almost every person’s profile I have clicked on in the last few months has a had friend count of over 500 😳.

💔With an average school having between 400-500 students thats like being friends with every single person in school !😱

💔 I mean even at weddings the maximum guests you have if you are Caucasian 👱🏼‍♀️is 50-250, or if you are brown 🙎🏻is between 200-400 and that includes the entire odd assortment of relatives and colleagues, friends of your parents, their extended families etc. So where exactly are these 500+ “friends” ? I’ve personally never seen anyone at one time hanging out with 500 close friends have you? I mean even in the cult favorite show “Friends” there were only 5.

💔Have we redefined friendship to include any person with a social media account to have free access to our personal life? Or has the numbers game taken over relationships as well in this day and age?

💔I personally find the idea of someone I barely know, have access to all my social media just plain odd and awkward. I’ll give you an example, recently  I stumbled upon a middle school classmate after almost 10+ years through a common friend. Even though we were never more than polite acquaintances back in school immediately she requested to befriend me on social media. Since she had already whipped her phone out and was looking at me expectantly, it seemed rude not to comply. A couple of weeks later however since I didn’t hear a single peep from her, I ceremoniously unfriended her off all my social media accounts. 😕.

💔Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a mean, hateful person ( well not all the time 😋) and I love the idea of making new friends. But here’s what I don’t get: befriending someone on social media only to ignore them in real life? Picture this I went to the movies 🎬with a “friend” and the entire time we were there she was busy liking pics on Instagram and commenting on Facebook. 😡 The whole point of going to the movies with friends is to laugh together and comment on the funny and interesting bits. I honestly was pissed off and left wondering why she had bothered to come at all.

💔Secondly why would you want divulge all your life details to someone you just met( let’s face facts people from what we are eating and drinking, to what we are wearing to who we are with and where we put in all on social media). 

💔Finally why would you want to have someone who you have zero interest in past the intial friend request, have all of their crap show up on your newsfeed? I mean it’s frustrating enough to have to deal with insufferable people in real life,  but to have them irritate you online as well? I’ve frankly got no tolerance for the selfie queens, attention seeking status posters, repeated game request senders,or people who just want to add and forget you…😒.

💔Why not just unfollow them you ask? Well I’ve done that but that still lets them look at my stuff whenever they choose to and I’m not in the habit of putting up a zillion different privacy settings everytime I post. Plus everytime I happen to look over my friends list and see a name that i haven’t had any sort of contact with in ages it makes me wonder what on earth are they still doing on my friends list?🤔

💔I mean the last time I checked Facebook wasn’t a dupe for the yellow pages 📒.

💔To be honest I feel much better after I spring cleaned my social media contact list. It may have dwindled my friend count but atleast the ones left are the ones that matter. How do you clean up your social media let me know here 😘

Until next time loves xoxo💋

🍃Shopaholic product review: Phyto 9 Ultra Dry Hair Day Cream🍃

 Hola Bloggers!
🍃Hows everyone doing? 😘 It’s time for another product review ✨ I have been struggling with dry, frizzy visit ever since I moved to the UAE, dry 🔆weather, humidity and my hair just make for a bad equation 🍂. So for the two years I’ve been here I’ve been constantly switching between shampoos, conditioners and leave ins trying to find something that would tame my suddenly ferocious👹 mane.
🍃I have been a big fan of Phyto hair products and have found using them in conjunction with my other hair products to work best to keep my hair in check.

🍃I had been searching for this particular product: The Ultra Dry Hair Phyto 9 for the longest time here. It’s one of my favorites from the line.

🍃This is a leave in cream that consists of 9 plant extracts : macadamia oil, soybean, burdock, calendula, sage , St. John’s wart, willow, rosemary and mallow.

🍃You get 1.7 oz which lasts me about a month and I have a lot of hair 😳. Plus you only need about two dime sized squirts to cover all your hair (in my case). It can be applied to both damp or dry hair and you can heat style your hair or leave it to air dry. 

🍃It has a very mild pleasant scent, and a light texture like a lotion almost. It absorbs instantly in your hair without any stickiness. 
🍃Post application my hair instantly felt softer and moisturized and a lot less frizzy and this is when I chose to air dry it. If you heat style your results might be better. 

🍃I would absolutely recommend this product if you have dry, damaged or frizzy hair. It’s all natural and free from all the nasties (parabens, sulphates) and it actually delivers what it promises 😱.

🍃Have you tried any Phyto products? which ones would you recommend? 

Until next time xoxo 💋

Shopaholic rant : I’m bored 😫

Alright guys it happens we’ve all been there when you are just so bored out of your mind😖 you are actually googling “I’m so bored I wish I had a life” 😳. Yes I’ve been there done that and I’m sure you have too 😉

It’s not that you don’t have stuff to do, I mean there are always chores ( just ask your mom😁). 

It’s not that you don’t have any friends, they are all there it’s just that they are probably busy or they are just as bored as you are . I actually remember a phone conversation with my bff back in school where we both talked 📞for an hour about how bored we both were and how there was nothing to do😂. 

For me boredom usually sets in during vacations😱. I know! I wait for vacations all year because usually schoolwork and chores keep me busy and cranky and I look forward to finally having two months of vacations ahead of me✨. But honestly a week into vacations I start wondering what to do with myself. I mean usually during study time resisting myself from obsessively checking Facebook is a torture. Come vacations I barely log onto Facebook more than a couple of times a day😳

I mean seriously this summer vacations my sisters and I were together all the time and all we did was to sit and stare zombie like at our phone screens. 

I mean is it just me who feels this way or does everyone get bored out of their minds every once in a while. I mean obviously no one wants to admit it I suppose because it means inadvertently admitting you don’t have a life😪

And I’m sorry but Google is no help here I mean here are some of the boredom busters I came across online:

1- Watch a 📽movie – with 60 days plus of    vacation time to kill that equals being a total couch potato and who on earth can come up with a list that long? Plus if you are planning on hitting the movie theater that often that’s a whole lotta moola💸

2-Go 🛍shopping– again I love shopping, but there’s only so many times you can go to the mall especially when there are no sales 😡

3-Pack a 🍗picnic– ok this one would work totally if I lived in the picturesque mountains of Switzerland 🌲. However since I’m currently stranded in the middle of a desert 🌵in the summer🔆 lets just scratch that off the list shall we ?😒

4-Get ✂️crafting! ok this is my no 1 vacation peeve😡 First the damn crafting supplies end up costing me more than what it would take to just buy the thing from a store. Secondly it never ever turns out like anything even remotely close to the picture or video tutorial. 

6- Get🍳cooking! Sure… after cooking for myself year round and washing endless stacks of dishes that’s exactly what I want to spend my vacation doing 😒

6-Read a 📚book🤓 hmm this ones actually not too bad the only problem being given my ability to speed read I can easily finish a book (300+ pages) in a day. Meaning I would need close to 60 books to keep me entertained and given the fact that not even a single book since the Harry Potter series has even remotely peaked my interest … Well you get the picture.

7- Travel ✈️& see the world!🌏 Right and I suppose the money for the tickets and the visas and the hotel accommodations will just come from the tree in my backyard 💵. I’m totally not a backpacker or sleep in a haystack type traveler and besides on my budget the maximum I’d be able to stay anywhere would be a week anyways so that would still leave 7 more weeks…

8-Sleep!😴 I would have to be sleeping beauty or be hit in the neck repeatedly with a tranquilizer dart 💉to be out for the entire vacation😳.

9-Whine & complain haha I swear this was googles attempt at sarcasm 😂 

So how do you guys beat boredom? Hit with your ideas right here❗️

Until next time loves xoxo💋

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🔆The Sunshine Blogger Award🔆


Hello People 💖

I’m so happy to be receiving the Sunshine Blogger Award ✨ courtesy of the lovely💞 Kanza from FadedRouge, who also happens to be a fellow UAE resident.

💞Let’s start with the rules and move on to the fun part❣

✨Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

✨Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you.

✨Nominate eleven blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions.

✨List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

✨Here are Kanza’s questions for me 😘

1. Name something that makes you happy?

✨You know it varies something I feel happy after I’ve bought something I’ve wanted for a really long time. Sometimes it’s after being in the company of good friends and sometimes it’s just spending time with my family.

2-Would you rather live in the city or countryside?

✨Im a city girl I’m used to the hustle bustle, the lights, sounds of the city. I would go stir crazy in the country 🍃.

3-What’s your ultimate inspiration song?

✨Currently in not listening to anything special it keeps changing actually. 

4- Name 1 item on your bucket list.

✨Be a famous somebody 😁

5-Do you prefer to write or type?

✨ Type. Back in college I used to be a huge note taker. I would fill notebooks, but I haven’t written in years now. So my handwriting has gotten pretty awful 👎🏻

6-Mountains or Sea?

✨Neither I prefer flat land. Sea makes me think of sharks or drowning and I’m scared of heights 😱so no high places please.

7-What is something you do to relieve stress?

✨I just don’t think about it. I have an imaginary box in my head that I store all the stressful, unhappy things in. 

8-What is your happy colour?

✨ I like blue I always have. 

9-If you visit a new place or country what is the first thing you would do?

✨ I want to find out where the outlet malls are 😁

10-What is one thing you cannot live without?

✨I believe I can live without anything if I set my mind to it. Dependency makes you weak. 

11- Who do you look up to?

✨My parents to bail me out of whatever.

💟Hope you guys enjoyed reading that!

💞The 11 questions for the nominees are :

1-What are the three things you want to achieve in life to consider yourself successful?

2-Three things that are always in your makeup bag?

3-Your go to, everyday hairstyle is?

4- One outfit that makes you feel your most confident?

5-Three things about yourself you want to change?

6-Your favorite blogger and why you like them?

7-One day in your life you would like to revisit?

8-Favorite feel good movie of all time?

9-Favorite read whenever book?

10-Name one person you love the most?

11-Describe your personality in five words.

The lucky nominees are:



jenney@the sensible shopaholic





sunshine in september




Congrats to the nominees🎉 ! Don’t forget to tag me so i can read your awesome answers!

Until next time xoxo💕



Shopaholic Rant : Awkward Social Encounters 🌚

I hate awkward social gatherings I simply hate them . Smiling inanely, wandering around the room feigning interest in ones phone📱, handbag👜, hair, makeup💄 in a desperate attempt to avoid looking like the only person who has no one to talk to.

Not only am I bored to tears on such occasions, in my opinion, it’s a waste of time to attempt to engage in mindless conversation with people who are talking to you only because the rest of their clan  hasn’t set up camp yet, or people who you will either never see again or who you will never get to know beyond the requisite 10 second social pleasantries regardless of how many times you meet them.

I admit I’m no social butterfly, I don’t possess a razor sharp wit, neither do I have the ability to spin a thousand arabian tales to enthrall an audience, and frankly I’m not in the running for any beauty pageant anytime soon 👑.

That being said I’m not a superficial person and even though I geniunely enjoy interacting with people, I do not pretend to like people out of sheer obligation, and falsities are simply not my thing. 

Admittedly while that persona has not won me any popularity contests, it is the way I feel most comfortable . Sure there have been times when I wished I was more outgoing or the life of the party.

Especially when faced with situations like these:

A) A party/gathering where the only person I know by name is the host, 

B) A party/gathering where I know no one and the other guests have already formed exclusive mini groups not interested in recruiting new members ,

I remember one party I was invited to by a dear friend/relative who was also the only person I happened to be on more than first name basis. However to my surprise I found my self engaging in an active conversation with almost every guest in the group she had introduced me to.😱 

For a very simple reason: the other guests steered the conversation to general, non personal topics and time after time someone would direct a question or comment at me and the other new guests in the group. The result was an engaging conversation with active participation from everyone.

Unfortunately the majority does not possess basic social etiquettes. Guest lists are put together haphazardly with little or no regard to the mix of people being invited. 

Hosts tend to leave guests to awkwardly float around strangers instead of facilitating the conversation by making a round of introductions. 

Guests tend to form their own closed sororities not interested in initiating new members. Making the lone guests feel more like a fish out of water than ever.

For people who already suffer from social awkwardness these situations further aggravate matters. 

Have you guys ever experienced social awkwardness? How do you deal with it? I would love to know 😘

Talk to me❗️

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