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✨Shopaholic Product Review : Dirty Works ✨

✨Hey Guys! 💞

Today’s product review features a brand that I happened to stumble upon accidently and ended up absolutely loving💞

          ❗️Presenting “Dirty Works“❗️

✨Honestly I had never heard of this brand before but the colorful packaging caught my eye amongst the hundreds of other skincare brands that were jostling for attention. ( I guess packaging is the most important “P” in marketing 😉 see I retained something from way back in college. 

✨So anyway I spent a good 15 mins at the “Dirty Works” display. They have a good product range from skincare to body care. I ended up buying the “8 in 1 Miracle Serum” and the “Miracle Cream”.

Dirty Works is a U.K. brand and is available through Tesco and Sainsbury and if you are in the UAE you can get them at Carrefour, Boots & Spinneys.

✨ Let’s start with the serum first:

✨In a 30ml tube you are promised firmer, more even toned, wrinkle free, bright and hydrated skin 😳. That’s a long list of claims for a product to make 🤔. From my personal experience the serum does a good job of priming and in my case mattifying the skin before moisturizer.

✨It has a very light gel to lotion like texture and goes on smoothly, no greasy after feel. I’ve only used it for a few days so in can’t vouch for the anti wrinkling properties. However it does leave your skin soft but you will definately need to follow up with moisturizer unless you are super oily in which case this should be enough. My own skin is combination with t zone oiliness and a tendency to break out randomly. 

✨Which is why I followed it with the “Miracle Cream“.

✨I was initially apprehensive about using this moisturizer because it is a cream. Most creams I’ve used in the past have been felt very heavy on my skin, causing mid- morning oil slicks and breakouts 😡.

✨This cream has a very light texture, a very subtle sweet fragrance. I cant stand skincare products that are heavily scented😷. They are incredibly overpowering😖 I mean hello there  is a reason perfumes are sprayed on the body and not on the face🙄.

✨It is incredibly moisturizing and there is no greasy after feel. Even mid -day when I’m usually reaching for tissues for blotting, my skin was relatively less oily. 😱

✨I am loving💟 both these products 💞, so much so that I’m going to try out their other stuff as well 😇. Have you guys tried “Dirty Works“? Which product is your favorite ? Let me know in the comments below 😘

✨Until next time xoxo💋