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⚜Shopaholic’s drugstore product(s) review ⚜

  🍬Hello sweets!🍬

⚜Today I want to review a few drugstore products I have been using for a couple of weeks. 

⚜I love browsing through drugstore/pharmacy aisles as much as I do spending time at Sephora and to be honest some drugstore products are as good if not better than the 💸pricier, high end brands.

⚜Lets start with the most basic product most of us have on our counter tops: 

⚜The humble nail polish remover 💫 I know it seems a little silly to be reviewing a nail polish remover but if you are like me and you hate the awful 😷smell of acetone coupled with the garish white streaks left on your nails along with having all the moisture 💦sucked out of your fingers post wiping then you will like what I’m about to post ✨

  ⚜I stumbled upon this product quiet by accident in my drugstore. I was in a rush and I grabbed it without really looking at the brand. Once I used it however I was pleasantly surprised. 

⚜For one there was no harsh smell of acetone, secondly the nail polish remover did not leave my nails discolored or with streaks or hideously dry. 

⚜It contains no acetone, oil or perfumes and takes about as long to dissolve the nail polish ( I had two coats plus a base coat and top coat) as a regular remover. If you can find this brand Depend do try it I highly recommend it 😘.

⚜Next up is an item that is a staple in my handbag. The good old baby 👶🏽 wipes💕. Ok here’s a little secret 🗝 I love the smell of baby products 💗. I know there are several “adult” versions of wipes available but I always end up buying the ones with the baby scent ❤️!  

 ⚜These particular ones are my favorite 💟, they come in a handbag friendly size and smell adorable 💕mmm💕! Plus they are very moisturizing and take your makeup off in a jiffy and I also use them to wipe my hands during the day love love love 💗😇!

⚜The last product I wanted to review is the one I can’t go without for even a day!😳 A good exfoliator💦. I usually have several exfoliators on my counter , one gritty one for when my skin needs some tough love❤️, a mild everyday one for daily tlc and an in between one which is usually somewhere between extra fine and medium grit. I have an exfoliating ocd I admit it 😑.

⚜I picked up this one because the store was out of my regular goto. However since this one was from the same brand I decided to give it a try.

⚜It has a nice smell 🍍, the texture is very very fine kind of a cross between a creamy cleanser and a mild scrub. I really have to have a go at my face to get any exfoliating action to be honest. 😒 All in all it’s an ok exfoliator to have if you want something very very mild or have sensitive skin. For me it was not giving me the feeling of a good scrubby action if you know what I mean. So I’ll just use this one up and look for my old faithful or something better next time. 

⚜That wraps up this review post , have you tried any of these products? Do let me know 💟

Until next time xoxo!💋

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